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Valorant Reyna Agent Guide | Abilities and How to play

Reyna is the ultimate 1v1 duelist and is perfect for climbing ranks in Valorant. Here is the last guide you will ever need to read on Reyna!
Valorant Reyna Agent Guide | Abilities and How to play

Everything you need to know about Reyna

Reyna excels in 1v1 duels and her kit helps her completely negate the idea of a numbers disadvantage. With her Devour (Q) and Dismiss (E), she can make every fight she takes into a 1v1 and avoid being outnumbered!

Is Reyna right for you?

If you like to play aggressively then Reyna is for you. If you are hanging back on Reyna and not making full use of your kit, then you should consider whether Reyna is the agent you want to pick up. Her whole kit revolves around getting kills and assists, so you have to play aggressively when playing Reyna!

Reyna’s abilities

Leer (C) 

How to use Leer (C) 

Reyna throws a glaring eye that nearsights any enemies that look at it. The eye is destructible and can be destroyed by being shot. Leer (C) has a short cast range and Reyna cannot alter how far she throws it, but it can be thrown through walls and surfaces, meaning that she can blind enemies from a safe space.

Leer (C) cost 250 credits and Reyna can have up to two charges at a time. The eye lasts for 2 seconds but has 100hp so takes a significant amount of firepower from weaker guns to destroy.

When and where to use Leer (C)

Using Leer (C) is the best way for Reyna to safely peek a corner. Throw the eye through a wall and then peek at the blinded enemies to get a pick. This is why Reyna is so good in 1v1’s as she can also avoid blinding herself.

Unlike Phoenix and his Curveball (Q) and Yoru with his Blindside (Q), Reyna cannot blind herself or her own team, making Leer (C) one of the most powerful entry tools in the game- especially at lower levels.

Cast the eye above head height or below in the floor. This means that enemies have to move their crosshair placement to shoot it.

Devour (Q)

How to use Devour (Q)

Devour (Q) allows Reyna to heal herself by consuming orbs dropped by fallen enemies. Reyna has to have gotten an assist or the kill on the enemy for them to drop. Reyna can heal for 100hp using Devour (Q) and any excess healing becomes Overheal.

Overheal allows Reyna to gain some extra health- up to 50- in a decaying shield for 30 seconds. Reyna has to remain in line of sight with the orb for it to keep healing her for the full 3 seconds otherwise the healing breaks.

Devour (Q) costs 200 credits and Reyna is able to get two charges a round.

When and where to use Devour (Q)

Reyna can choose between Devour (Q) and Dismiss (E) for orbs and we recommend in most situations you should go for Devour (Q). This is because the healing will last you all round, and unless you need to get out of an area quickly, Dismiss (E) is a waste if you are not in immediate danger.

Make sure to use Devour (Q) on pistol round! Reyna is one of the few agents in the game (alongside Chamber) that can buy abilities, a pistol and still get to 150hp on a pistol round. This is because her Devour (Q) gives her a 50hp overheal shield.

Dismiss (E)

How to use Dismiss (E)

The other use for Reyna’s soul orbs is Dismiss (E). Reyna can consume an orb and become intangible. This means she cannot shoot or do anything, but is unable to be damaged by enemies. This lasts two seconds.

It is very good for getting out of tight situations, especially if an enemy is looking to trade a kill you just got.

Reyna can have two charges a round and each charge costs 200 credits.

When and where to use Dismiss (E)

Using Dismiss (E) is good for getting Reyna out of awkward positions, especially as she can be quite flexible with it. The orbs that drop last 3 seconds before they expire and with Dismiss (E) lasting 2 seconds, Reyna can aggressively hold an angle for up to 5 seconds in relative safety.

Dismiss (E) can also be cancelled early, meaning you can often surprise enemies who are waiting to kill you by becoming tangible again early.

Fun fact, Reyna’s Dismiss (E) makes her immune to the spike explosion damage, so if you are in the rare situation where you cannot escape but can become intangible- do it!

Empress (X)

How to use Empress (X)

Empress (X) enhances Reyna and her kit drastically. It alters her two orb-focused abilities. Devour (Q) is automatically cast and heals Reyna when Empress (X) is active and Dismiss (E) turns Reyna invisible and intangible for 2 seconds when used.

Reyna is also boosted herself, with her reload/equip speed by 25% and best of all, firing speed drastically increased by 15%. 

Empress (X) has its duration refreshed every time Reyna gets a kill or an assist, but lasts 30 seconds if this doesn’t happen. It costs 6 ultimate points to use- so make sure that you rack up the kills!

