Best Raze Lineups on Ascent for 2024 [Boom Bot & Nades]

Check out the best Raze lineups on Ascent, and clear A Main & Wine, B Main & Boat, and Mid Market with expertly placed boombots and paint shells!

Updated on Feb 25, 2024
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Best Raze Lineups on Ascent for 2024 [Boom Bot & Nades]

Best Attacking Raze Lineups

Attacking A Site Boombot Lineup

A Main and Wine Clear 

Defenders often use timing against attackers, hiding in Wine. It's a risky spot, but clearing it is crucial, especially when reclaiming space your team lost.

To execute this lineup, position yourself outside the entrance of A Main. Your exact position isn't critical, but observation is key. Find the third row of bricks from the bottom and align that brick with the right wall of the entrance. Once in position, place your crosshair in the middle of that brick and release your boombot to effectively clear the area.

Attackers B Main and Boat Clear

Enemies often surprise attackers by pushing B Main. Using a boombot here can clear B Main and, as a bonus, spot any agent hiding close right near the switch.

For this lineup, position yourself at the right corner of the entrance of B Main before the match starts. Aim your crosshair in the lower-left corner of the window on the left side of the entrance, then execute a standing throw. This boombot tactic is invaluable for clearing key areas, so it's a strategy you'll want to incorporate into your gameplay.

Attacking Mid Area Boombot Lineup

Attackers Middle And Market Clear

Taking control of the middle area of Ascent isn't typically challenging, but it becomes tougher when many enemies position themselves in Market and Mid Bottom. This lineup is designed to help your team clear these areas and gather valuable information on enemy positions in either Mid Bottom or Market.

To use this lineup, position yourself at the left corner of Mid Link. Look for a small lone stone at the edge of Mid Link. Aim the boombot ability indicator at the middle of the right wall of Mid Link, then execute a standing throw. Remember, the boombot won't clear the immediate left and right of Mid Bottom, so ensure those areas are checked before following the boombot.

Attacking Mid Area Paint Shells Lineups

Attackers Market Heavy Damage

Occasionally, an enemy agent, often one wielding sniper rifles, will defend B Main from Mid Market. Utilizing a paint shells lineup can effectively clear this area and inflict significant damage on anyone positioned there.

For this strategy, stand at the edge of the left side entrance of B Main. Look for the point where the metal part on top of the poster aligns with the left bar of the right window in B Main. Aim your crosshair between the second and third bars, then execute a standing throw. The paint shells will land precisely in Mid Market, targeting enemies in that crucial area.

Mid Pizza Clear

Pizza is a strategic spot in Ascent where players often set up crossfires, especially with teammates in Mid Market. This lineup is designed to eliminate any player positioned in Mid Pizza, facilitating your team's advance into deeper mid areas.

To execute this lineup, find your position in Mid Link where the left wall meets the left side of the rectangular metal part. Aim your crosshair at the house visible in the sky directly above Mid Pizza, then initiate a running throw. This technique is crucial for dislodging enemies from this tight angle, making your mid push significantly easier.

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Best Defending Raze Lineups

Defending A Site Boombot Lineup

Defenders A Main Clear From Tree

Defenders stationed in Tree (or Garden), overseeing the entrance from mid, can gather crucial information for teammates on A Site. This boombot lineup enables defenders to survey A Wine thoroughly, determining if any enemy agents are lurking there. The chosen position for deploying the boombot also offers protection against adversaries advancing from Mid Cubby.

To utilize this lineup, position yourself in the right corner inside Garden, where you can glimpse a part of the entrance to A Site. Find the lamp on the wall and aim your crosshair at its center. Execute a standing throw, and the boombot will head straight, bouncing into A Main, effectively scouting the area for your team.

Best Defending Paint Shells Lineups

Defending A Site Paint Shells Lineups

Defenders A Lobby Damage

This grenade lineup is designed to surprise attackers, delaying their push and inflicting damage. Its effectiveness is increased because it comes from an elevated position, making it less likely for enemies to hear it coming. The grenade targets the entrance from A Lobby, a common area where support agents set up their utility.

To execute this lineup, position yourself behind the double boxes on the site. Look up to find the big floating island in the sky. Aim your crosshair at the intersection where the left side of the big floating island meets the right side of the small floating island next to it. Then, take a step back and perform a running throw. This strategy is particularly effective in disrupting the setup of enemy support agents in A Lobby.

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