Valorant Lore Story Killjoy Explained

Lore Story Killjoy Valorant: the full explanation behind Killjoy’s life in Valorant’s lore.

Updated on Oct 20, 2023
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Valorant Lore Story Killjoy Explained

Every game has its own lore. Elden Ring, Genshin Impact, and even Riot Games’ tactical shooter Valorant. Each Riot Dev strafed forward to create the best FPS game, while the creative director David Nottingham strafed to make excellent Valorant lore. Every Valorant agent and character has some kind of lore.

With her damaging swarm grenades and deployed turret comes the agent Killjoy. Killjoy’s ability to damage the enemy players from a vantage point is what everyone’s looking for. But her more interesting side is her story, so let’s take a look at the lore story Killjoy Valorant!


Some basic Valorant lore: there’s a resource called Radianite which gave every agent their powers. This resource can also be used to create tech, such as Killjoy’s turret ability. There’s also the Kingdom corporation that uses Radianite to power 3/4 of Earth’s energy supply and uses it for experiments. Radianite is so important that there’s a parallel world called Mirror Earth that is running out of it, and they come to our world to steal it with the spike. So the VALORANT Protocol was created consisting of each agent and character with every ability to help Earth in the game against any enemy. With that out of the way, let’s see Killjoy’s lore:

What Race is Killjoy Valorant?

Killjoy comes from Germany. One of her parents has German ancestry, making Killjoy German. She was released as Valorant’s new agent in Valorant Act II Episode 1 on August 4th, 2020. Players started going wild over this agent in-game, as Riot Games hit the sweet spot for every Valorant fan with each ability suited for a Sentinel agent.


With Killjoy’s turret and deployed bot, she can spot, damage, and take down opponents in a blink of an eye. Though players should consider their Act rank before defeating the enemy team mercilessly. But Killjoy’s sweet character in Valorant’s lore is portrayed more as an enemy of humanity.

What is Killjoy Valorant Real Name?

In the Blackmailer’s dossier for Killjoy, it was revealed that Killjoy’s real name is Klara Böhringer. From her younger age, Killjoy used to be really smart and adored by probably her parents Emil and Zehra. This landed her in a position to create inventions and work for the Kingdom corporation. The dossier goes further to explain that although Killjoy’s intentions with her inventions were for the greater good, they were abused for evil and power.


It is speculated that almost everything tech-related that Kingdom uses was made by Killjoy, including the spike and the defuser. This comes from a Killjoy voice line after she defuses the spike: "Oh, no no, you don't deserve my inventions.". The damage Killjoy has done to humanity is yet to be fully discovered. Players are left to speculate behind all her breakthroughs. Because of her brilliant mind and intelligence, Killjoy was needed elsewhere…

Killjoy joins the VALORANT Protocol Lore

Right after Brimstone created the VALORANT Protocol, he needed some brilliant minds behind it. That’s when he probably invited Killjoy into the VALORANT Protocol, and she joined as Agent 4. From there on out, Killjoy moves her breakthroughs for the VALORANT Protocol instead of Kingdom.


For the most part, Killjoy is really friendly with every agent from the Valorant Protocol. She even created Brimstone’s arm bracelet, which he uses to cast his abilities. Though Reyna seems to hold a grudge towards her bad inventions as previously mentioned: "I remember the machines Killjoy made. What they did to-...never mind, it does not matter!". Though it seems as if one relationship including Killjoy seems to get heated…

Are Killjoy and Raze in a relationship?

Though not officially announced, it seems like Killjoy and Raze are in a relationship! Their close friendship has been teased on through the WARMUP Cinematic, tons of voice lines, and lots of easter eggs. They both love tech, as they work on projects together shown via their VERSUS player card. But the best proof of Killjoy and Raze’s relationship being a reality is from Raze’s takeover Q&A where she was asked about her relationship with Killjoy, and she replied with a heart!


That’s it, Killjoy x Raze in the game goes towards being a reality. Each ability, Boom Bot or a deployed Turret, doing massive damage of their tech-like nature fits in too well. And players are certainly excited about it! Though this is cute Valorant lore input, Killjoy has more serious matters to attend to.

Killjoy and the Portal to Mirror Earth Valorant Lore

Because of her brilliance, Killjoy was assigned to work on the Alpha-Omega bridge which is a portal to Mirror Earth. This comes from inputs of Fracture, which you could check out more on Chamber’s lore. But basically, Killjoy is trying to make this portal to Mirror Earth function with the power supply of Neon. Her blueprints for the portal come from Fracture, and she even shows sadness towards the scientists that died there like Oran Mceneff.


Powering this portal will take some time. Killjoy works with Neon to power the portal, and once they do, it will probably give us a new map. But that prompts the question:

What’s next for Killjoy in the Valorant Lore and Story?

Killjoy’s lore is far from over. Her interesting story is a massive part of Valorant’s lore overall. Because of her tech we are able to play the game! And players look forward to new Killjoy lore and seeing her on Valorant Champions Tour. Other agents have interesting stories too, so you should visit the Valorant Lore Hub!

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