Best Raze Lineups on Bind | Boom Bot | Nades

In this article we will show you the best Killjoy lineups on the Valorant map Bind.

Updated on Jan 05, 2023
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Best Raze Lineups on Bind | Boom Bot | Nades

Bind is one of the earliest Valorant maps that Riot Games released. It is a heaven for Raze players because of the tight spaces where they can do blast pack plays, paint shell clears, and boombot ability lineups. In fact, Raze is also considered one of the best valorant agents when it comes to this map. If you are an aspiring main of the Brazilian duelist, here are the best raze lineups in Bind for Valorant to help you win more games!

Attacking Side Boombot Ability Line Ups

Best Attacking Boombot Lineups

Deep Left Shower Clear and A Site Bench Lineup

This will be an excellent boombot lineup if you want to clear the deep left showers area and bench in A site. The boombot will detect everything, so taking up space will be a breeze.

To do this lineup, place yourself on the side of these two windows, and place the boombot indicator slightly on the left of the right side shower entrance. Remember to be careful since this lineup will not clear the close left entrance and right side cubby of showers which are a usual defender spot.

Deep Left Shower Clear and A Site Bench Lineup Alternative

This lineup will clear the exact location as the previous shower and bench clear, and the only difference is the angle indicators that you will have to remember to do it. 

To do this alternative, stand on the left side where the wall and left shower entrance meet, then line up the boom bot indicator on this wall. Both of the two lineups clear the exact places, so choose what you prefer or will remember much easier. 

A Close Cubby and Back Triple Clear

Defenders often push cubby to surprise enemies that might be rushing or looking to fight enemies near the teleporter. This lineup will help clear close angles in A short and triple box where an enemy might be holding for pushes in A short. 

To do this lineup, stand on the edge of the corner in the little barrel in A short. Then line up the boombot indicator slightly to the left of the posters in A short. This lineup is pretty forgiving when you make mistakes so do not worry about getting this one wrong. 

Best Attacking Boombot Ability Lineups

Clearing B Hookah as Attacker

This is a well-known boombot lineup in Bind because it easily helps players clear the many corners of hookah. The boombot will be able to clear the close angles and detect if a player is standing in an off-angle.

To do this lineup, stand at the barrier in the market outside of hookah, where you will see a wall with graffiti drawing of a vase. Next, place your crosshair on the small black bar seen on the ledge of the wall. To know which bar you should place your crosshair on, it is the third one from the left.

B Long and Tree Clear as Attacker

B Long is a common place where defenders stay with an Operator. If you are afraid to fight long-range, you can use this lineup without having to commit to fighting. This also clears the close angles of tree or octagon.

To do this line up, stand on the bottom part of the star-shaped fountain. From there, locate the big stone located in B Long. Your crosshair should be placed in the middle of the stone and the wall. This may be complicated, but it will really help in taking up space that many defenders contest.

Defending Side Boombot Ability Lineups

Best Defending Boombot Ability Lineups

B Short Clear for Defenders

Raze’s boombot is an important information gatherer, especially in and outside of the hookah area. This lineup will help you clear the outside of hookah, also known as B Short, and can even detect players placed in the small corners if they try to hide from the boombot.

To do this lineup, stand on the left side of the barrier of hookah. Then you should place your crosshair on the middle corner part of the box seen outside. If you put down your boombot perfectly, it will also be able to clear a small part of the alleyway from market to fountain.

A Site Shower Defense

This lineup will be great if you want to gather information in the shower area in A. The boombot will clear all the angles in showers and will even go out of the area for a short period, which will detect close enemies that might be pushing

To do this lineup, stand at the edge of the carpet outside showers and line the boombot indicator in the right exit of showers. This lineup is also pretty easy to remember, so make sure to use this on your games.

Left Side A Short Clear

This is a pretty risky boombot because you are really open to enemies in A short. However, it provides great information, especially if the whole team does not have enough map control. This lineup will clear all the left side of A short and a little bit of A lobby.

To do this lineup, stand on the edge of the right side of the barrier before the round starts, then lineup the boombot indicator in the edge of the little brown box in A short. Instantly release the boombot because there is a possibility that you might get killed by an enemy swinging. 

B Site Outside Hookah Clear

Usually, Raze players send their boombot straight to the teleporter to clear inside hookah. However, if you want to get information from the outside of hookah, then this lineup will be a great addition to your bag of tricks.

To perform this line up perfectly, stand in the first line of the two brown boxes in A. Then line up the boombot indicator in the lower-left side of the black triangle in the teleporter. This will clear all enemies that might be pushing in hookah

Best Paint Shells Lineups

Attacking Paint Shells Lineups

B Backsite Paint Shells

An enemy plays in B back site most of the time, and it is pretty hard to get to them,, especially if they are a sentinel. This is a good lineup to flush an enemy hiding in that area, especially if the enemy team composition has one or two sentinels.

Stand in the spot where the green triangle lines up with the box in hookah. Place your crosshair in the upper roof part of B site and throw your grenade. This will clear all of B site, so make sure to use this next time!

Now that you have learned about the importance of lineups for an agent, be sure to learn all the other lineups for the same map, Bind!

B Site Cubby Clear

Like back site, an enemy player usually hides in the cubby in B site waiting for pushes. This paint shell lineup will deal heavy damage and probably get you a kill most of the time.

To do this, line up, stand in front of the deep box in hookah and place your crosshair in the corner of the box of the B hall entrance. This will perfectly land in the cubby and would not give enough audio cues for an enemy agent hiding in there. 

A Site Truck Nade

Operator users, especially Jett’s, play on top of the truck to get an off-angle and surprise you. This lineup is a great addition to your arsenal if you want to clear the truck area without exposing yourself.

Place yourself on the edge of the rectangular box in A short, then place your crosshair on top of the letter A in the frontal cone of the site, then perform a running throw. This will kill all enemies in the A site's truck area. 

Defending Paint Shells Lineups

A Short Round Start Paint Shells

Since many enemies instantly push A short once the barrier closes, this lineup is great if you want to deal chip damage at the start of the round.

This lineup is pretty easy to do, and remember, stand on the edge of the exit near the spawn in A site. Line your crosshair up in the metal dish in halls and perform a run throw. Enemies usually would not hear this paint shell coming because it does not give a sound cue unless it is already near them. 

Since Raze is one of the most used duelists in Valorant currently, be sure to check out the other map lineups for the bombshell duelist.

That ends the list of the lineups that you should know in Bind. As mentioned previously, this is a great map for a Raze player, but of course, be mindful of the team comp that you have before choosing an agent for a higher chance of winning! Good luck on your ranked games and win all the aim battles!

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