Valorant Neon Agent Guide | Abilities and How to play

This guide will show you just how to play Neon to her fullest potential!

Updated on Aug 24, 2023
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Valorant Neon Agent Guide | Abilities and How to play

Everything you need to know about Neon

Episode 4 of Valorant brings us Neon- the latest addition to the roster of agents in Valorant. Chances are you have probably seen a Neon or two hitting Mach-10 in some of your games- the speed demon herself often moves too fast to aim at.

Is Neon right for you?

Considering Neon’s abilities and kit revolves around zooming about, she often negates herself by being stationary for too long. This means Neon is far better when playing offensively and on the attacking side than playing defensively. She probably isn’t the best agent for you to pick up if you are an Operator obsessed player.

Neon’s abilities

Energy (Passive)


Neon’s energy is drained by High Gear (E) and Overdrive (X) from a maximum of 100 energy. High Gear (E) takes 15 seconds to drain from 100-0, whereas Overdrive (X) takes 20 seconds. This means that she can use both abilities fairly often, such as High Gear (E) to rotate around the map.

Her energy bar is also refuelled by 25 energy every time Neon kills an enemy so she really can have the snowball effect after getting a kill. The other way of replenishing her energy bar is over time, which takes a full 60 seconds to fill back up again.

If you have your ultimate Overdrive (X) ready to be used, we recommend making sure your energy bar is full when activating it so that you are at your full potential and harder to hit!

Fast Lane (C)


How to use Fast Lane (C)

Fast Lane (C) is Neon’s version of your generic wall ability that a significant number of agents have. The gimmick with Neon’s Fast Lane (C) is that when she casts the ability, two walls either side of her spring up in a straight line, in contrast to agents such as Phoenix who casts Blaze (C), which only provides one wall.

Anyone who stands in Neon’s Fast Lane (C) except for Neon receives 30 damage for every second they are in the ability, meaning that anyone who crosses through into the pathway is significantly weaker, as well as heading into the unknown.

When and where to use Fast Lane (C)


This ability is very good for forcing a push onto a spike site as it provides somewhat safe passage for your team to travel through. It can be used to set up traps too, if Neon’s team waits for someone to push through the Fast Lane (C), they can mow them down in an instant!

The downfalls with this ability is that it only lasts 6 seconds once used, and has to have a target to fire at- meaning Neon has to get an ally to use utility so she can peek a corner and place the Fast Lane (C).

The ability costs 300 credits, so is relatively expensive for what it provides and sometimes isn’t the most effective ability to spend your credits on as a Neon.

Our tip for using Neon’s Fast Lane (C) is to only use the ability when you are ready to push as a team. This is because it only lasts 6 seconds and can protect Neon and her allies from enemies at different angles.

Relay Bolt (Q)


How to use Relay Bolt (Q)

Relay Bolt (Q) allows Neon to throw a ball of energy that will bounce off of the first surface it hits. Both places that Relay Bolt (Q) are electrified and afflict any enemies in the surrounding areas with the Concussed debuff for 3 seconds.

This ability is one of the coolest and can be one of the most effective pieces of utility in the game, due to the fact it can concuss more than one enemy- even if they are in different positions. A lot of other concussive abilities in the game target one small area.

When and where to use Relay Bolt (Q)


Whilst the bouncing mechanic can take a bit of getting used to and learning, once mastered Relay Bolt (Q) can provide for some of the best plays you will see as a Neon. Being able to concuss enemies waiting around a corner who aren’t peeking is one of the best mechanics out there- especially when being used to push.

Our tip for getting the most out of Relay Bolt (Q) is to practise your lineups on maps to find the most efficient places to use Relay Bolt (Q) and learn how the bouncing mechanic works properly to see Relay Bolt (Q) at it’s best.

High Gear (E)


How to use High Gear (E)

Using her Energy (Passive), Neon gains a significant speed boost, allowing her to move around the map faster than any other agent in the game. Whether this be pushing sites and angles on the attacking side, or rotating between sites on the defending side. Neon can also slide forward using alt click (right click).

