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Valorant Lore Story Jett Explained

Lore story Jett Valorant: the full explanation behind Jett’s life in Valorant’s lore.
Valorant Lore Story Jett Explained

A lot of games out there have some kind of a story to tell. Games such as Genshin Impact, Elden Ring, and even Riot Games’ tactical shooter Valorant. It may not seem like it but through small game news, details, and social media interactions we can conclude some kind of a story and lore for the Valorant world and the Valorant characters by people from Riot Games like David Nottingham.

One Valorant agent in the game that has an interesting story and lore implications is Jett. So let’s take a look at the lore story Jett Valorant!

Valorant Jett Lore Story

Where is Jett from?

Jett’s country of origin is South Korea, more specifically she comes from the capital Seoul. So Jett is South-Korean. Though the first thing we are going to take a look at from Jett’s life story and the country is her character and how she fits in the overall Valorant lore and narrative. Jett is mainly one of the most wholesome characters in the VALORANTProtocol. It may not look like it, but Jett cares a lot about her teammates.

Valorant Jett Sage Neon Story Lore Character

Jett always expresses love and affection towards the other Valorant agents, and we can see this through her personal information from the in-game voice lines. Voice lines such as this one from Jett towards Sage with her walls:  "Wow, Sage! When you turn it on, you turn it on! Great work!". But Sage in the lore doesn’t turn it on. Because of Jett’s character, we even know Jett’s real name!

What is Jett Real Name Valorant?

Jett’s real name is Joon-Hee, we know this from a Raze voice line:  "Joon-Hee, let's do what we do." Raze in the lore probably knows Jett the best!. Because of Jett’s outgoing extrovert character, we do know that Valorant has a thing for including a lot of cultures and characteristics from countries all around the world, and that may be how we can explain Jett’s character in the story. Some Valorant South Korean Valorant players and fans have come out to explain that their social interactions tend to be touchier/”flirtier”. This is most prominent with Phoenix.

Are Jett and Phoenix in a Relationship?

Jett and Phoenix are not in a relationship, but her extroverted flirty character can be seen especially when she interacts with Phoenix. Jett and Phoenix story-wise probably have one of the best friendships in the video game. Some Jett players think they have crushes on each other, but it looks like that is simply not the case.

Valorant Phoenix Story Lore Relationship

An outgoing person with a bombshell of a character? Now Jett is just the best! Actually…Jett has one of the weirdest backstories in the Valorant game.

What is Jetts Lore?

We know that Jett has a passion for cooking and that she has worked in a kitchen in Seoul through this voice line: "Feels like just yesterday I was chopping 달래 (Korean wild chive) at the store. Wonder if that place is still standing...". That wonder for the place standing sounds off from the whole sentence. And Riot Games’ Agent player cards unlocked through their contracts reveal some Valorant lore behind their character. That is the case with Jett. The first instance of Jett’s abilities was probably them going off in the kitchen uncontrollably, causing a tornado in the middle of the city.

Valorant Jett Player Card

We can see her abilities go off through the knife reflection on the player card, which leads to the destruction of the kitchen and Jett going into hiding. But with game abilities and powers like that she couldn’t stay hidden, because sometime around after this incident, the VALORANT Protocol noticed Jett and recruited her as Agent 10 in the game. With her powers, Jett was and is supposed to help the Protocol and Brimstone reach their goals and missions. But there is no time to sleep for Jett, as the crucial Venice incident in 2049 ruined her life.

Valorant Lore: Jett’s Story in Duelists Animation and Ascent

To understand this part, you need to know the basic Valorant lore story. There is a mirrored version of Earth in another universe depleted of Radianite resources, like the Radiant rank. They are seeking Radianite from our original Earth by stealing it with the spike. That’s what players see in every Unrated game: the attacking opponents and enemies’ side is the mirror version stealing Radianite, while the defending side is the original version defending it. Because of this, a lot of incidents have happened, and one of particular interest to Jett is the Venice incident of 2049. 

Valorant Jett Duelists Animation Venice 2049

In Riot Games’ DUELISTS cinematic, we can see Jett fighting Phoenix in Venice. But we know that Jett and Phoenix are good friends, right? Well, in this cinematic we can conclude that this is the mirrored version of Jett, looking forwards to stealing Radianite from Venice with the spike. Phoenix loses this battle, where the spike detonates and lifts a whole part of Venice in the air. This part of Venice essentially becomes a place we gladly know as the Ascent map in the game.

Valorant Jett Duelists Ascent Venice

Because of camera footage, everyone blames the original Jett for the Venice 2049 incident in the game. But how could you explain to someone that there is a mirrored version of Earth? From that day on, Agent 10 Jett looks forwards to helping out the VALORANT Protocol in defeating Mirror Earth and clearing her name for good with her abilities in the game.

What’s next for Jett in the Valorant Lore and Story?

Currently, Jett has finished her most important arc going forwards the Valorant lore and story. Valorant has gone from Project A to a game with a full-on story. We’ll probably see Jett play an important part in other agents’ stories. So if you want to see other agents’ lore, visit the Valorant Lore Hub!

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