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How to Fix "Low Client FPS" in Valorant: Complete Guide

Here we'll see a complete guide on how you can fix the "Low Client FPS" error in Valorant.

Published on Dec 05, 2022
How to Fix "Low Client FPS" in Valorant: Complete Guide

What a lot of players with low-end PCs experience during playing Valorant are error codes. Though they make the game literally unplayable, one error that appears during gameplay is "Low Client FPS".

The "Low Client FPS" error is confused by players who think they should increase their FPS. But rather it's vastly different. Here we'll see the reasons and how to fix "Low Client FPS" - Valorant!

The Reasons Behind "Low Client FPS" Error in Valorant

The Valorant "Low Client FPS" error can happen for many reasons. For the most part, it appears due to the PC not being able to handle some graphics settings. But it could even happen to high PCs that use an AMD graphics card. So here are the reasons behind the "Low Client FPS" error in Valorant:

  • High Graphics Quality settings set on low-end PC
  • AMD Radeon Software causes an issue, for the most part with the Instant Replay feature
  • The Valorant game has unnecessary optimizations turned on
  • The Xbox Game Bar is interfering with the game

When you know why you're getting the Valorant "Low Client FPS" error, you can pinpoint the issue to a solution regarding your PC. So below we'll see all the solutions to fix it!

How to Fix "Low Client FPS" Error in Valorant

Lower the Valorant Game Resolution Rendering

The first solution you can try out to fix the Valorant "Low Client FPS" error is to manually lower the game's rendering. This solution is focused more on people with bad PCs, as it basically makes the game's graphics look much worse at the expense of getting FPS and fixing the Valorant "Low Client FPS" error. So here's how you can lower the Valorant resolution rendering:

  1. Press the Windows Key+R to open the Run dialog box
  2. Type in "%localappdata%" and hit Enter
  3. Locate the VALORANT folder and open it, then go to the Saved folder and after that into the Config folder
  4. Open the folder that has a weirder name than the rest - it should have 2 folders within it: "Windows" and "WindowsClient"
  5. Open the "Windows" folder
  6. Right-click the "GameUserSettings" folder and click on Properties
  7. Uncheck the Read-only option below and click on Apply
  8. Open the "GameUserSettings" file
  9. Scroll below until you find the "sg.ResolutionQuality=100.000000", and change the value to "70.000000"
  10. Save and exit the file. Then right-click it and go to Properties again, check the Read-only box, and hit on Apply
Valorant Low Client FPS Error Fix Lower Rendering

Make sure the value you assign has exactly 6 zeros after the dot. You can also set the Resolution Quality value to 50, but that makes the game look much worse, even with the best graphics settings

Set Valorant Graphics Quality Settings to Low

Another quick yet effective way to fix the Valorant "Low Client FPS" error for low-end PCs is to set the Graphics Quality settings to low. All you have to do is open the game, then head to Settings. Get into the Video Graphics Quality settings, and set everything to the absolute lowest.

Valorant Low Client FPS Error Fix Graphics Quality Settings

The best Valorant knife skins may not look any good with these settings, but FPS is what matters most in the game. Always look to not get any FPS drops as it will affect your gameplay for worse!

Disable AMD Radeon Software

This solution is focused on players with AMD graphics cards. That's because the AMD Radeon Software's instant replay feature can cause FPS drops. So here's how you can disable the AMD Radeon instant replay feature:

  1. Open the AMD Radeon Software
  2. Go to the "Record & Stream" section in the AMD Radeon Settings
  3. Locate the "Instant Replay" feature under the Media tab, and disable it
Valorant AMD Radeon Instant Replay Disable

Recording software in apps from PCs like this one can always be turned on automatically which not only causes the Low Client FPS issue in Valorant but issues in other games as well. So if you don't need it, make sure to disable it to increase that win/loss ratio!

Disable Fullscreen Optimization For Valorant

Optimizations that Valorant makes to PCs can often be bad. That's because it tries to optimize and adapt to your PC, when in reality it may run better originally on your hardware without them. So what you can do is disable the full-screen optimization to fix the Valorant "Low Client FPS" error, and here's how you can do that:

  1. Right-click VALORANT on your Desktop, and click on Open File Location
  2. Go back to 1 folder, then follow this folder path: VALORANT-live-ShooterGame-Binaries-Win64
  3. Find the "VALORANT-Win64-Shipping.exe" file, right-click it, and select Properties
  4. Go to the Compatibility tab above and tick the Disable Fullscreen Optimization box
  5. Click on Apply, and you're good to go
Valorant Disable Fullscreen Optimization

This should hopefully fix the "Low Client FPS" issue so you can enjoy the best Vandal skins in a much better light! But if the issue persists, there are still some solutions left you can try out.

Enable Game Mode and Disable Xbox Game Bar

Game Mode for Windows PCs is known to fix a lot of issues while the Game Bar of Xbox can cause them. One such issue can be the Valorant "Low Client FPS" error, so here's how you can enable Game Mode and disable the Xbox Game Bar:

  1. In the Search Bar below, search for Settings and open the first app
  2. On the Search tab type in "Game Mode" and select the Game Mode Settings option
  3. Enable the Game Mode option
  4. On the left, you'll see the Xbox section, select it
  5. Disable the Xbox Game Bar option
Valorant Xbox Bar Game Mode

Now open up Valorant, try to show the FPS, and see if it fumbles under the "Low Client FPS" issue. If the issue still persists, then there's one solution left you can try out:

Close Unnecessary Background Processes

Sometimes apps in the background like Discord can cause a lot of FPS drops in games. What you should try is to disable those background processesAnd it's a pretty simple procedure - firstly open up Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Then go to the Processes tab, select all apps you deem unnecessary, and close them off.

Valorant Disable Background Processes

And that's it for how you can fix the "Low Client FPS" error in Valorant. Riot Games hasn't made all the optimizations for Valorant when it comes to all PCs, but there are fixes around those caused issues. If you managed to fix your problem with these solutions, make sure you visit our TheGlobalGaming YouTube channel for more Valorant content!

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