Valorant Jett Agent Guide | Abilities and How to play

Jett is the most popular agent in the whole of Valorant, so it makes sense that you will need a guide to find out how to play her- well here you go!

Updated on Oct 24, 2023
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Valorant Jett Agent Guide | Abilities and How to play

Everything you need to know about Jett

Jett players either solo carry or solo throw a game of Valorant. You want to be the former. Master Jett players can dash up, kill an enemy and get back to safety without the enemies even knowing where she came from. She is the most popular agent in the game for a reason, being that she can be the most fun- regardless of how hit or miss she is.

Is Jett right for you?

If you want to pick up Jett, you need to accept the fact that you will feed and struggle for the first bunch of games. With such a high skill ceiling, Jett can become the best agent in the game to climb with, but unless you have put the time into learning her, climbing will be a massive struggle.

Jett’s abilities

Cloudburst (C)


How to use Cloudburst (C)

Jett can throw a ball which expands into a spherical cloud shape vision prohibitor. You can hold down the ability key (C) to curve the angle that Cloudburst (C) is thrown at.

Whilst the cloud only lasts for 4.5 seconds, it gives Jett valuable cover to relocate or force her way onto site if need be. A good tip for Jett is to throw two Cloudbursts (C) in separate locations and pick one to dash to. When combined with other utility, such as blinds from your team, Jett can confuse the enemy as to where she is with ease.

The ability costs 200 credits and Jett can have two charges each round.

When and where to use Cloudburst (C)


As Jett, you need to provide cover for yourself as the chances are when you dash onto site, you will be left isolated whilst your team pushes onto site. This is your job as an entry duelist, but we recommend always using Cloudburst (C) to help you push onto site, rather than to block off vision of peeking enemies.

The smoke only lasts for 4.5 seconds each, so throwing a second just before the first is about to expire will help you a lot- but make sure you are in the first when throwing the second as Jett cannot fire her gun whilst casting!

Updraft (Q)


How to use Updraft (Q)

Jett can launch herself up and into the air, which can be combined with her passive Drift- holding jump whilst falling allows Jett to glide.

This ability is very good for getting off-angles to peek enemies from and surprise them with death! As long as you can time it right, you can get either info or a kill and then dash away with Tailwind (E).

Updraft (Q) costs 150 credits each cast, which Jett can have two of. It also has just under a second animation time before Jett can use her weapons again, meaning she is sometimes vulnerable.

When and where to use Updraft (Q)


Use Updraft (Q) to get to off-angles to peek enemies at- they don’t always have to be flashy air jump kills remember! Getting on top of cover and terrain, such as this box on A site on Haven means enemies have to move their crosshair from their original aiming point to kill you, meaning your team can trade a kill if need be.

Updraft (Q) and Tailwind (E) can be used at the same time to get a massive boost and quickly relocate as the animations can overlap. This means you can immediately cast both and go up and over some cover or a wall to distract the enemies and make space for your team.

Tailwind (E)


How to use Tailwind (E)

Jett either dashes forward or in the direction she is moving- this does not work with vertical directions, if Jett is falling or propelling herself up, she will not get boosted up or down with Tailwind (E) too.

The ability, as you can see, distorts your screen and blurs the edges, this can take a bit of getting used to and when combined with the fact that it takes around half a second before Jett can shoot again after landing, a lot of Jett players dash in and die instantly.

Tailwind (E) is free and has one charge- with a two kill recharge.

When and where to use Tailwind (E)


Using Tailwind (E) in conjunction with Updraft (Q) allows Jett to get up and over enemies and make space or distract enemies.

Don’t always use Tailwind (E) aggressively though, as it is best used for dashing away from enemy fire after peeking or a gunfight. There are very few agents that have mobility, let alone this level of instant mobility, so make sure not to use Tailwind (E) sparingly.

Blade Storm (X)


How to use Blade Storm (X)

Jett equips a set of five knives she can throw at enemies either all at once or one at a time. If Jett throws the knives one at a time, she can get a recharge and gain another knife if she gets a kill with one. This is done with a left click.

If Jett uses right click, she throws all of her remaining knives- but will not get any back if she gets a kill.

The ability does 150 damage to the head and 50 everywhere else and costs 7 ultimate points to cast.

When and where to use Blade Storm (X)


Blade Storm (X) is very good on eco rounds or rounds where you cannot afford a gun. This is because Jett’s knives can recharge when she gets a kill- meaning a montage-worthy team wipe is always on the cards!

Combining Blade Storm (X) with Updraft (Q) and Tailwind (E) allows for Jett to get kills whilst moving as the knives are not affected by movement inaccuracy. This means Jett’s knives will go where her crosshair is 100% of the time!

