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How To Show FPS in Dead by Daylight Easily [3 Methods]

Learn the 3 most straightforward ways to display your FPS in Dead By Daylight!
How To Show FPS in Dead by Daylight Easily [3 Methods]

There are several reasons someone would like to display the current FPS in the game. Whether it's because your potato PC is struggling to reach a constant 60 FPS on low settings, or you simply want to feast your eyes on 120+ FPS on ultra settings and take the screenshots so you can brag on Reddit (guilty as charged). Unfortunately, Dead By Daylight has no dedicated FPS counter in the game (like World of Tanks), but that doesn't mean you can't display it. 

Stick with us, and we'll show you how to do it in just a few straightforward steps. 

How To Turn on the FPS counter in Dead by Daylight in a few clicks?

Here are 3 methods to display the FPS in just a few clicks.

Method #1: Display FPS in DBD with Steam’s In-Game FPS Counter

If you own the game on Steam, you can easily display FPS using Steam's dedicated FPS counter. Here is how:

  1. Open the Steam client and go to the Settings
  2. Click on the In-Game, and you'll notice the In-game FPS counter option.
  3. Click on it and select where you want to position the FPS counter on your screen. 

If you're having difficulty noticing the counter because it's tiny and hard to read, you can also check the High Contrast Color box, which we strongly suggest. Without it, it looks like this, and it's hard to spot.

Method #2: Display FPS in DBD with NVIDIA GeForce Experience

Whether you have an Nvidia or AMD graphic card, you can use the handy software called Nvidia GeForce Experience to do many wonderful things, such as keeping your Nvidia GPU driver up to date, capturing in-game clips, screenshots, and so much more. One of the most beneficial options this software has is the in-game overlay, which can show not only your current FPS but other things like the current GPU temperature, fan speed, GPU clock, Memory clock, and more. Now, we won't show you how to install this software because we'll assume that you already know how to do it. 

  1. Once you open GeForce Experience, click on the settings cog in the upper right corner, tick the In-game overlay option, then click on the settings below it.
  2. Select the HUD layout/Performance.
  3. You'll now have options to display various data, such as latency, fps, and advanced (which we mentioned earlier), along with the position of where you want to show it. However, since you're only interested in one thing, click on the FPS, and that's it!

In addition, you can press ALT + Z on your keyboard to show/hide the display while you're in the game.

Method #3: Display FPS in DBD using FRAPS

Fraps is a straightforward and low-size free software that you can use to display FPS in games and capture in-game videos or screenshots. Although it hasn't been updated for many years, it remains a highly regarded software among gamers because of its simplicity and small size of just 2.4 MB. Here's how you can use it.

  1. Install and run FRAPS.
  2. Select the 99 FPS tab in the upper corner.
  3. Tick the FPS box.

You'll also have an option to choose the location of the FPS counter, stop it after a specific time, or turn it off using the hotkey. In addition, you can use Fraps for benchmark as well, although there are better alternatives for that. FRAPS is famous for its high-contrast yellow FPS counter, which looks like this.

So there you have it, these were the most useful and most uncomplicated ways to show the FPS in Dead By Daylight. Of course, there is countless other software you can use to do this, but we found those three most unadorned. As a result, you'll now be able to find out your FPS in Dead By Daylight, so you can optimize the video settings for smoother gameplay unless, of course, you have a beast of a PC. 

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FAQ about FPS:

What is FPS?

FPS stands for frames per second, and it's essentially the number of images your monitor is displaying each second.

How does high FPS benefit me?

The more FPS you get, the smoother the game will be, and high FPS will allow you to react more quickly and be more attentive to the in-game environment. This will enable you to have an advantage over players with low FPS. Learn here how to boost your FPS in Dead By Deadlight.

What is the minimum FPS required for the smoothest gameplay?

Although you can play with 30 FPS, you should always go for at least 60 FPS (or more) for the smoothest gameplay.For more articles about Dead by Daylight, check our guide on how to show ping.

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