Least Played Valorant Agents

Find out the least played Valorant agents here and discover if your favorite agent is in the list. Check out our list of least played agents in Valorant now!‍
Least Played Valorant Agents

Valorant is an incredible and frenetic shooter game created by RIOT Games and today has millions of players around the world. Valorant has multiple agents and today we will talk about the least played agents valorant, for this we will use the famous Valorant agent Tier List, which indicates the frequency in which an agent is played according to the ELO of the players. Let's start!


Astra | 1.6% Pick Rate

We start with one of the best agents added during the second act of Valorant, Astra, also known as "The Galaxy Brain" is characterized as a control agent with an incredible impact on the game and a lot of utility and damage with her abilities.

However, Astra is one of the least played agents in Valorant currently, although her abilities are not complicated to use at all, it depends on her astral mode (X) and an ability to predict the game and the opponent's movements to be used correctly.

least played valorant agents astra

Whether you're looking to defend or attack, you'll find that Astra can be quite an agent that requires the most game sense in the game. But it is an incredible option if you would like to improve this aspect in Valorant.

If you like initiators and you like to fulfill that role within your team, then you can take a look at our incredible guide on the best initiators agents in Valorant, where you will find the best options to dominate on any map in the game.

Reasons why Astra is not played:

  • Long learning curve
  • Requires constant communication with your team
  • Other agents have similar abilities and are easier to use


Breach | 2.6% Pick Rate

If you like initiators, then you should also know about Breach. This powerful agent is one of those that has the best win rate in the game in addition to a low pick rate. Breach is an interesting phenomenon in Valorant, since players don't like to play against him because they consider him "unfair" due to its powerful X ability, but he has a low win rate.

The reason why Breach has a low win rate is because his abilities need to be used with a team with which he has constant communication both to attack and defend, otherwise his abilities can harm allies and make it easier for others to win.

least played valorant agents

Use Breach if you have a duo or team that you can coordinate your skills and inputs with. Little by little you will discover that Breach is an incredible agent to attack or defend a position and give his team one of the best Valorant agent initiations in the game.
Reasons why Breach is not played:

  • Not useful in many maps
  • Can hurt or kill allies if his abilities are not used well


KAY/O | 3.4% Pick Rate

Another of the agents with the lowest pick time and low win rate despite being relatively new. However, his abilities as well as his low damage according to the players, position him as one of the worst agents in the game.

KAY/O stands out as a complex launcher to use, in fact, without proper communication with your team, you probably won't be able to help your team at all. However, you can read this agent guide abilities Kayo to be a master player with this agent and exploit its full potential.

least played valorant agent kayo

On the other hand, there are better agents that allow you to get more information about the map and the positioning of the players, not to mention that the agent feels like one of the weakest in the game.

If you play KAY/O you should keep in mind that you will need to improve a lot and master it to perfection to achieve victory with an agent that is in a bad state in the current meta and the Valorant tier list in North America.
Reasons why KAY/O is not played:

  • Long learning curve
  • Other agents have more impact on the map than him
  • Other initiators have better abilities to know the enemy position


Phoenix | 3.5% Pick Rate

Probably one of the most self-sufficient duelists in the game, however, he is also one of the lowest pick rate operators in the game and there are multiple reasons for that.

His blinding light, which does not have a complicated launch mechanic, but rather requires communication with your team, is a tool that other agents use in a simple way and without the possibility of blinding your allies.

least played valorant agents phoenix

Lastly, there are multiple agents that can fulfill Phoenix's functions without problems, not taking into account that his ultimate requires very good coordination to get the most out of it. If you like this agent, then you will know that both to attack and to defend, you must correctly control your abilities to ensure victory.

However, if you are a fan of Phoenix's play style and abilities, you may be interested in taking a look at our agent guide abilities phoenix, where you will find incredible tips and advice that will help you be the best with this agent.

Reasons why Phoenix is not played:

  • Normally blinds allies instead of enemies
  • Other agents can be more useful than him
  • Abilities can severely hurt allies if not coordinated


Yoru | 4.1% Pick Rate

Sorry if you're a Yoru main, but it's a fact: Yoru is the lowest picked agent of the last 4 Acts, with less than 5%. Not only he is not in the meta, but he's so bad there's no reason to play him.

However, the RIOT Games team has made some changes to Yoru's mechanics and abilities to resolve this issue, and while the changes look pretty good at increasing the champion's pick rate, it's still up to players to decide if the changes have been the correct ones.

least played valorant agent

Both when attacking and defending, Yoru can become an important piece thanks to his clones and his ability to infiltrate, however, do not neglect yourself, if you do not have the necessary support from your team you can end up surrounded by enemies.

On the other hand, if Yoru captivated your gaming heart since you started playing Valorant, then maybe you can take a look at our amazing agent abilities guide Yoru, where you will find fabulous tips to stand out in your games and take your team to the victory.

Reasons why Yoru is not played:

  • His fakeout ability can be easily avoided
  • Players are not convinced about his rework yet


Brimstone | 5.3% Pick Rate

One of the most classics and best agents in Valorant. However, Brimstone is also one of the lowest agent pick rate and win rate agents in the Valorant tier list right now.

Brimstone is a fairly simple agent to use but, unlike other agents, doesn't have a large amount of damage and utility on his team. Although Brimstone is an amazing starter in the game, it cannot be compared to higher level starters.

least played valorant agents brimstone

For both attack and defense, you can use their different abilities to displace your enemies and power up your allies.

If you are just starting to play Valorant then Brimstone is a perfect choice for you. On the other hand, if you are interested in knowing which are the easiest champions in the game, you can take a look at our guide on easiest agents to play Valorant and start off on the right foot in this incredible game.

Reasons why Brimstone is not played:

  • His abilities feel so “basic”
  • Other agents can have more impact on the game as controllers
  • It’s not the funnier agent to play with


Omen | 5.3% Pick Rate

Omen could be a higher played agent on the Valorant tier list, but it can be a bit difficult to master, especially for a new player. However, past that barrier we find an agent who takes advantage of the shadows to infiltrate and catch the less attentive off guard. A very experienced player could stop him, but often if you play your cards right you'll rack up kills easily.

Omen is perfect for infiltration and assassination of enemies, however, mastering it takes a long time and it is a perfect agent to carry out attacks and ambushes on the enemy team, keep that in mind when selecting it for your games.

least played valorant agents omen

Reasons why Omen is not played:

  • Difficult to master
  • His ultimate ability can be canceled
  • His shadowy apparition has a short range and his channeling feels long.
  • Other agents have greater mobility than him.

This has been all among the least played agents in Valorant, if your agent is on the list, do not be discouraged, keep playing with your favorite agents and master them until you are a great player in each map and skills, you will be able to improve in the game very soon.

On the other hand, you can take a look at our guide on vandal vs phantom which one better, to learn a little more about weapons in Valorant, their recoil and much more. And remember to disable the spike!

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