Whilst the speed boost is a welcome ability to any player who likes to go fast, the slide is somewhat underwhelming. You can only slide forward and it cannot be cast whilst Neon is stationary. Other duelists have other movement abilities that can be used to avoid enemy fire and abilities, such as Jett’s Updraft (Q) and Tailwind (E). Neon lacks this.

When and where to use High Gear (E)


Neon cannot shoot whilst she is using High Gear (E) so if she is rotating and bumps into an enemy, she more often than not will lose the gun fight. This means do not use High Gear (E) to rotate through the middle of the map when you don’t know if it is safe.

Use High Gear (E) to rotate safely through your spawn or around the back of the map to avoid the risk of an unwelcome gunfight.

Neon also has very loud footsteps when using High Gear (E), so it is pointless trying to use it to flank and sneak up on enemies if your teammates are not pushing from the other side. A two pronged attack works exceptionally well with Neon as she can get behind enemies faster than most other agents.

Overdrive (X)


How to use Overdrive (X)

Overdrive (X) is Neon’s ultimate ability and like High Gear (E), gives her a speed boost. The difference is however, that Neon will also get a constant electrical bolt coming out of her fingers, which deals damage to any enemies it hits.

The damage falls off from 22 to 10 the further away Neon is using her Overdrive (X) from enemies but it can be continuously cast. The duration of this ability is also refreshed back up to the top of her Energy (Passive) bar every time Neon gets a kill too.

When and where to use Overdrive (X)


Since Overdrive (X) can be channelled constantly, we recommend to use this ability either when you can not afford to purchase a good gun or when you are saving. This is because you can potentially cast Overdrive (X) for the whole round so what is the point in buying a Vandal or a Phantom?

Since you do not have an ammo limit and therefore do not need to reload, you can use Overdrive (X) to prefire angles, corners and hideaways to win gunfights against enemy agents, especially as you are being proactive and they are being reactive, waiting for you to push.

Best and worst team compositions for Neon

Being a Duelist, Neon’s main job is to entry onto a site, which she does exceptionally well with her Fast Lane (C) and High Gear (E). Any team composition which can help her to entry more efficiently and safely is ideal for Neon.

Neon is often best paired with an initiator or two as well as at least one controller. Neon has to have a target point to aim her Fast Lane (C) at so if angles can be blocked off by allies, she has a much better time pushing.

The best team compositions for Neon


Having a Controller is critical with most team compositions, but more so with Neon, she is one of the only Duelists not to have a smoke or blind of her own, so the utility that a Controller provides is vital. A good team composition could look like this:

This style of team composition works well with a Neon because Phoenix’s Curveball (Q) and Skye’s Guiding Light (E) can blind peeking enemies who are watching angles, ready to kill Neon when she steps out to use her Fast Lane (C). Viper and Omen are both Controllers who can completely block off angles when pushing or holding a site alongside Neon, meaning Neon’s whole team can push safely or retake a site easily.

The worst team compositions for Neon


With Neon, the worst team compositions would consist of agents that cannot provide cover for her whilst she entries onto spike sites. Especially as she cannot shoot whilst using High Gear (E), she relies on safe passage to storm in. A bad team composition for Neon could be the following:

As you can see, there is one major difference between the two team compositions given- vision obscuring abilities. This is not to say you cannot win with a team composition like this however, pushing onto spike sites or through tight choke points with very little utility to help Neon makes it a lot harder than it should be!

The Best and worst maps for Neon

Neon thrives on maps which are close quarters and have very little open space. This is because Neon loves to get up close and personal with the enemy. Especially with her ultimate Overdrive (X) and Relay Bolt (Q), she can do a lot more than other agents in small spaces.

Neon really struggles with maps where she cannot provide cover for herself exceptionally well or duck into cover built into the map. If Neon is running with her High Gear (E), she does not want to be exposed by running out in the open.

The best map for Neon


Fracture is controversially the best map for Neon. We say controversially due to the fact that Fracture is somewhat disliked within the Valorant community as a map , but if you are a Neon main, you should learn to love it!

Neon can use her Fast Lane (C) to push easily onto A site, whether it be from A Main or A Drop as the area is small enough for her Fast Lane (C) to reach the other side so she can safely push onto site! The same is the case from B Generator to B Site!

