Valorant Lore Story Astra Explained

Lore Story Astra Valorant: the full explanation behind Astra’s story in Valorant’s lore.

Updated on Aug 24, 2023
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Valorant Lore Story Astra Explained

Every game has lore and a story to share. Genshin Impact, Elden Ring, or even Riot Games’ Valorant lore has depth too. Each player’s favorite Valorant agent with their unique abilities has a story and lore to share.

Coming in hot in her astral form with her Nova Pulse, Cosmic Divide, and Gravity Well is the old, yet new Valorant agent Astra. Her unique abilities designed in African futurism in the VALORANT Protocol prompt every player to take the best action. So let’s take a look at the lore story Astra Valorant!


Firstly some basic Valorant lore: there exists a resource called Radianite that gave every agent their abilities and powers in the game. There also exists the Kingdom corporation that uses Radianite to supply 3/4 of the world’s power supply, but Kingdom is a bit corrupted. That’s why Riot Games gave us the VALORANT Protocol with every agent that exists to keep Kingdom at bay in the game. With that out of the way, let’s see Astra’s lore.

Is Astra in Valorant African?

Riot Games loves to sprinkle a lot of cultures in the Valorant game. So when the agent Astra was released in Episode 2 Act 2, we saw that the West-African Astra comes from Accra, Ghana. Every player noticed that her appearance and character resemble her African culture. And Astras ability to go in an astral form to do cast her Cosmic Divide, Nova Pulse, and Gravity Well shred new light to the VALORANT Protocol.


Aside from her abilities and culture, Astra knows how to handle primary fire, and with her deep strategic foresight, she can defeat her enemies easily. But even so, in the overall Valorant lore that prompts the question: how did Astra gain the ability to go into astral form to cast Cosmic Divide, Nova Pulse, Nebula, and Gravity Well?

How did Astra Get her Powers?

Aside from every other agent, Astra is a bit of a weirdo when it comes to her astral form and abilities in the lore. Even though Cypher is mysterious, Astra seems to be even more mysterious. That’s because an outside source gave us information on how Astra obtained her abilities in the game. It states that Astra got her powers from an ancient spirit in lake Bosumtwi. Theories state that the spirit is actually a comet with Radianite since we can see a comet falling in a lake on Astras contract player card named “Cosmic Origins”.


Here’s where the real kicker comes in: this shouldn’t be considered canon to Valorant’s lore. That’s because the outside source we mentioned released this information, but the article was instantly deleted. And what gave this importance was when Riot Games’ David Nottingham came out and told us to take this info with a grain of salt, because it was a problem and it became a fixed issue. From a lot of details in the game and by Riot Games we know that Astra’s powers are really strong. But one agent, KAY/O, says it best.

How strong is Astra in the Future by KAY/O?

Astra’s abilities differ A LOT when it comes to other agents in the VALORANT Protocol. She can place stars, literal stars which she can manipulate to cast Cosmic Divide, Nova Pulse, Nebula, and Cosmic Divide in her fixed Astra form. So she is literally a cosmic deity, but what stands out most are KAY/O’s voice lines about her, specifically "Their Astra doesn't protect reality, she destroys worlds. I would know.". KAY/O comes from the future too, so that’s why this voice line gives Astra importance.


So Astra’s powers and abilities have so much potential that she could literally destroy planets in the future. She could probably destroy a world with a simple Nova Pulse or Gravity Well, or cause extreme weather and fogs with her Nebula. But Astra’s friendly character in the VALORANT Protocol is loved by everyone, so why would she destroy worlds?

What does Chale mean Astra?

Astra joins the VALORANT Protocol as Agent 16. She’s really cool and chill, but mostly with the ladies. Her friendly character is loved by most agents of the VALORANT Protocol in the game. Astra usually refers to them as “Chale”, which stands for “you, my friend”. Astra admires Sage, and mostly Raze with her blast pack referring as “ "Yeah, Raze! That's my girl's boom style!”.


Astra also holds a kind of a grudge against Jett from South Korea for her daggers (Jett should probably get some good weapon skins for her Vandal) and hates Reyna referring to her as a “creature”. Though aside from her most friendly character, when it comes to Astra’s role in the game and VALORANT Protocol, she is still undefined. So that leaves every player asking: what’s next for Astra?

What’s next for Astra in the Valorant Lore and Story?

David Nottingham back in the day said that Astra knows something about Cypher’s lore with his Cyber Cage projectiles. He stated that Astra’s lore is still unfinished and there are more lore and stories to come for her. So far we haven’t gotten much, so we can expect it in the near future. Until then, you should check out the Valorant Lore Hub!

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