Best Raze Lineups on Ascent | Boom Bot | Nades | TGG

Best Raze Lineups on Ascent | Boom Bot | Nades

Want to get better as Raze in Ascent? Then learn all of her best lineups in the most played map in the history of Valorant pro gaming!
Best Raze Lineups on Ascent | Boom Bot | Nades

Ascent is currently the most played map in the history of pro gaming in Valorant. It has a balanced defending and attacking side for any team composition, which is why an aspiring Raze player can spam boom bots, blast packs, munitions, and paint shells. Here are the best lineups for Raze in Ascent for Valorant to all the duelist mains looking to win more games. 

Best Attacking Raze Lineups

Attacking A Site Boombot Lineup

A Main and Wine Clear 

Many defenders tend to use timing against the attackers to hide in Wine and even though it’s a one and done position. This is why it’s important to clear Wine, especially when you are trying to gain back some space your team had left.

To do this lineup, stand at the outside of the entrance of A Main. It doesn’t really matter where you place yourself. However, you must pay attention to what you see. Locate the third row of bricks from the bottom, and from there, align the brick to the right wall of the entrance. When you’ve done that, you can place your crosshair in the middle of the brick and release your boombot from there.

Attackers B Main and Boat Clear

Sometimes enemies push B main to surprise and kill anyone who pushes nonchalantly. This boombot will help clear B main, and as a bonus, it will also detect any agent who plays on the close right near the switch.

To do this lineup, stand on the right corner of the entrance of B main before the barriers go down in the buy phase. Place your crosshair in the lower-left corner of the window seen on the left side of the entrance, then perform a standing throw. This is a powerful boombot that everyone should use in their games, so make sure you do too!

Attacking Mid Area Boombot Lineup

Attackers Middle And Market Clear

The middle area of Ascent is not a hard area to take, but sometimes lots of enemies play in that part of the map, especially market and mid bottom. This lineup will help your team clear and take information whether an enemy agent is playing in either mid bottom or market. 

To do this lineup, stand on the left corner of mid link and look for a small lone stone on the edge of mid link. Place the boombot ability indicator in the middle of the right wall of mid link, then perform a standing throw. The boombot will not clear close left and right of mid bottom, so make sure to clear them before following it!

Attacking Mid Area Paint Shells Lineups

Attackers Market Heavy Damage

Sometimes, an agent from the enemy team guards B main from mid market, especially those who use the operators. This paint shells lineup will clear and deal heavy damage to anyone who plays in that area. 

To do this lineup, stand on the edge of the left side entrance of B main. Find the area where the metal part on top of the poster meets the left bar of the right window in B main and place your crosshair in the middle of the second and third bar. Perform a standing throw and the paintshells ability will land exactly in mid market. 

Mid Pizza Clear

Pizza is a tight angle where players love to play crossfire with their teammate that is playing in mid market. This lineup will kill anyone who is playing in the mid pizza, making it easier for your team to attack the deeper part of mid.

To perform this lineup, stand on the area of mid link where the left wall and the left side of the rectangular metal part in mid meet. Place your crosshair in the house seen in the sky on top of mid pizza, then perform a running throw.

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Best Defending Raze Lineups

Defending A Site Boombot Lineup

Defenders A Main Clear From Tree

Defenders placed in tree or garden and guarding its entrance from mid can help get information for the player stationed on site. This boombot line up can clear the whole of A wine for the defenders to get information on whether an agent from the enemy team is staying in that area. The position you will be taking for this boombot can even help protect you from players coming from mid cubby.

To do this lineup, stand on the right corner inside garden where you can see a small portion of the entrance to A Site, then locate the lamp on the wall and place your crosshair in its center. Perform a standing throw, and the boombot will travel in a straight line and bounce to A main. 

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Best Defending Paint Shells Lineups

Defending A Site Paint Shells Lineups

Defenders A Lobby Damage

This grenade lineup will help in delaying and dealing damage to the attackers because it is unexpected, and it will come from a high place, meaning a lower chance to hear for the enemies. The grenade will be landing at the entrance from A Lobby, where many support agents stay to set up their smokes, traps, and even initiate.

To do this lineup, you will have to go behind the double boxes seen on the site. From there, locate the big floating island in the sky. Then you will have to place your crosshair at the intersection of the left of the big floating island and the right of the small floating island located beside the former. Take a step back and perform a running throw.

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