Valorant Lore Story Raze Explained

Lore Story Raze Valorant: the full explanation behind Raze’s life in Valorant’s lore.

Updated on Oct 20, 2023
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Valorant Lore Story Raze Explained

Riot Games’ tactical shooter Valorant may have a competitive space, but behind the curtains exists Valorant lore unlike any other. Every agent has their own story, and the narrative of it resides even within gameplay.

Coming in hot with her Blast Pack and the rolling Boom Bot ability is the agent Raze. Even Raze has importance in Valorant’s lore. So let’s take a look at the lore story Raze Valorant!


For basic Valorant lore context: there exists a resource called Radianite that gave powers to each agent. And there’s also the Kingdom corporation that utilizes Radianite to control 3/4 of Earth’s power source, but they also do a lot of cultural damage, pollution, experiments, etc. This has made some agents view it as enemies, like Raze. With that out of the way, let’s jump into Raze’s lore.

Where is Raze from?

Firstly let’s take a look at Raze’s culture and past. Raze’s race is Brazilian, as she comes from Salvador, Brazil. Her hometown in Brazil is something of real importance to our beloved agent Raze since she puts a lot of love into it in a lot of voice lines and cinematics. Raze is a lot into art and graffiti too, coloring Salvador in love! But Raze’s love for Salvador was probably crushed by the Kingdom corporation. Like we’ve seen in Skye’s lore, Raze’s homeland is also in great danger from the Kingdom corporation. But unlike Skye, Raze was able to fend them off with her Boom Bot and grenade ability!


This is evident in the probably new agent Blackmailer’s dossier, explaining how Raze’s “art” kept away the enemies. And we even get Raze’s real name: Tayane Alves! The damage done by Raze to the Kingdom corporation is evident, and her player card shows Raze on a train probably defending her city. The heavy damage done by these entrenched enemies may be big, but Riot Games has given us hints to how Raze was able to “legally” cause collateral damage.

Valorant Raze Lore with Breach

Players have noticed that Raze and Breach have a really good friendship. Also Raze and Breach in the lore have a criminal past. Here’s a voice line from Breach towards Raze: “ "Raze! Huh. Together again and we're not even breaking the law!". Their crimes involve a lot of stealing, but some players speculate that they illegally fought the Kingdom corporation for all the damage they have caused in the game.


Partners in crime! This criminal past suits Raze and Breach both, making for the best friendships in Valorant. But that begs the question: how was Raze discharged from her criminal past and got her rights reserved?

How did Raze join the VALORANT Protocol?

Because of being charged with many criminal offenses, Raze had to somehow find a way to avoid prison. Her cheerful character and grenade expertise landed her in the VALORANT Protocol. It’s unknown how, but Raze joins as the 12th agent right after Reyna story-wise. The main theory is that Raze was granted that all her criminal charges were dropped if she joined the VALORANT Protocol, so everything could become a fixed issue. Because of the other agents' acceptance, Raze loves each and every one of them, almost like a family! But one love may be more peculiar than the others…

Are KJ and Raze Together?

Raze loves her Blast Pack and Boom Bot, and tech overall. She experiments on tech with other agents, such as Cypher, but more notably Killjoy. Raze’s connection with Killjoy in the story has made players think that they are in a relationship, and that may be the case. This is talked about in in-game voice lines but mostly leaked on social media.


Their connection is shown in the WARM UP cinematic, but what most players don’t know is Raze’s Q&A on the Latin American Valorant Instagram account. One person asked about Killjoy specifically, and Raze’s answer hinted about it! And take a look at these voice lines too: Killjoy to Raze - "Be safe, Raze.", Raze to Killjoy - "Killjoy. You and me until the end.". This relationship may only be for tech experimentation, but that tech has made Raze really good!

Why is Raze so Good?

This Duelist Valorant agent has explosives covered across the whole map, and that’s why she’s just so good. She has a grenade ability, her Boom Bot, the Blast Pack, and the best rocket launcher ultimate ability! With these abilities, Raze can deal massive area damage and push enemies into walls and tight spaces, ultimately leading to their demise! But do not forget, jumping high with the Blast Pack and the rocket launcher does cause fall damage!


Every Raze ability complements her character in the lore. She is an explosive gal, blasting music, creating art, loving her friends, and so much more. Her gameplay complements her personality! The big guns for this agent are her grenade and Boom Bot, and fans are loving it. That is why Raze is such a good character not only in-game and in esports, but in the lore too. But this leaves the question:

What’s next for Raze in the Valorant Lore and Story?

Riot Games are definitely not done with Raze in the Valorant lore. Since Act II and going forwards, Raze will get her Valorant lore updated much more, especially after the Blackmailer’s hint. Unlike other video games, Riot Games has its lore on point. But until another Raze update, you should visit the Valorant Lore Hub for more spicy agent lore and spicy theories!

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