Neon can also defend sites really easily on Fracture, due to the fact that the enemy can push from four different places, she is very good at rotating between the four, meaning it is easy enough to back up your teammates or scout out enemies.

The worst map for Neon


The worst map for Neon is Ascent. The map is known for its vast, open spaces, especially in the Courtyard and along Catwalk. Even pushing onto both A and B sites is difficult for Neon as her Fast Lane (C) barely reaches the other side when pushing from A and B Main. The only way to avoid pushing through these is to push through mid, something which is exceptionally hard for Neon.

Neon is somewhat viable on all maps in Valorant due to the game attempting to stray away from long range gunfights, but these are what Neon does try to avoid. Her Ultimate Overdrive (X) damage does fall off if enemies are further away, so Neon really wants to be as close to the enemies as she can- sometimes difficult on Ascent.

Best and worst guns for Neon

As we have said over and over again in this guide, Neon loves to be up close and personal and in your face, so it would make sense for Neon to use guns that suit this play style.

Guns that force Neon to sit back and play stationary, holding a singular angle completely negate her kit and the mobility built into it.

The best guns to use when playing Neon


The best guns to use when playing Neon are the more close range efficient guns, that allow Neon to spray or burst enemies down from close range. They go as follows:

In most gun tier lists for agents, you will see the Vandal and the Phantom tied with each other, based on personal preference, but we recommend the Phantom over the Vandal for Neon, due to it being better for spraying and bursting up close and the Vandal being better for longer range fights.

The Vandal is a very good gun naturally and Neon can always use one if she does not have a Phantom, but it tends to be better when Neon is defending rather than attacking.

The Spectre comes in a close third to the two rifles, as Neon can push in and take close quarters gun fights with unsuspecting enemies. The Judge does the same job as the Spectre, but is better at one-shotting and surprising multiple enemies- with the Bucky doing a worse version of the same job.

The worst guns to use when playing Neon


Guns aren’t really designed to be necessarily ‘bad’ for certain agents, but Neon doesn’t do justice to the power of some longer range weapons. The worst guns to pick on Neon go as follows:

The theme with these guns is either lower damage, long range weapons or weapons that severely lack mobility. Neon does not want to be stationary and with the Marshal she more often than not needs to keep peeking and repeeking an angle to get a kill. The Machine Guns, the Odin and the Ares both drastically slow down Neon, which is literally the opposite of what her kit and abilities revolve around. The Bulldog lacks power up close and does not have the one shot potential that a Vandal or a Guardian has if Neon has to stay at range and away from her enemies.

Defending Tips for Neon


Neon does struggle defensively more than most agents as sometimes she just has to sit and wait for enemies- something that Neon hates.

  • Use Fast Lane (C) to slow down enemy pushes onto site as well as using the ability to get yourself into an area from which you can surprise the enemies.
  • Make sure Relay Bolt (Q) is thrown when multiple enemies are grouped up. This happens a lot at lower levels in Valorant, with five-man pushes happening almost every round, you can concuss the whole team a lot of the time!
  • Make sure to rotate first. You will get to the other side of the map faster than any other agent in the game, so make sure you don’t mess up and get caught peeking corners you don’t need to be!

Attacking Tips for Neon


Neon loves attacking. She is very good at it and forcing her way onto sites, with a bit of communication, Neon and her whole team can be on site and the enemy will have nothing they can do about it.

  • Neon is a fantastic entry agent, make sure that Fast Lane (C) covers at least one angle where enemies will be ready to kill you from- preferably both sides, left and right.
  • You can push without your team! Neon is very good at faking one spike site then rotating to the other, where her team is. This is good because she can force enemies to rotate off of defending the other site and leave her team with a clear push onto the site- just don’t die in the process!
  • Throw your Fast Lane (C) near some natural terrain. Just because your passageway is a certain distance long, does not mean you need to leave it at the end. Neon is the only agent in the game that can walk through the walls of her Fast Lane (C) without taking damage, so jump out and surprise enemies halfway up the tunnel!


All done! Let us know what you think about Neon, the newest agent in Valorant and if this guide helped! Will you pick up Neon as your new mainstay duelist, replacing some of you Jett mains with Neon mains? We sure hope this guide helped you make up your mind!

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