Best Raze Lineups on Split | Boom Bot | Nades

Learn all the best lineups for Raze in Split to win all of your next matches in the Japan-inspired map!

Updated on Jan 05, 2023
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Best Raze Lineups on Split | Boom Bot | Nades

Regardless of the team composition, Raze is one of the most picked duelists in Split. She is often regarded as the best duelist in Split because her kit suits the map's tight corners. Not only that, but she can blast pack her way into the site and clear many angles effortlessly. Here are the best Raze lineups in Split for Valorant to destroy anyone in your games!

Best Raze Attacking Lineups

Attacking Boombot Ability Lineups

A Main and Hell Clear

Many Defenders like positioning themselves under Hell because even though it’s a “one and done” position, it’s great for short-range guns like the shotgun. Not only that, it’s also very common that a defending agent, like Jett or Reyna, is in a very aggressive position in A Main because they can escape from those risky positions with their skills. This Boombot lineup will give you important information to make it easier for the team to enter the site.

To do this lineup, place the left, and right lines of the indicator must be aligned at the two ledges at the entrance of A Main. It doesn’t matter if you’re near the entrance or not, and it will still have the same result.

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B Site Right Side Clear

Going out of B main and entering the site is sometimes challenging because of the tight choke point in the exit of B main. This boombot will clear the right side of B site and a little bit of area in default, making it a hard time for enemies who are playing an aggressive angle. 

To do this lineup, stand in the middle of the second metal grill seen in B main. Place the boombot indicator in the white metal cylinder seen in the box of the close left in the exit of B main. The boombot will bounce once and go straight to the right side of B and bounce several around walls several times to clear the area.

Mid Vents Round Start Clear

Mid is an area that is heavily contested in a map like Split, which is why many enemies play either on B heaven or vents to take control on that part of the map. This boom bot will gather information for the team while keeping you safe.

To perform this lineup, stand in front of the refrigerator seen in mid ramen. Place the boombot indicator in the middle of the right wall at the exit of mid Ramen. Perform a standing throw, and the boombot will bounce once and travel straight to mid vents.

Mid Mail and B Tower Clear

Like the previous lineup, Mid Vents Round Start Clear, this lineup will buttist the team in taking a huge space in mid especially if the Defenders do not have a sage agent. With this lineup, you will also be able to go and take control of B tower or Heaven easily, which is important when trying to attack B site.

To do this lineup, you should stand at the left corner in front of the Orange Stools seen in market and beside B link. Then, point your crosshair at the left edge of the shelf and then release your Boombot. Your Boombot will go up the stairs and straight to Mail and B Heaven. Make sure to watch vents because that will be the only angle that the boom bot does not clear.

Best Attacking Paint Shells Ability Lineups 

Attackers A Heaven Clear

Usually, attackers would smoke A Site’s Heaven and Screens. But, a lot of Defenders take advantage of the smoke and use it in their favor by pushing through it and surprising the attackers while they are clearing the site. This grenade lineup will go straight to A Heaven and prevent defenders from pushing the smokes set up by your team’s controller.

To do this lineup, you will have to stand on top of the box in A Lobby and place yourself at its bottom right corner. Then, locate the smallest line bar on the left ledge of A main entrance. Place your crosshair at the top or specifically aligned with the diagonal line and run towards it. Jump before falling from the box. This will help your paint shells ability to reach the height of Heaven.

Best Defending Raze Lineups 

Defenders A Default Delay Plant

There are numerous places where Attackers can plant in A Site because it is a spacious bomb site. However, most planters would opt to plant at default or behind the Pillar because it is safe from all angles. You will have to make sure that your team controls A Ramps for this lineup because you will be placing yourself in a vulnerable position. However, it is worth it because attackers are usually grouped up in default and elbow, which will bring heavy damage to them.

To do this lineup, position yourself beside the very small box in A Tower. Place your crosshair at the upper right corner in the exit of heaven and release your paint shells from there. Make sure to add this to your bag of tricks because the paint shells will travel quickly and deal heavy damage or kill enemies behind pillar. 

Defenders B Default Delay Plant

Like the A default plant, the B default plant is safe as well and is hard to delay. If Defenders try to delay the plant without the right utility usage or control over the site, they will probably be killed by Attackers behind B Pillar, B Main Entrance, or Back Site. Not to mention, Defenders should also be wary of the B Hell position. This Grenade lineup will successfully delay or even kill the planter because the whole of the Grenade will be landing exactly at default.

To do this lineup, go to B Tower or heaven. Locate the wall in front of default and try to find the roof sunshade under the small terrace. Place your crosshair under the metallic frontal cone under the sunshade. Before releasing the paint sells ability, you will have to run and it will bounce from there to the default position and will deal heavy damage to an enemy agent or, better yet, a kill.

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