Valorant Lore Story Breach Explained

Lore Story Breach Valorant: the full explanation of Breach’s story in Valorant’s lore.

Updated on Oct 20, 2023
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Valorant Lore Story Breach Explained

Every single game released has some kind of a story to tell. Be it Elden Ring, Genshin Impact, or even Riot Games’ competitive tactical shooter Valorant. Every agent with their abilities has their lore and story in Valorant. And players are left speechless with each Valorant lore drop!

One Valorant agent and character whom Riot Games gave a mysterious story to is Breach. Defeating each enemy team with heavy damage abilities behind walls with his powerful targeted kinetic blasts, Breach has some excellent lore behind his name! So let’s take a look at the lore story Breach Valorant!


Firstly some basic Valorant lore. In the near future, an incident called the First Light happened that spawned a resource called Radianite. Radianite has given each agent their powers and abilities, and it’s used as a power supply by the Kingdom corporation. Riot Games has made it so that Kingdom controls 3/4 of the world’s power supply, and they use Radianite to perform immoral experiments, pollution, and much more bad stuff. This has made a lot of people view them as an enemy, like Breach. Now let’s jump into Breach’s lore.

Is Breach a Viking Valorant?

Breach’s appearance makes him look like a Viking, and a lot of players took particular interest in it. And in a way yes, Breach is a Viking! Breach comes from Sweden, so that explains his Viking-like appearance rocking the beard with the bun! He was born with a disease, making him a congenital amputee. This basically means Breach was born without his arms.


Without arms, Breach had a hard childhood with people looking at him as an enemy as we’ll see further. But right now he has robotic arms that can stun and kill every enemy behind walls in a large cone. So how did they come into existence?

How did Breach get his Arms?

At first, Breach created his own make-shift robotic arms, but they weren’t that great. He made improvements, but the one to ultimately make Breach’s powerful arms today is Raze lore-wise! We can notice this from a Raze voice line in the game - "Breach! Lindo! Your arms are looking great! You need a tune up?". Because of this, Breach can flash, deal damage to each enemy behind walls and help out every fellow agent with his abilities in-game and even in esports. Riot Games definitely didn’t miss with Breach!


Breach has a really friendly relationship with Raze. And from a lot of voice lines and other details players have noticed that Breach and Raze have some kind of a past, finding themselves stuck with a lot of damage in tight walls because of crimes. That is where the ultimate Breach lore and backstory in the game comes in:

Was Breach a Criminal Valorant?

As Breach was growing up, he found himself stuck in really tough situations. This has prompted Breach to become a criminal to survive in the real world. With the Blackmailer’s dossier though we know the exact reason why Breach became a criminal. We even get Breach’s real name: Erik Torsten! And from the dossier, we learn that Breach’s family was also involved in the crime life, but because of Breach’s disability, he was underestimated and spared. This made Breach angry, making him become one of the most notorious criminals to prove himself to the ones who spared him and his family at the cost of his freedom.


Because of this, Breach was labeled as wanted for his criminal actions and damage done by the projects and jobs he made. One of the jobs called the Stockholm Radianite Reserve can be seen on his player card, with Breach’s fault line or rolling thunder breaking the terrain for Radianite to be stolen. And the dear friendship we mentioned with Raze may be due to Breach and Raze being partners in crime! But all this attention made the law chase after Breach, so how is he going to save himself?

Breach Joins the VALORANT Protocol Lore

Because Breach started to get noticed for his crimes, he had to hide. Not long after, not many places were left for him to hide. When he thought he was out of luck, Viper, who noticed Breach’s potential, appeared and proposed to him to join the VALORANT Protocol. With this, all of Breach’s criminal charges would be dropped and he’d have all his rights reserved. That is when Breach joins the VALORANT Protocol as Agent 13!


Breach has made some friendships and enemies in the VALORANT Protocol. While Yoru thinks Breach talks too much, Skye just wants to work out with him. And Breach may seem like he doesn’t like Brimstone from his voice lines, he does help him out and the VALORANT Protocol as much as he can. You can see that by the Too Much Heat mail above, where Breach informs Brimstone that the secret behind the protocol may go public due to Everett-Linde. The Everett-Linde is the facility where the map Fracture takes place on!

What’s next for Breach in the Valorant Lore and Story? 

Riot Games definitely isn’t finished with Breach’s lore. Players can expect to get the full picture behind Breach’s criminal past, though probably bit by bit. Until that happens, you should see some related articles to Valorant lore and visit the Valorant Lore Hub!

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