Valorant Fade Agent Guide | Abilities and How to play

Fade is the newest agent in Valorant and is outright crazy! Here is the first and last guide you will ever need to read to master her!
Valorant Fade Agent Guide | Abilities and How to play

Everything you need to know about Fade

Fade is a Turkish agent who is set to be the 20th agent in Riot Games’ First Person Shooter. Similar to Reyna, Fade uses orbs for almost everything, she introduces a new debuff called Trail, which as the name suggests allows Fade to follow enemies and find out where they path.

Is Fade right for you?

Fade is a very aggressive Initiator and we would recommend picking her up if you play very quickly and like forcing enemies out of areas. Fade can create space for her Duelists to push into as well as holding spike sites very well. If you are looking for an aggressive non-Duelist, then Fade is for you!

Fade’s abilities

Prowler (C) 

How to use Prowler (C) 

Fade can send out a creature to follow enemies that have Fade’s trails on them, but it can also be controlled by moving the mouse. When the creature reaches an enemy, they will be nearsighted for three seconds.

Fade can have two charges of Prowler (C) and each one costs 300 credits.

When and where to use Prowler (C)

Prowler (C) is a good tool to hunt down enemy agents and players on the enemy team- especially when attacking, you can scout out enemies who are lurking around corners or holding tight angles.

You can also swing and trade your Prowler (C). If the creature nearsights an enemy, you can easily swing and pick up a free kill!

Seize (Q)

How to use Seize (Q) 

Seize has Fade fire an orb into the air for 1.5 seconds and fall to the floor afterwards. Enemies in the range and radius will be tethered and take 75 damage over the duration. Enemy agents will also be deafened if they are tethered.

Seize (Q) costs 200 credits and Fade can only have one charge per round.

When and where to use Seize (Q)

As Fade can only have one charge of Seize (Q) per round, we recommend saving this ability until you find multiple enemies grouped up, so you can tether multiple enemies! 

There is a significant damage number coming from this ability, especially for the price, so make sure you use it as often as you can.

Seize (Q) is very good on defence as it can tether multiple enemies pushing through a chokepoint at the same time- make sure to take full advantage of this!

Haunt (E)

How to use Haunt (E)

Similar to Seize (Q), Fade throws an orb up into the air which will then soon after hit the ground (1.5 seconds later). Afterwards it shoots back up and scouts around for enemies. Any enemies it sees are revealed and applied with the Trail debuff for 12 seconds.

As it is Fade’s Signature Ability, Fade only gets one cast of Haunt (E) each round, but it is free.

When and where to use Haunt (E)

Haunt (E) is best used to scout out the enemy team pushing or holding angles, as it will allow Fade to use her Prowler (C) to follow up on the Trail debuff applied by Haunt (E).

Use this ability whenever you can, as there is always a chance it will spot an enemy agent and reveal them- gathering intel!

Nightfall (X)

How to use Nightfall (X)

Fade sends out a wave of an ominous dark mist. When hitting an enemy it will apply three debuffs- those being the Deafen, Trail and Decay debuff. All three of these debuffs will last for 12 seconds so any enemy agents you hit will be at a massive disadvantage!

Nightfall (X) costs 7 ultimate points and will fire out in a large wave!

When and where to use Nightfall (X)

Try and hit as many enemies as you can with Nightfall (X) as it will give your team a massive advantage! Decaying enemies will take constant damage for 12 seconds so if you are in the midst of a team fight or gun fight, you are sure to win with Nightfall (X)!

Best and worst team compositions for Fade

The best team compositions for Fade

The best team compositions if you are playing Fade are ones that can play aggressively. This is because Fade likes to follow up on enemy agents who she has afflicted with the Trail debuff. The best team composition goes as follows:

Fade and Skye are the two Initiators in the team composition, as imagine having two creatures running at you trying to nearsight you! Reyna is the designated Duelist, as she does not mind charging in as she can Dismiss (E) away if she needs to. Omen is very good with his smokes and nearsighting abilities and is the chosen Controller for team, meaning Fade has an easier time following her Trails. Killjoy as the Sentinel on the team works well because the Decay debuff that Nightfall (X) applies means that her turrets and bots can easily finish off enemies all over the map!

The worst team compositions for Fade

The worst team composition for Fade would be one that wants to play slow. The worst Fade team composition goes like this:

Now whilst these are all very good agents, they all overlap with Fade’s kit. Viper can also decay enemies and this can sometimes overlap with Fade’s own Decay in her ultimate ability- meaning it can be wasted. Sova scouts out enemies, but as Fade can do this for 12 seconds with her abilities, there is very little reason to include a Sova with a Fade.

Sage and Cypher do not like playing the rush in style of Valorant, meaning they want to slowly push onto site and then set up, rather than forcing enemies off.

The Best and worst maps for Fade

The best map for Fade

The best map for Fade is Icebox. This is because of the tight corners and angles that Fade can appear from. When an enemy has the trail debuff on them, they will naturally become paranoid, meaning that with Fade being able to appear from many different angles- such as in B Kitchen or A site, they are less likely to play aggressively!

The ability for Fade to locate enemies and where they have been constantly is very effective on a small map such as Icebox- meaning Fade and her team will easily be able to locate the enemy team!

The worst map for Fade

The worst map for Fade is Ascent. This is because attacking and defending on Ascent is quite linear. When compared to Icebox, there is only one or two ways to get onto site and to certain angles on Ascent.

Another reason Fade struggles on Ascent is that it is a very open map. Fade wants to be able to hunt down and surprise her enemies, but if they are lurking on Mid Catwalk, she can find it quite difficult to surprise enemies.

Best and worst guns for Fade

The best guns to use when playing Fade

Fade enjoys using guns that allow her to get up close and personal. The fact that she can deafen enemies means that she does not have to sneak around when following a trailed enemy most of the time. The best guns go as follows:

The Vandal and Phantom perform similarly and it is up to you which one you think is better. We prefer the Phantom as it is better at close range. The Spectre, similar to the Phantom is very good at close range, as well as the Judge. The Sheriff is a good weapon to purchase as the enemies cannot hear you so they will be looking around frantically. This means time to kill is important as you have an advantage and want to use it!

The worst guns to use when playing Fade

Fade does not like guns that force her to play one angle for an extended period of time- or prevent her moving around a lot. The worst Fade guns are these:

The Odin and The Ares stop Fade from moving fast because of their weight. This means that if she is chasing a Trail, she is less likely to catch up with them before it runs out. The Marshal and the Guardian need Fade to hold longer distance angles, and enemies will tend to retreat, hide and not peek if they are being Trailed or are deafened, so buying these two guns is a waste.

Defending Tips for Fade

  • We recommend to Save your Seize (Q) for when multiple enemies are pushing. This happens a lot at lower ranks, with a five-man push coming from one angle or chokepoint. Seize (Q) can tether multiple enemies and set your team up for an easy wipe!
  • Wait for enemies to push onto site before using Nightfall (X). Enemies will be lower health and at a massive disadvantage compared to your team for 12 seconds, so it makes sense to fight when they have pushed out into the open!

Attacking Tips for Fade

  • Make sure to not get baited by your Trails. You can get a trail onto an enemy, but pushing too hard might have you chase into a five-man enemy team and instantly die. 
  • Use deafen to your advantage. This means that if you can deafen multiple enemies with your Seize (Q), you can flank them and run at full speed with them having no idea you have rotated!

There you go, the last Fade guide you will ever need to read, let us know if the 20th Valorant agent is going to be your new main!

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