How to Show FPS Counter in Valorant: Complete Guide

How to enable FPS Counter in Valorant to see your frames per second in-game.
How to Show FPS Counter in Valorant: Complete Guide

Seeing how your game FPS performs while you play on your PC is crucial to understanding your gameplay. Though those frames per second can sometimes be rough, you may want to see it in exact numbers so you can know what to do to get more frames and increase FPS in Valorant.

So if you’ve wanted to view FPS in Valorant, but don’t know how to enable the FPS counter in Valorant, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll take a look at how to show FPS Valorant!

Valorant Show FPS Counter

How to Show FPS Counter in Valorant

How do I show FPS in Valorant Settings?

It’s pretty easy to enable the option to show FPS in Valorant. The FPS count will give you the real-time numbers behind the frames per second you’re getting while you’re playing Valorant. So here’s a complete guide on how to show FPS in Valorant: 

  1. Open Settings Menu by pressing Esc in-game
  2. In the Settings tab, select the Video tab above
  3. In the Video tab, click on the Stats option on the right above
  4. Find the Client FPS option which is on the top
  5. Change the Client FPS option to enable FPS counter in-game
Valorant Show FPS Counter Guide How to

Although you can show FPS in Valorant by tweaking these main menu in-game settings, there are also external FPS counters that can show up while you play Valorant with the best Vandal skins. So let’s check out ways outside the game’s settings you can view your FPS on Valorant!

How do I show FPS in Valorant on NVIDIA PC?

Other players that use an NVIDIA graphics card can use extra software to show FPS in Valorant for the best knife skins, as well as other games on their screen. If you use an NVIDIA GPU, you can do so by using the NVIDIA Geforce Experience app. Here’s how to show FPS in Valorant on the screen for NVIDIA users:

  1. Download the GeForce Experience software if you don’t have it
  2. Open the NVIDIA GeForce Experience app
  3. On the top right, click on the gear option to open the Settings
  4. Locate the In-Game overlay option
  5. Enable the overlay option, then click on Settings 
  6. Click on HUD layout
  7. Select the FPS counter option
  8. Select the position you want your FPS to show on your display
  9. Click on Back, then Done


Valorant NVIDIA FPS Counter

This will show a little green number of the frames per second in all games on the location you choose for your screen. It’ll even give you the NVIDIA FPS counter in Valorant to enjoy on your display while you play with the best Phantom skins. We’ll also check out another extra software you can use to show the FPS counter in Valorant which some gamers that are familiar with CPU usage apps may know.

How do I show FPS in Valorant with MSI Afterburner?

The Afterburner MSI app also allows players to enable an FPS counter for all games. Although the app is mostly used for overclocking. You can download MSI Afterburner here. With that said, here’s how you can show FPS in Valorant including all games using MSI Afterburner:

  1. Open the MSI Afterburner app
  2. Click on the gear icon on the left to open Settings
  3. Select the Monitoring tab above
  4. Locate and tick the Framerate box option
  5. Locate and tick the Show in On-Screen Display box option
  6. Select the On-Screen Display tab above
  7. Find the Global On-Screen Display Hotkeys
  8. Click on the options on the right to set up FPS counter hotkey
  9. Click on Apply then OK
Valorant MSI Afterburner Show FPS Counter

Once you’ve set this up, open any game and click on the hotkey you’ve set up from the steps above. The FPS data should appear and disappear in the game with the click of that key. You should be able to measure what FPS your games reach with this MSI app in the Valorant game while you research its lore and story.

All FPS Counter Options in Valorant

From the main menu settings tab in Valorant, you’ll notice 4 different options for an FPS counter:

  • Hide (Default)
  • Text Only
  • Graph Only
  • Show Both

The Text Only FPS counter is located in the top-left corner, and the Graph Only FPS counter is located in the middle on the right. The Show Both option enables the text-only and graph options at the same time on your display. Here’s what all FPS counters look like in-game:

Valorant All FPS Counters Options

These options are accompanied by the Server Tick Rate option from the in-game settings just so you can have an idea of how the FPS in Valorant will show alongside other enabled options. 

That’s it for this Valorant FPS Counter guide. Even if the Valorant FPS counter doesn’t suit you well, you can use one of these external ways to enable it. So go ahead, measure your frames per second, set your settings like TenZ, and start top-fragging!

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