Best Phoenix Lineups on Ascent | Mollies | Walls

Here are the best Ascent lineups that every Phoenix player has to know!
Best Phoenix Lineups on Ascent | Mollies | Walls

Phoenix might be a decent addition to your team composition on Ascent. Even though he might not be the best Duelist out there, you can use his abilities in a way that can really spoil the plans of your enemies. And here are some lineups to help you do that:

Best Attacking Phoenix Lineups Ascent

Attacking A Site Ascent Phoenix

A Site Post-Plant Molly From Tree Room

Let's start with a great post-plant lineup to stop a defuse. This one is actually super effective, especially if you’re left alone against several enemies. All you have to do is plant the Spike, close the door to the Tree Room and run through it. Then, once you hear the defuse sound, you just throw this molly:

And boom, they’re fired, and you’re totally safe! You don’t even have to pay much attention to the exact place you’ve planted the Spike, as it covers a big part of the site.

A Site Post-Plant Molly From Heaven

Post-plant mollies are super powerful, so let's go with another one that sort of complements the above lineup. If the enemy team starts destroying doors, and you want to defend Spike with a molly, you can go to Heaven and quickly throw this one:

It’s even easier to execute, so you don’t have to worry that you’re running out of time so much. And again – you and your Spike are safe! 

By the way, if you’ve ever wondered why Phoenix’s character is all about fire, make sure to look into his lore.

Attacking B Site Ascent Phoenix

B Main Cubby Molly

Tired of this one camper in the B Main Cubby? Let's get him out of there with this molly:

Every so often we can even hear the footsteps of the opposing team's player going over to Cubby, and then that molly is absolute gold; you can simply peek after throwing it to grab your frag.

B Main Market Molly

Or maybe you want to take out the other camper player, the one hiding in the Market? Don’t worry, we got you:

If you are confident that no one is in the Cubby and one of your smokers has blocked vision from the Defenders' spawn, this molly almost guarantees you free entry to the Spike Site. This kind of simple and effective mollies might really make you consider picking this fire boy in the Agent selection lobby.

Best Defending/Retake Phoenix Lineups Ascent

Note that you can also use the post-plant lineups as Defenders as your anti-plant lineups! They won’t be as effective and consistent, but it’s worth remembering that you can use them that way.

Defending A Site Ascent Phoenix

A Site Ultimate Orb Molly

If you're expecting the enemy team to rush through Main, or you hear an Ultimate Orb pick-up sound, this easy jump & throw molly might be handy for you:

Not only will you slow down the enemy team, but if the situation is getting out of control, you will give your teammates extra time to rotate.

A Site Stopping The Main Rush

However, if the enemy team is already virtually entering the Spike Site from Main, you can throw that molly to stop them:

If you are going to peek, be sure to get support from your teammates, as you might die from the Doors. That said, if you have a buddy with whom you try to get Radiant, send him lineups for his main Agent:

Defending B Site Ascent Phoenix

B Site Stopping The Spike Site Rush

This molly is extra simple to execute, and very rewarding when it comes to stopping the rush on the B site:

While the enemy team is trying to escape from this molly, you can quickly peek and grab your multiple frags free, especially if you throw a flashbang before peeking.

B Site Stopping Mid To B Rush

If you happen to be covering mid and expect that the enemy team might want to rush B site from Market, this jump & throw molly might prevent them from doing so:

You will push your enemy back, and again, you can just flash, peek and grab some free frags. And those are the lineups we love the most as Duelists players – simple, fast, and effective. Let Controllers and Sentinels do the big math activities.

That will be all for Ascent, but that’s not all from us! To all you Phoenix players – be sure to check out other cool lineups for this particular Agent on other maps:

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