How to Register for Valorant’s PBE server

Check out the steps and information you need in order to register for Valorant’s PBE server!

Updated on Aug 24, 2023
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How to Register for Valorant’s PBE server

When you scroll through social media sites and follow Valorant-related content or watch streamers on Twitch and YouTube, you may occasionally come across new content in the game that no one has heard of before. The leaked information may be from the Valorant PBE server. So, what exactly is PBE and how do we sign up for it?

What is Valorant PBE?

PBE stands for Public Beta Environment. It is a separate client where players who registered for it can try out potential features that haven't been included in the game. There may also be instances that some features in the Valorant PBE test server will never be seen in the live servers.

If you have access to the PBE, you would have the opportunity to:

  • Explore new maps

  • Try new agents

  • Check out other features that they may implement

While evaluating this content, you could also report bugs to the Riot Games developers so that they would remove them before releasing the features to the live servers.


What are the Requirements When Applying for a PBE Account?

Having the opportunity to play in the Valorant PBE server sounds like a blast. So if you're willing to apply for it, here are the following requirements:

  • Your live Valorant account should have no current bans or restrictions

  • You must consistently play and be in the North America Region

Riot Games explained that the PBE server is only available in the North American Region since this is where most of their developers live and the resulting latency may ruin the user experience from other regions.

On the other hand, there are also instances where Riot Games would find players who fit specific criteria like:

Judging from the requirements, it might seem that it would be easy to be recruited to play in the Valorant PBE server. However, applying for a PBE account meeting the criteria aforementioned does not automatically guarantee a spot. Riot Games explained that if they have a steady population, recruitment may slow down.

How and Where to Apply For the Valorant PBE Server?

You can head on to the article about PBE on the Valorant website to apply. When you already signed up, you'll receive an email confirming that your application has been received.


What Happens Next If You're Accepted in the PBE Server?

If you're already accepted to play on the PBE server, you'll receive a second email containing the instructions for accessing the PBE.

Moreover, you wouldn't have a separate PBE-only account. You would be using your own live account in the public beta environment. Additionally, if you're banned from the test server, your live account would also be banned.

How to Download the PBE client?

You can download the PBE client on Valorant's website. Although you have already downloaded the client, this doesn't mean that you can access the PBE right away. You need to have an active account with a PBE invite.


Supplementary Information About the PBE

Players may also have more questions about the PBE, so we're going to tackle some of them here:

How is Behavior Monitored in the Public Beta Environment?

If you encounter players who exhibit less than appropriate conduct, you can report them through the client. Riot Games devs would review these complaints and the player reported could have their Live and PBE account temporarily or permanently banned.

Are the Skins in the PBE Server Free?

Everything in the PBE server is free. Also, there may be instances that the skins you can equip on the PBE servers will not be released on the Live servers.

The Public Beta Environment seems fun to be in. What are you waiting for? Sign up for the PBE now!

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