Best and worst team compositions for Reyna

The best team compositions for Reyna

The best team composition for Reyna is a balanced one. Reyna is very linear and can do little outside of killing enemies. The composition could go as follows:

Jett is a very good entry fragger to push onto a site alongside Reyna and both duelists aren’t bad at defending a site together. Astra is one of the best controllers in the game and with her large amount of utility and crowd control, it makes up for the lack in Reyna’s kit.

Skye as the chosen Initiator is good at blinding enemies and allowing Reyna to push through onto site and instantly kill enemies that Skye has scouted out with her Trailblazer (Q). Lastly Killjoy as a Sentinel gives a bit more power to the team on defence and as the only agent on the team who isn’t focused on pushing when attacking- she can cover the flank!

The worst team compositions for Reyna

Reyna suffers from a lack of utility, especially when compared to other duelists. She needs support when playing entry and preferably someone else to play entry alongside her. The worst team composition goes like this:

There are no controllers in this team composition, which Reyna needs more than most duelists to push onto site. Raze is good at pushing onto site, but provides no smokes or blinds to prohibit vision from the enemies. Sova, Killjoy and Cypher are very good defensively but lack the manpower to force their way onto site without their ultimates when attacking.

The Best and worst maps for Reyna

The best map for Reyna

The best map for Reyna is Icebox. Reyna can throw her blind and it will force enemies peeking from multiple angles for 2 seconds and won’t blind her teammates.

As Icebox is quite tight and compact, Reyna can push through mid or onto a spike site and hold her own. She can stall for a significant amount of time and if she gets a pick, her Dismiss (E) allows her to relocate and dart behind cover without becoming stranded and alone.

Reyna enjoys playing solo entry on Icebox as she can Leer (C) through a lot of cover and blind from different angles and does not need another duelist to play entry fragger alongside her. 

The worst map for Reyna

Reyna struggles the most on Ascent. This is because of how open the map is. Mid is a very open and large area of the map which Reyna struggles to control with her Leer (C) as it can easily be shot from multiple angles.

Reyna’s Dismiss (E) is also underwhelming on Ascent as if she uses it, the map is so open that she cannot always get behind cover by the time Reyna’s intangibility ends.

Reyna also has to stay in line of sight with her Devour (Q) to heal, which can be a struggle to get the full heal off if she kills an enemy on the opposite side of a spike site or mid courtyard in Ascent.

Best and worst guns for Reyna

The best guns to use when playing Reyna

Reyna utilises guns best that allow her to get kills incredibly quickly or in one shot. Time to kill is vital for Reyna so she can get her soul orbs to drop to avoid getting traded when outnumbered. The best Reyna guns are as follows:

The Vandal and Phantom both have very good time to kill rates, meaning she is able to heal or go intangible quickly. They are both viable at long and short distances and ultimately comes down to personal preference. 

The Spectre is good for Reyna as she can play up close and personal with it. When defending, use it to aggressively push a corner, get a kill and then use Dismiss (E) to safely retreat back.

The Guardian is an unusual pick for Reyna, but is very good for peeking open areas with its one shot headshot for a much cheaper price than the Vandal or the Operator. It helps negate her vulnerability in large, open areas.

The Ghost is the pistol of choice as she can get kills very quickly with it if your aim is on point. It also allows her to be effective for the whole round.

The worst guns to use when playing Reyna

Reyna struggles with weapons that have a slow kill rate or require her to peek angles multiple times or for an extended period of time. Reyna’s worst guns are these:

The Bulldog doesn’t do enough damage up close or from a distance to give Reyna enough time to Dismiss (E) away- same with the Stinger. The Bucky is good for one kill but does not always guarantee the kill in the first place before being traded. The Classic notoriously does very little damage, meaning Reyna has to expose herself for a while.

Defending Tips for Reyna

  • Peek angles with your Leer (C). As Reyna you should never be peeking into the open without blinding first. This is because you rely on getting kills so you need to put your enemy at as much of a disadvantage as possible.
  • Don’t hang back and wait! This means as Reyna, because of how safe you are, you can play aggressively into a pushing enemy and do not need to sit at the back of site- especially as your Leer (C) only goes a short distance.

Attacking Tips for Reyna

  • Do not play at the back. Your role as a duelist is to create space for your team when you are pushing onto site. Playing passively and behind your team is completely negating your kit and abilities.
  • Try to take isolated gunfights. This means take as many 1v1s as possible as you will have time to heal and relocate after every one.
  • Empress (X) only requires 6 ultimate orbs- do not use it sparingly. It is very good at helping Reyna force her way onto a spike site, especially if she is invisible.

That concludes the last Reyna guide you will ever need to read- let us know how you get on with her!

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