Best and worst team compositions for Jett


The best team compositions for Jett


Jett wants agents in her team that can cover for her whilst she distracts enemies. She likes to play fast-paced gameplay, forcing her way onto site. The best team composition when picking a Jett could go as follows:

A secondary Duelist in Phoenix allows for Jett to not be alone as an entry fragger, meaning she has a higher chance of surviving. A Controller in Brimstone means that the angles enemies usually hold should be smoked off- making pushing easier for Jett.

Breach can blind enemies through walls as an Initiator, meaning Jett has a higher chance of dashing onto site undetected. Sage as the Sentinel pick allows Jett to boost up onto her wall to get more off-angles as well as heal after pushing site.

The worst team compositions for Jett


Jett wants to avoid having agents on her team who like to play methodically and slowly push onto site and out-rotate enemies. A bad team could look like this:

Although these agents work well with Jett, the team lacks a secondary entry fragger and agents that will want to push onto site immediately. Chamber and Killjoy are very good once pushing onto site, and Omen can act as the secondary Duelist but needs to get onto site before he does so. Skye prefers using her Trailblazer (Q) to push onto site before pushing herself.

The Best and worst maps for Jett

The best map for Jett


The best map for Jett is Ascent. Jett excels on all of the maps with verticality, this includes Icebox, Breeze, Split as well, but Ascent is above and beyond for Jett.

This is because she is able to get high up and above enemies when attacking or defending- something she has less ability to do on the other maps. Jett can use Updraft (Q) on A rafters or peek over the wall in Mid Bottom to get a pick on enemies scoped in from Mid Top when defending.

Equally boosting up to the window on B Main to get a pick on camping enemies or boosting up using Sage’s Barrier Orb (C) or Jett’s Updraft (Q) at Mid Top gives Jett an angle to see enemies holding Mid Market when attacking.

The worst map for Jett


Fracture is the worst map for Jett. The close quarters combat limits Jett's ability to dash around and get off-angles as enemies can easily duck into cover. There is no one set direction enemies can push from when Jett is defending so often she finds herself looking for enemies, rather than waiting for them to come to her.

Equally when attacking, Jett struggles to get an early pick by finding an off-angle, which is pivotal to Jett’s attacking playstyle. Dashing onto both spike sites means that Jett is forced to dash into the middle of a somewhat open area, rather than behind cover where she would like to be.

Best and worst guns for Jett

The best guns to use when playing Jett


Jett is very good at both playing back and playing aggressively- both attacking and defending. Her flexibility allows her to use a multitude of guns effectively. Jett’s best guns go as follows:

Jett is seen as the best agent in the game for using the Operator with as she can place one way smokes with her Cloudburst (C) as well as peeking off-angles, slowing down her movement with her passive Drift.

The Vandal and Phantom both come down to whatever you prefer, but Jett prefers the Vandal if she is going for the early round picks as she can get reliable headshots from a distance and only needs to land one bullet.

The Spectre and Judge are very good if Jett is playing aggressively or on attack as she can dash in and kill enemies in close quarters.

The worst guns to use when playing Jett


The worst guns for Jett are ones that require multiple bullets to kill enemies and have little mobility in them so Jett cannot play her one shot kill playstyle. The worst guns for Jett go as follows:

The Shorty and Frenzy require Jett to play aggressively, but do not give her the capability to kill multiple enemies before they kill her. The Ares and Odin both limit Jett’s mobility drastically and are not one shot kills, so Jett cannot Updraft (Q), kill an enemy and dash away. The Stinger is too weak for Jett to use aggressively and get kills with and Jett is far better off saving or getting a Bucky!

Defending Tips for Jett


  • Don’t always use Tailwind (E) aggressively! It is good to have it in your back pocket so you can escape a gunfight or from an angle.
  • Try to time your Updraft (Q) peeks with enemy pushes. Your team hopefully will gather intel on the enemies when they push and with allies distracting the enemies, Jett can peek and get a pick!

Attacking Tips for Jett


  • Use Cloudburst (C) to give yourself cover when entering. You should usually be on entry duty as Jett and giving yourself cover is very helpful when trying to stay alive and allow your team to push onto site.
  • Do not always entry first if you have your Blade Storm (X). Jett wants to try and get picks with Blade Storm (X). The whole appeal is that she can refresh her knives, so it is pointless dashing in and dying with four knives remaining. 
  • Do not peek at the same angle every time! If you are attacking and peeking mid with an Operator every round, the enemy will pre-aim where you will be and kill you immediately. Use your Updraft (Q) to get you to different off-angles each round.

There you have it, the concise guide to playing Jett, let us know when you master her!

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