Best Phoenix Lineups On Fracture | Mollies | Walls

Here are the absolute top of the top Fracture lineups that you can use with Phoenix!
Best Phoenix Lineups On Fracture | Mollies | Walls

Phoenix may not be the best Agent on Fracture, but he’s still a decent pick on this map (only if you have a smoker on your team, though). Therefore, let's look at some of the spiciest lineups that you can use to set your opponents on fire, just like Phoenix's art school.

Psst, if somebody decides to instalock your Phoenix for whatever reason, keep these in your bookmarks:

Best Attacking Phoenix Lineups

Attacking A Site Fracture Phoenix

A Site Lineup Post-Plant Drop Molly

Let's start this off with a pretty simple jump & throw post-plant molly on A site:

We also recommend casting flashbang right after throwing this molly, as the Defenders' player will almost certainly have no way to turn away from it. Drop is a typical place to hide in 1v1 situations, so having a lineup like should be premium for Phoenix players.

A Site Post-Plant Rope Molly

You can do a similar lineup from Rope, with your Spike planted at the bottom part of the site:

This lineup can also work for Defenders, as the molly lands in a way that can block a push from the Main, which is big. Simple, versatile, and effective – those are the lineups we like!

A Site Hall To Door Wall

If you don’t have a smoker on your team, then this wall might be handy to help your team push through the Door straight to the A Site:

And even if you do have a smoker in your team comp, they might want to hold their abilities for a different situation, which makes this wall even more valuable. Almost 100% of the time, there is at least one player watching Main, and it is often a sniper, so this wall is even more useful as you’re not likely to get wallbanged

Attacking B Site Fracture Phoenix

B Site Lineup Post-Plant Arcade Molly

Let’s move on to a simple jump & throw molly to help you defend a Spike without even being on the site

It’s great in 1v1 situations where you want to avoid a duel because of low HP. Plus, it’s super simple to execute, you don’t need to be a Radiant player to use it.

B Site Lineup Post-Plant Generator Molly

Post-plant mollies are super powerful, so let’s go with another one:

This molly covers a big part of the site, so you don't have to worry about Spike being placed perfectly. Plus, since you are throwing it from the Generator, you have a perfect position to peek and grab an easy frag.

B Site Lineup Canteen Molly

B Canteen is often a place where we will come across a sniper who, with the help of his teammates' abilities, will search for frags while our team is pushing the Spike Site. And this jump & throw molly should work fairly good to counter-play that:

When your team is about to push the Spike Site, simply throw this molly to force a change of position from the enemy sniper or whoever is covering this corner.

B Site Lineup Main Rush Wall

Canteen and Generator are two positions you need to watch out for when rushing from Main and Arcade. And that's why you should consider remembering this wall:

Add the right smoke from one of your teammates, and voilà – the Spike Site is all yours. You can also use this one for retakes, especially if you’re rotating through Main with one of your teammates.

Best Defending/Retake Phoenix Lineups on Fracture

Note that you can also effectively use some post-plant lineups we mentioned for Attackers as your anti-plant mollies! 

Defending A Site Fracture Phoenix

A Site Lineup Stopping Ramp Rush Molly

Fracture is a map that is hard to defend against aggressive pushes, so let's start with a lineup that is great against that:

This molly will at least temporarily stop the enemy team from continuing their attack. If you want to know more about effective ways to defend Spike Sites on Fracture, be sure to check out our map guide: The Complete Fracture Map Guide

A Site Lineup Stopping Rope Rush Molly

Still, Main and Drop are relatively easy places to defend. But Rope? Ugh, it can be a nightmare, and that's why we prepared this jump & throw molly:

It stops the enemy team from a push and gives a potential free frag opportunity for the person covering the lower part of the Spike Site. And it’s another super simple to remember! 

Defending B Site Fracture Phoenix

B Site Canteen Wall For Peeking Arcade

Every single time you peek Arcade from Canteen, you die by someone killing you from Main? Use this wall:

Not only do you block Attackers from entering from Main, but you also have access to a consistent heal if you get hit. It may not be the best wall for snipers, but Vandal players should be super happy about it. 

Okay, those were the best lineups you can get, you won’t find any better ones. But you have lots of options to shine (especially for Attackers), much more than some other Duelists. For more spicy Phoenix lineups, be sure to check out these articles:

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