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What Devices Can You Play Valorant On?

Here we'll check out all the devices where you can play Valorant on!

Published on Dec 05, 2022
What Devices Can You Play Valorant On?

Over the years, Valorant has been becoming more and more popular. This boom in popularity leads to a lot of diversity between the devices each player has. 

But Riot Games has limited the devices on which Valorant can be played. So that begs the question: what devices can you play Valorant on? Well stick around and see for yourself on what device your eyes can indulge in the best Valorant skins!

Valorant Devices You Can Play On

Windows PC and Laptop

The first and foremost devices that Riot Games made Valorant purposefully for are Windows PCs and laptops. And as of the moment, these are the only devices where you can officially play Valorant if you meet the system specifications. More specifically, it comes down to the Operating System (OS). So to download and play the Valorant laptop or PC version from Riot Games, you must have a Windows OS.

Valorant Windows PC and Laptop

Another OS that isn't still supported by Riot Games is Linux. What some players have done though is work around these issues with virtual machines. Be careful though, Riot Games are against virtual machines as their Riot Vanguard anti-cheat system works on the kernel level of your device. This just leaves us with these special devices that use a different OS:

MacBook and iMac

The Apple MacBook and iMac devices use their own special macOS, yet we saw that Valorant is only exclusive to laptops and PCs with Windows. And there's a workaround to this problem with something called Bootcamp. This allows for the macOS and Windows OS to work on one MacBook or iMac device!

Though this is limited to older Apple devices only, more specifically devices that run with the latest M1 chip won't support it. So if you're interested, see the available devices and how to download Valorant on Mac here.

Valorant Apple MacBook iMac Devices

We saw different Operating Systems and other platforms that the gaming community mostly uses for playing and enjoying Valorant's best knife skins. This leaves us with one more device that Valorant's available for in an unconventional way, which is the mobile device!

Mobile Devices

Last but not least we have to check out Valorant mobile. And as you could've guessed, there isn't a Riot Games Valorant mobile release date or anything of the sort. But the good news is that an official Valorant mobile version for Android and IOS platforms is well on its way, with it currently being in closed beta! Now some players have found exploits and workarounds in downloading the beta's APK, but it is recommended you wait until an official Valorant mobile version comes out.

Another way you can get Valorant on the mobile platform is by streaming your PC. Now this way of playing Valorant mobile is very difficult, as you'll essentially be competing against players playing on their PCs while you're on your phone.

Another thing you should note is that streaming requires a very powerful Internet connection and PC because you'll lower your FPS if you're playing on a low-end PC. This is a very unconventional way of playing Valorant mobile, but if you're interested, make sure you check out PC-to-mobile streaming apps like Moonlight, which usually require a powerful NVIDIA Graphics card.

Valorant Riot Games Mobile Beta

Now these are all the devices that you can currently enjoy Valorant on, be it in legal or unconventional ways. As for the Valorant mobile release date, we know it will come alongside the best Phantom skins! But another device that we have to touch upon is consoles.

Is There a Valorant Console Device Version?

Currently unlike the other devices we've checked out, Valorant's totally unplayable for consoles. But we can expect a console version in the future because there's been tons of information and speculations around it! The first form of information is when Riot Games released job posts looking for game designers and developers for consoles about Valorant.

Valorant Console Job Postings

Continuing onward, Riot Games also announced the Xbox Game Pass collaboration, that sounded suspicious in itself. By now we've received tons of information for console and mobile ports around Valorant, but there's 1 more thing to seal the deal if you're up for console play. And that's when icons regarding Play Station and Xbox were added in the files which you can check out here.

Valorant Console Icon Leak

And that's it for all the devices on which you can enjoy Valorant. There's no problem with Windows laptops and PCs, but Apple devices do fall short. And there should be a Valorant mobile release date any time soon. But unlike Valorant mobile, we don't know anything like gameplay about the console port, though we do have some information about it. So make sure you see the TheGlobalGaming YouTube channel until we can play Valorant on all platforms!

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