Best Raze Lineups on Fracture | Boom Bot | Nades

Valorant’s latest map, Fracture, has many tight spots and angles where Raze can use her utility. Learn all the best lineups for Raze in Fracture here!

Updated on Jan 05, 2023
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Best Raze Lineups on Fracture | Boom Bot | Nades

Raze, the Brazilian duelist, thrives on maps with close spaces and angles because her utility focuses on killing enemies positioned in those areas. Since the release of Fracture, Raze has been a pick for any team composition because of her specialized kit that helps the best in the newest Riot Games map. If you find yourself winning some games in Fracture, here are the best Raze lineups for Fracture in Valorant. 

Best Attacking Raze Lineups Fracture

Best Attacking Boombot Lineups

A Dish Clear

A Dish is probably one of the hardest to clear in Fracture because of the angles that the defenders can use against the attackers. Defenders can even have great timing and kill you when trying to clear either side of the dish. With this lineup, you’ll be able to clear angles with no problem and clear the hiding spots like the left side of the dish.

To do this lineup, place yourself on the top of the rock, which can be seen outside the barrier of A dish. This particular rock is long and is attached to the right wall beside the entrance of A dish. When you’re standing on the rock, you will have to look straight at the wall parallel to the one you are standing behind. You must place the left line of the boombot indicator below of the evident wall crack.

A Main Brown Box Clear

Most of the time, enemy players push A main, especially people who are playing Operators who are hoping to get the first pick. This boombot will clear the close left of A main and will detect players who are playing behind the huge brown box in main. 

To do this lineup, stand in front of the wall in the entrance of A hall. Look at the floor and make sure you are standing on top of the vertical line. Place the boombot indicator on the lower left corner of the enormous box, then perform a running release. This is a safe boombot lineup, so make sure to add this to your bag of tricks!

A Door And Close Clear

Sometimes enemies will play close A door to catch pushing enemies off guard. A Door is hard to take control of when two or more players are playing in that area, especially when they are playing cooperatively, like flashing before peeking. This boombot will open A door and clear close left. 

To do this lineup, stand in the same spot as the A Main Brown Box Clear lineup. Place the boombot indicator at the first vertical line in front of you. Then perform a standard release. Make sure to learn this also because variety in your lineups is a great thing to have!

B Site Canteen Clear

Fracture’s B site may be hard to clear at times because you will be open to B site generator and B canteen when entering. Not only that, but enemies that hold a close angle are irritating. This boombot will make your life easier by clearing the entrance of B site and canteen. 

To do this lineup, stand on the edge of the entrance of B main, then place the boombot indicator below the poster that is seen on the deep part of the entrance. The boombot will go straight to close right and bounce several times in B canteen.

B Arcade Boombot Clear

There are a minimum of three angles that you should watch when pushing B arcade: the tower, lower box, and site entrance. It is frustrating to watch a single angle only to get unlucky timing. This boombot will clear all of the lower box area, so you can focus on watching B tower when entering the B site from arcade. 

In order to perform this lineup correctly, stand on the edge of the box seen on B bench. Slightly line the boom bot indicator on the right side of the huge retro screen in B bench. The lineup is pretty forgiving, which makes slight room for mistakes, so do not worry about messing it up just because it is hard to perform!

Best Defending Raze Lineups Fracture

B Site Boombot Lineups

B Main Information

Since there are four sides where the attackers can set up their attack, information in Fracture is essential to winning rounds. This boombot lineup will gather information without needing to expose yourself to B tree. 

To do this lineup, stand exactly in the middle of the barrier during the buy phase. Place the boombot indicator in the middle of the last orange rectangle in front of you. The boombot will bounce once and travel in a straight line that clears the area where attackers push in B tree. Like some in this list, this lineup is pretty forgiving, so do not stress yourself getting the exact spot for the lineup. 

Best Defending Paint Shells Lineups

A Dish Clear for Defender

This lineup is one that gives out maximum damage against the attackers because it will come from a high angle. This is perfect for defenders that are overwhelmed by rush attacks coming from A dish. 

To do this lineup, you have to stand on the big structure right in the middle of CT that separates doors and cafeteria. On the side of the cafeteria, stand on top of the narrow platform of this structure and look directly down the floor. You will see a small rectangular shape with a dark brown color. Place your crosshair in the area where the outline is on the right side of the rectangle. Once you’ve done that, use the bar under the grenade icon skill of Raze and line it up on the bold outline of the wall in A Link.

Doing lineups for Raze is pretty easy right? It is straightforward and the indicators are easy to remember. Do not wait and learn all the ability lineups for other maps to be a 100% Raze main that causes headaches to all your enemies!

A Site Left Side Default Heavy Damage

Fracture’s A Bomb Site is unique like because attackers can plant on top and at the bottom. But many attackers would usually just plant on the left side of default because this spot is safe and can not be wall-banged by the defenders. Not only that, but many players also position in that spot during a post plant situation. This lineup will definitely help in clearing that angle and delay the spike from being planted. 

To do this lineup, you must be positioned in A Ropes with a view of the site. You don’t have to fully peek, and you just have to be able to see the double metal pipe-like on the second floor. Place your crosshair on its upper left corner and release your grenade from there. This is not a difficult lineup because it doesn’t require many details, so make sure to use this in your next game!

Since Fracture is a new map, the angles and spots where enemies can hide are still hard to learn. It is best to know the other lineups for each agent to understand the whole map better. Check out the different lineups for each agent on Fracture to be fully aware of how the newest map works!

No matter the team composition, Raze has been a strong pick in a map like Fracture. She is considered as one of the best agents in the new map offered by Riot Games. Even though there are a lot of angles where enemies can hide, these lineups will help you gather information or kill enemies hiding in certain spots. 

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