Valorant Lore Story Cypher Explained

Lore Story Cypher Valorant: the full explanation behind Cypher’s life in Valorant’s lore.
Valorant Lore Story Cypher Explained

Each game has its story to tell. Be it Genshin Impact, Apex Legends, Elden Ring, Team Fortress, or even Riot Games’ tactical shooter Valorant. Previously known as Project A, Valorant’s lore was created and expanded upon by Joe Ziegler, David Nottingham, and countless Riot Games employees.

Every Valorant agent in the game has its own lore. With his Cyber Cage and the Neural Theft ultimate ability comes the Sentinel agent Cypher. He’s a beast with his abilities in gameplay, but this agent hides deeper secrets in Valorant gaming. So let’s take a look at the lore story Cypher Valorant!

Valorant Cypher Lore Story

Some basic Valorant lore: there’s a resource called Radianite that gave every agent their abilities and powers. Radianite can also be used to create gadgets, such as the Cypher cages and his camera signature ability which gives him great vision over the enemy team. There’s also the Kingdom corporation that uses Radianite for inhumane experiments and to power 3/4 of Earth’s power supply. A parallel world called Mirror Earth is running out of Radianite, so they travel to our world and steal it with the spike, which makes them the enemy players in gameplay. With that out of the way, let’s see Cypher’s lore. 

Where is Cypher From?

The Sentinel agent Cypher comes from Morocco. Though players were quick to figure out from which city Cypher comes. This is a voice line from Cypher when he’s on Bind:  "Get out of my city!". He targets Kingdom, which ruined Bind with their Radianite containers. So it’s safe to say Cypher comes directly from Bind, which in real life is located in Rabat, Morocco.

Valorant Cypher Morocco Race Lore Story

With his abilities, Cypher dismantles the enemy of any security they may have in the game. He’s very secretive in the Valorant lore with his rights reserved, but players were quick to pinpoint some of the secrets Cypher hides. 

What is Cypher Lore?

From a young age, Cypher was poor. It is indicated in multiple Cypher voice lines:  "You think I don't know how to get by without money?". He may also have been involved in gambling, indicated by one of his abilities looking like a poker chip and voice lines: "You forget. I always play high stakes.". We know Cypher holds a lot of secret information about his allies, so he may have gotten himself in trouble and created an outside enemy by uncovering their secret information. Probably because of this, Cypher always wears a mask and holds his identity secret. We know this as Sova left a voice mail indicating Cypher has rivals.

Valorant Cypher Lore Explained Story

Because Cypher has opponents and is great at uncovering information, he joins the VALORANT Protocol as Agent 5. The VP is an organization consisting of all agents who help out the world against Mirror Earth and the Kingdom. He’s protected that way while helping out the allies to uncover information and defeat the enemy team. But every Valorant fan wanted to know more about Cypher…

What is Cypher's Real Name?

The new agent Blackmailer shocked every gamer by releasing dossiers about all agents. And Cypher’s dossier gave us his real name: Amir El Amari. The dossier goes further by leaking all of Cypher’s hiding locations, which will prompt Cypher to relocate and hide even further to another targeted location. So it’s safe to say Cypher has a bad view of the Blackmailer and wants them as a dead enemy player, be it with the Vandal or Phantom.

Valorant Cypher Blackmailer Dossier Lore Story

Though the living enemy players can’t escape Cypher, Cypher can’t escape the Blackmailer. The Blackmailer goes further telling us this Valorant character hasn’t shown his face and personal information to even his allies in the game. But a familiar name is also mentioned in the dossier…

Who is Nora to Cypher?

In multiple voice lines and the dossier, it’s mentioned that Cypher has a family. Nora is Cypher’s wife, and they have a kid. Here’s a Cypher voice line in gameplay:  "I must survive to protect my family. I can't lose them. I can't feel that pain again...". In the dossier, it says that Cypher hides from Nora and his kid too, probably due to the rivals he has. Only if Cypher knew when to crouch to defeat his enemies!

Valorant Cypher Nora Child Family Lore Story

From the multiple conclusions we got, we can piece out a simple story for every Valorant player: Cypher was poor, but great at recovering secret information. He was probably involved in gambling too. As life went on, Cypher fell in love with his wife Nora, and he got a child too. But the enemies he made due to gambling or recovering their secret information started to get to Cypher, which made him wear a mask and hide from everyone, including Nora and his family. To clear his name and help out his family, Cypher joined the VALORANT Protocol. 

What’s next for Cypher in the Valorant Lore and Story?

Although Cypher sees some light with his gameplay potential in esports, his lore still isn’t in the clear. His motive for living is his family, so the next Cypher Valorant lore drop should probably be focused around that. But until we get that, you should visit the Valorant Lore Hub and check out other agents’ stories!

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