How To Show FPS in Dead by Daylight Easily [3 Methods]

Discover three methods to showcase your FPS in DBD; through Steam's in-game counter, NVIDIA GeForce Experience's overlay, or the user-friendly FRAPS software.

Updated on Feb 12, 2024
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How To Show FPS in Dead by Daylight Easily [3 Methods]

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Through Steam’s In-Game FPS Counter

If you have Dead by Daylight on Steam, displaying FPS is straightforward with Steam's built-in FPS counter. Here's how to do it:

  1. Open the Steam client and navigate to Settings.
  2. Click on In-Game, and you'll see the In-game FPS counter option.
  3. Select this option and choose where you'd like the FPS counter to appear on your screen.
  4. If the counter is difficult to see because it's small and hard to read, consider checking the High Contrast Color box, which makes it much easier to spot. 

Show FPS in Dead by Daylight Steam

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Through NVIDIA GeForce Experience

Even if you have an Nvidia or AMD graphics card, you can utilize Nvidia GeForce Experience for various purposes, including keeping your Nvidia GPU driver updated, capturing in-game clips, taking screenshots, and much more. 

A particularly useful feature of this software is the in-game overlay, which not only displays your current FPS! It also provides information on GPU temperature, fan speed, GPU clock, memory clock, and you can also make Dead by Daylight fullscreen with it.

Here’s how to use it to show FPS in Dead by Daylight:

  1. Open GeForce Experience and click on the settings cog in the upper right corner.
  2. Enable the In-game overlay option, then click on the settings beneath it.
  3. Choose the HUD layout/Performance.
  4. You will see options to display various data like latency, FPS, and advanced metrics. Since your focus is on FPS, select the FPS option to display it.
  5. Additionally, you can press ALT + Z on your keyboard to toggle the display on and off while in the game.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience Dead by Daylight FPS

By Using FRAPS

FRAPS is a user-friendly and compact software, free for displaying FPS in games, as well as capturing in-game videos or screenshots. That's right, you can also use it to record Dead by Daylight gameplay!

Despite not having updates for many years, it's still favored by gamers for its ease of use and minimal size of just 2.4 MB. Here’s how to use FRAPS to show FPS in Dead by Daylight:

  1. Install and run FRAPS.
  2. Go to the 99 FPS tab at the top.
  3. Tick the FPS box to enable the FPS display.

FRAPS gives you options to select the location of the FPS counter, stop it after a set time, or turn it off using a hotkey

While FRAPS can also be used for benchmarks, there are more advanced alternatives available. FRAPS is well-known for its high-contrast yellow FPS counter, making it highly visible. However, unlike other metods, FRAPS doesn't allow you to show ping in Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight FPS Display on Fraps

So yeah, that was it, and if you don't like the values you are seeing, you might want to learn how to improve your FPS in Dead by Daylight, as well as 

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