Valorant Lore Story Fade Explained

Lore Story Fade Valorant: the full explanation behind Fade’s life in Valorant’s lore.

Updated on Aug 24, 2023
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Valorant Lore Story Fade Explained

Every game has its lore. Genshin Impact, Elden Ring, Lost Ark, and even Riot Games’ tactical shooter Valorant. Each Valorant agent has its own lore, and Riot Games’ David Nottingham with the rest of the Riot Devs never miss in delivering great lore.

Coming in hot with the new Trail debuff, dealing damage and fear to tethered enemies is the new agent Fade, code name Bounty Hunter. From physical advertisements in Turkey to tons of leaks and lore teasers, fans were shocked by the upcoming agent Fade. So let’s take a look at the lore story Fade Valorant!


Some basic Valorant lore: there was an incident known as the First Light event that caused rifts in the sky which released a resource known as Radianite. Radianite gave each Valorant agent abilities to defeat the enemies. The enemies come from a parallel world known as Mirror Earth. They are running out of Radianite, so they come to our world to steal it with the spike. They are identical to every Valorant agent that comes from the VALORANT Protocol. The VALORANT Protocol is an organization of every agent on our original Earth that defends the world from Radianite crises and enemies. With that said, let’s see Fade’s lore.

What Race is Fade?

The upcoming Valorant agent Fade comes from Turkey. From leaked abilities to tons of in-game details, this latest agent was released in Valorant Episode 4 Act 3. In true fashion, Riot Games delivered great Turkish culture representation, as seen from Turkish slangs in her voice lines and a teaser showing her drinking Turkish coffee.


Fade is a true icon of fear in the game. Her abilities vary from deafening to making the enemies leave trails, dealing equal parts terror. Though Fade is sick in-game, what got players interested was her implications in the Valorant lore…

Who is Fade Searching For Valorant?

Before entering the roster of Valorant agents, Fade was considered a threat. This is because of Fade’s motive in searching for someone of her importance. We’ve seen this in the multiple threats that Fade sent to the VALORANT Protocol in her emails. She speculates that the person she’s dear to and looking for was taken and kidnapped by them.


Though it’s yet to be discovered, players speculate that this missing person of importance to Fade is her lover or a family relative. This is because of how far Fade went with her abilities to “lay bare” every Valorant agent’s secret.

Why did Fade Reveal the Agent’s Secrets?

Because Fade believed that the VALORANT Protocol holds hostage the person she is looking for, she started revealing all of the agent’s secrets in dossiers scattered across the maps. This was the biggest Valorant lore drop ever. Real names of agents, their deepest fears and desires, the Vandal wasn’t the only weapon Fade was wielding, but it was information. Fade was able to do this because of her ability to view the agent’s deepest fears, which lead to their secrets.


Fade basically blackmailed all the Valorant agents. She viewed them as enemies, but our beloved agents viewed her as one too. This prompted immediate action from the VALORANT Protocol to cease down Fade.

Fade Joins the VALORANT Protocol Lore

As the leader of the VALORANT Protocol from North America, Brimstone set up a mission to capture Fade. The mission consisted of Neon, Breach, Cypher, Sova, Chamber, and the mission leader from future Earth KAY/O. Cypher found out from his intel where Fade was located, and they set off to capture Fade. Their mission’s a success, capturing Fade and locking her up for good. The mission can be seen from Fade’s cinematic trailer, but the full version was in a voice recording located in the Practice Range.

Because of Fade’s knowledge of the VALORANT Protocol, she is called for interrogation by Cypher. Fade goes on to explain how she knows tons of information about the organization, such as the budget, the past 6 months' missions, etc. But the most shocking thing about this is that Fade didn’t know parallel worlds like Mirror Earth exist. Fade accused the protocol of the missing person she’s searching for, but there’s a possibility she confused them with the Mirror lookalike counterparts.


Because Cypher understands Fade’s situation, he recommends her to Brimstone for her abilities in this voice mail. Fade also understands that she was in the wrong, referring to “the Nightmare” being wrong. Brimstone understands this, and Fade joins the VALORANT Protocol as Agent 20. Though Fade will help out the team in the protocol, the main reason she joins in is to find the person she’s looking for.

What is Fade’s Nightmare Ability Valorant?

Fade’s abilities leave the Trail debuff, deafen and decay the enemies in the game, but lore-wise something’s going on. Fade refers to her Radianite powers as “the Nightmare”, meaning that her abilities are separate from Fade. This can also be seen in her agent contract player card, with the Nightmare slowly but surely approaching Fade. But what puts this theory in place is a voice line that occurs when an enemy is deafened by Fade: “Nightmare has you”.


Fade’s ability is something to be considered, but we’ll see. While Fade searches for her family relative or lover, we are left to ask:

What’s next for Fade in the Valorant Lore and Story?

Riot Games still has a lot of stories for Fade’s lore. As the game progresses, we can expect to see Fade’s struggles in her searches for the person. But until then, you should visit the Valorant Lore Hub for related articles about Valorant’s lore!

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