Valorant Yoru Agent Guide | Abilities and How to play

Yoru recently got a rework in Act 4 so he is almost a brand new agent. That means you need a detailed guide to learn how to play him!

Updated on Aug 23, 2023
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Valorant Yoru Agent Guide | Abilities and How to play

Everything you need to know about Yoru

Yoru’s rework completely changed his kit and is a master of outplays when it comes to duelists now. His kit before was very linear and it was somewhat difficult to make the most of him. He can trick enemies as to where he is with his Fakeout (C) and Gatecrash (E).

Is Yoru right for you?

With utility and movement abilities, Yoru definitely is a viable agent for anyone looking to pick up a new duelist, but make sure you play smart and do not teleport into the whole enemy team!

Yoru’s abilities

Fakeout (C)


How to use Fakeout (C)

Yoru’s new Fakeout (C) spawns a clone of himself, which he can activate from a distance, which walks in a straight line. The clone also turns and blinds enemies that destroy it in a cone.

The tip we have is that Yoru’s clone does not appear on the minimap, so if you are playing against a Yoru and aren’t sure if it is the real one, look at the minimap!

The ability costs 100 credits and Yoru can only have one charge of Fakeout (C) a round, so make sure you use it wisely!

When and where to use Fakeout (C)


Use Fakeout (C) to entry onto a site or to clear an angle, more often than not enemies will shoot your clone on pure reflexes alone, and if you watch where your clone turns and blinds, you can roughly tell where enemies are.

The Yoru clone has 150hp so you can use it to push all the way onto the back of a site, with a high chance it will distract enemies, you can swing corners and trade your own clone!

Blindside (Q)


How to use Blindside (Q)

Blindside (Q) is Yoru’s blinding ability. It bounces off of a surface and explodes less than a second later. The blind lasts for a second and a half and can blind everyone in the game- including Yoru.

Yoru can have two charges of Blindside (Q) each round- both costing 250 credits each.

When and where to use Blindside (Q)


Using Blindside (Q) just after Yoru’s Fakeout (C) clone dies is a good way to ensure you blind multiple enemies for an extended period of time and grab a kill or two.

The blind does not activate until it hits a surface, so the range Yoru can throw the projectile is a lot further than you would imagine. Yoru can also use this on the floor to get a blind on enemies from unsuspecting angles, such as when in Hell, you can blind Heaven.

Gatecrash (E)


How to use Gatecrash (E)

Yoru can throw out a rift he can teleport to for the next 30 seconds. Gatecrash (E) will keep travelling forward in a straight line until it is forced to stop. Yoru can re-use the ability to fake teleport, which gives the animation of a teleport and the audio cue.

Yoru’s signature ability costs 200 credits and Yoru can have two charges a round. It also has 100hp and a two kill recharge in a round.

When and where to use Gatecrash (E)


Gatecrash (E) can be used to heavily push, or at least threaten it. If you can get a rift onto the back of site, enemies always have to be wary of you teleporting to it- this is why the fake teleport is so powerful as you can make enemies turn to look at it and then kill them when they are distracted.

Use Gatecrash (E) in conjunction with one of Yoru’s blinding abilities as they will be preoccupied with avoiding the blind, they will not see you teleporting!

Dimensional Rift (X)


How to use Dimensional Rift (X)

Entering Yoru’s dimension when activating Yoru’s ultimate, the valorant agent has 10 seconds to run to wherever he wants to and cannot do anything else. Yoru cannot be seen or affected by any members of the enemy team- but he can be heard.

Yoru’s ultimate ability costs 7 ultimate points.

When and where to use Dimensional Rift (X)


Dimensional Rift (X) is best used to get behind the enemy team- and pick them off when they are not expecting it. Try and make sure you push from an off angle however, as the enemies can hear you and getting behind them can be tough.

When playing defence, use Dimensional Rift (X) to flank the enemies or scout out at the bare minimum. When playing attack, Yoru should either push onto site and distract enemies with his footsteps or flank.

Best and worst team compositions for Yoru

The best team compositions for Yoru


Yoru needs agents on his team to help swing angles and trade kills with him. His Fakeout (C) is good to trade with, so sitting back is not his style. The best Yoru team composition could go as follows:

Yoru and Jett as the duelists are very good at playing aggressively and between the two, the use of blinds and smokes means that they can be flexible. Brimstone and his Stim Beacon (C) attack speed and movement speed buff means he is arguably the best controller to play with Yoru.

