Most Picked Agents in Valorant

Check out the most picked agents in Valorant!

Updated on Aug 24, 2023
Most Picked Agents in Valorant

It can be hard to find your main agent first, as Valorant has a diverse set of agents to choose from. Other than looking up the internet for a Valorant agent tier list and finding the best agents, we can help you lay your hands on an agent of your liking by checking out the most picked Valorant agents!

We've collected data from regarding the agents' statistics on the latest episode and act (Ep 5- Act2) to decide which agents are the most picked in the game. The data collected from the website and Valorant fans involve each agent, map, and game mode!

Valorant Agent List according to pick rate and win rate

The following is the Valorant tier list, from the least to the most chosen agent!


  • Pick Rate: 5.6%
  • Win Rate: 50.3%


As Valorant pro player, ScreaM addressed that Phoenix is a viable agent to use in maps such as Breeze. He was one of the weakest agents compared to other duelists before as his ultimate ability could be easily countered by the enemy team. However, Phoenix's popularity continued to rise since he was finally buffed in Patch 5.01 and was recently seen in ranked and pro play.


  • Pick Rate: 7.7%
  • Win Rate: 50.6%


Chamber is one of the most popular agents in the game. He has been picked 100 times in the recent VCT in Istanbul, which means that he is a famous agent in professional play! Moreover, one of his best points is his utilities. His one-shotting abilities, Headhunter and Tour de Force, thrive at longer ranges. This makes him a solid agent on expansive maps like Breeze, Fracture, and Icebox.


  • Pick Rate: 8.2%
  • Win Rate: 50.7%


Raze serves as both an entry and a solo duelist for many team comps. She does best in chaotic environments, so playing with patience and coordination can be challenging. Raze is also highly effective in solo queues when communication can be inconsistent.


  • Pick Rate: 10.2%
  • Win Rate: 49.6%


As Riot Games nerfed Jett for the nth time, she is less spontaneous because she has to anticipate when to use her dash ability, but she still has a high pick rate overall. Moreover, Jett is one of the Valorant agents that is always auto-locked by players in any game mode and on most maps.


  • Pick Rate: 10.4%
  • Win Rate: 50.7%


In the ranking ladder, Sage is yet another dependable agent. According to the popular agreement, adding a Sage to your Valorant lineup is always a good idea. Moreover, She's perhaps the easiest sentinel to play compared to other agents for gamers wishing to play a supportive role.


  • Pick Rate: 11%
  • Win Rate: 51%


Finally reaching the end of the list, we have Reyna as the most picked agent in Valorant in the current patch! Reyna is used by players to climb the ranked ladder, and a skilled Reyna player can make a significant impact as her abilities can't be easily countered by an enemy utility. Moreover, Reyna is also the 2nd most picked agent in ranked play. If Reyna players make their shots and engage in wise duels, they can easily win team or match MVP.

Finding out the most picked agents in Valorant may help you check out the popular picks by players. This might serve as an inspiration for you to try out other agents and enhance your skills! However, note that these top picks may have to get some nerfs or buffs during new patches! Riot games place a lot of importance on these stats when it comes to balancing agents because they play a significant role in the game's health.

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