Best Cypher Trapwire|Cybercage|Spycam|Ultimate lineups on Haven

Cypher is still impactful, IF you know how to use his abilities correctly. In this article we will show you the best Cypher lineups on the Valorant map Haven.

Updated on Sep 28, 2022
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Best Cypher Trapwire|Cybercage|Spycam|Ultimate lineups on Haven

It's true that Sentinel agents lose a lot of their value on attack, but they can still make an impact if the players are skilled enough. Mastering your agent’s ability usage and learning new tips and tricks through our Valorant guide is one way to make sure of that. So in this article we’re going to show you what makes Cypher claim the top spot among the best defenders agents.

Best Attacking Cypher setups

Attacking A Site Cypher setups

Apart from flank watch duty, some Sentinel agents can even act as Initiators or Controllers for their team. And Riot Games designed Cypher as one of the agents best equipped to do this.

This Trapwire is good enough to watch the flank when attacking A site, and this Cage is a must to protect your team from the Operator. In our map Haven guide we talked about the importance of long sightlines and A Long is one  of them.

After running up  a Long you can place your camera on this wall to get some information for your team before entering the site.

You can also do the same with this camera placement when pushing up A Short.

After the bomb is placed you can palce the same defensive Trapwires to slow down the retake.

Attacking B Site Cypher setups

Because of the design of this map, when attacking the B Site you must use both of your Trapwires to secure the flank.

Put one on A Lobby and one on C Lobby, and you should stay in Mid Window to watch the Garage double doors flank.

When attacking its good to place your Camera on this wall to get some early information and maybe even spam kills.

After your team has entered the site you can pick it up and place it inside to play post plant situations.

Also when entering, if your team doesnt have a controller agent, you can use your cages as smokes to get the bomb down.

After your Camera has came of cooldown, this is one of the few spots on B Site where you can place it for post plant situations.

Nobody will look up there when trying to clear the site, and this one gives a clear view point of what the enemy is trying to do.

Attacking C Site Cypher setups

Similarly to the A Site, when you attack the C Site you can place your Camera on the wall to get some early information.

Especially if the entrance is smoked off and you dont wanna push, or you don't have an entry duelist.

After you planted the spike you can do the same one way Cage for Garage and this new one for C Link.

Get aligned with this green box, aim for the top of this wooden window and throw your cage.

It should something like this and make it extremely hard for the enemies to walk onto the site.

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Best Defending/ Retake Cypher setups

Being a Sentinel agent, Cypher mainly shines on defense.These are the best spots for Cypher’s Cameras, Cages and Trapwires, and you should use them according to the situation.

Defending A Site Cypher setups

A Site Cameras

A Site Camera above A Short

The first two cameras are great if you are playing in A Rafters or in the backside, because even if you get smoked off you can spam shoot if you have their location.

The second camera is a bit harder to place because you need to jump out of Heaven and onto the box and then place the Camera as you are jumping. 

A Site Camera watching both entrances

The third camera is great for retakes and a flank watch, because it covers both long and short without being noticeable.

The opposing team will probably walk in, plant and position without knowing that they are being watched.

A Site Cages

A Long One Way Cage

With Cypher’s Cage you can create a one way sightline which you can abuse, but you will need to be precise with the lineup.

For this one stand right next to the wall and aim for this wooden plank on the opposite wall.

Throw your cage and it should land like this, creating a one way smoke through which you can shoot your enemies coming up A Long because you can see their feet.

From their view point, they can’t see anything on the site. Another one is this one on A Heaven.

A Rafters One Way Cage

Align yourself with this wooden plank and aim up so your crosshair is placed like this. The cage should bounce off the wooden structure and land on top of the window.

This one way is great because there’s a small pocket from where you can see the enemies if you are crouching and spraying, but they can't see anything.

A Site Trapwires

A Long Trapwire

Everyone knows that Cypher players love placing their Trapwires on the site entrances, and they actively look for them to destroy them.

In this guide we are going to show you some unorthodox Trapwire lineups that will catch enemies off guard and how you can abuse them.

A Short Trapwire

Combined with Cages, these Trapwires can be deadly for any enemy trying to push onto the site without clearing the utility.

These ones are great for trying to prevent the fast plant, and don't forget.

Almost everything in Valorant can be wallbanged, so keep spamming and don't give them an easy plant.

Defending B Site Cypher setups

B Site Cameras

B Site Camera in the corner

Get on top of this box and place the camera here as you are jumping.

With this camera positioning you can have a better view point on the entire site and a better angle for backside and towards A Link.

B Site Camera above the entrance

Another camera you can do is this one on top of the site entrance.

With it you have a similar viewpoint, and while it is harder to spot because nobody will look up as they are entering the site, enemies can hear you use it so be careful.

B Site Cages

B Right Side Cage

Some of the cages we recommend are pretty standard for any Cypher player.

B Left Side Cage

These cages are used for repositioning safely, cutting off sightlines, and creating confusion amongst your enemies.

B Site Trapwires

B right side Trapwire

Apart from the entrance Trapwires that every Cypher player is familiar with, we recommend that you use these.

B left side Trapwire

Both of these are positioned in awkward places where enemies won’t expect them and the second one even stops the plant.

Defending C Site Cypher setups

C Site Cameras

C Site Camera above C Long

You can do a similar one on this pole , which gives a great look at enemies coming in from both entrances.

The higher you palace it on the pole, the better the view you will have so start jumping on that box.

This one is a vintage Camera spot courtesy of SEN Dapr, which allows you to play backside or off site while peeking C Long.

C Site Camera in the corner of site

You can also cover the garage entrance and let your teammate playing Logs know when to swing and fight.

If your enemies love brute forcing through double doors and Garage this Camera spot can help with that.

With it you can see them pushing up towards C or if they decide to go C Link and towards B.

Either way we have Trapwire lineups that combined with this camera placement can completely halt the push.

C Site Cages

Connector One Way Cage

And this is the one that you were waiting for.

Get in this corner on the C Site and aim for the third metal cable holder.

Release the Cage there, and it should bounce of the wall and land on top of the entrance.

This creates a one way, which combined with your Camera and a Trapwire, can result in the enemies getting sprayed down.

Another cool one way which you can do on C site is this one towards C Long.

C Long One Way Cage

It might take some practice but once you get it down, its a really effective tool to stop the push.

The goal is to place the cage as close as you can towards the site.

C Site Trapwires

C Default Trapwire

Apart from the Trapwires that you can place on the every site entrance, these are the ones recommended for the C Site.

With these you can  prevent the enemy team from taking control over the site after they have smoked it off.

C Plat Trapwire

Also some of these are great for preventing the plant, and can buy you a few precious seconds for your team to rotate.

That’s it. All the lineups for our favorite agent: Cypher. If you want to check out all the other lineups that we have for our Moroccan intelligence broker make sure to check out these: 

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