Cypher is good at holding the flank and as Yoru enjoys tricking enemies, Cypher as the sentinel can scout out enemies for Yoru to teleport behind- or fake it! KAY/O as the initiator can suppress enemy agents, meaning they cannot react to Yoru’s blinding abilities.

The worst team compositions for Yoru


Yoru does not want to play with agents who cannot trade kills effectively and utilise his crowd control. The worst Yoru team composition could go like this:

Neon uses her Fast Lane (C) to push onto site, meaning that enemies will not always see Yoru’s Fakeout (C), completely negating the blind built into the ability. Viper does a similar job with her Toxic Screen (E). Skye also searches around corners and blinds enemies who are lying in wait. Her Trailblazer (Q) concusses enemies, but if Yoru has blinded them- there is no point. Sage wants the enemy team to push to her but Yoru wants to scout them out- this means they have opposite playstyles.

The Best and worst maps for Yoru

The best map for Yoru


Icebox is Yoru’s best map. Yoru excels on Icebox because of the size of the map. He can easily rotate with his Gatecrash (E) and Dimensional Rift (X) when both attacking and defending. Learning the right lineups for Yoru is pivotal, as he can use his Gatecrash (E) to teleport behind the enemies into the attacker spawn if he angles correctly.

Yoru wants to go to one site and angle his Gatecrash (E) to another when defending, so he can rotate faster than anyone else in the game if he is at the wrong spike site.

On attack, Yoru can send his Fakeout (C) up the Tube leading up into Kitchen, meaning he can scout out the small area with relative safety.

The best guns to use when playing Yoru


Split is the map that Yoru struggles with the most. This is because of the verticality of Split, as Yoru struggles to make the most of his Fakeout (C) and Gatecrash (E). They are both very limited abilities unless Yoru is in Heaven and needs to get onto site fast, there is little he can do with these.

Blindside (Q) is limited in certain areas, such as when you are in B link attacking, there are very few surfaces that will blind enemies peeking at B Tower and Mid Top.

Best and worst guns for Yoru

The best guns to use when playing Yoru


Yoru is very flexible on the guns he uses, if he wants to play aggressive, he can pick close range weapons, but he can also stay at the back with longer range weapons and rotate when defending. The best Yoru guns go as follows:

The Vandal and the Phantom are the best guns for Yoru when attacking as he wants to play aggressive, but can use range well. The choice comes down to personal preference. Yoru when defending is very good with the Operator as he can stay at the back, hold angles and rotate with his Gatecrash (E) if he needs to.

A Spectre pick up is not bad on Yoru, especially with his ultimate ability, Dimensional Rift (X) as he can get close to enemies and surprise them with a rapid time to kill. The Ghost is a stable pick and allows Yoru to quickly pick off enemies with a silenced gun so they do not know what angle he is pushing from - the whole theme of his kit.

The worst guns to use when playing Yoru


Yoru struggles with guns that force him into a set playstyle and prevent him from retreating and still being useful. These guns go as follows:

Both the Bucky and the Judge mean that although Yoru can teleport onto enemies, he cannot do much against enemies at distances. Dimensional Rift (X) also is affected by these guns as he doesn’t want to appear right next to an enemy as there is a brief second that he cannot fire his gun.

The Marshal is a reverse of the two shotguns as he cannot play aggressively- exactly how he wants to play when attacking. The Stinger will not net Yoru many multi-kills when he teleports in or appears on enemies as very rarely will you teleport into the middle of a group- more often into a corner due to how Gatecrash (E) rift movement works.

Defending Tips for Yoru


  • Use your Fakeout (C) clone to scout ahead. You do not need to push, but you can use your clone to push for you! This is because in the 10 seconds it is alive, it is highly likely that he will see an enemy, and if not then there is a significant chance that you need to rotate!
  • Hold your Blindside (Q) until enemies are nearby. This is because you want to chain Blindside (Q) with Fakeout (C) and the latter being used first. Blindside (Q) can be detonated immediately by throwing it against the floor, blinding enemies pushing a corner or an angle near you.

Attacking Tips for Yoru


  • Try and use Dimensional Rift (X) to get behind enemies on a flank. Be careful of your footsteps that enemies can hear, so try and flank them instead! This means that you will get behind them and mow them down without them having a clue!
  • Use your Fakeout (C) clone to entry before you do. As we said, you can swing and trade with your clone, almost giving you a sixth member when you are pushing onto a site. 
  • Teleport with Gatecrash (E) and time it with your blinds. This means that Yoru can teleport relatively uncontested as the enemies are too busy hiding from your clone or your Blindside (Q).

So what do you think of the new Yoru and will you be picking him up? Let us know!

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