Valorant Lore Story Phoenix Explained

Lore Story Phoenix Valorant: the full explanation behind Phoenix’s life in Valorant’s lore.
Valorant Lore Story Phoenix Explained

Every game has its own lore and story. Be it Genshin Impact, Apex Legends, Team Fortress, Elden Ring, and even Riot Games’ tactical shooter Valorant, previously known as Project A. The Valorant lore was made possible by Joe Ziegler, David Nottingham, and the rest of the Riot crew to bring all Valorant characters to life.

One specific character coming in with his hot hands and on fire is the agent Phoenix. His fire abilities are excellent and Phoenix is the most prominent agent in each Valorant cinematic. That’s why here we’ll take a look at the lore story Phoenix Valorant!

Valorant Lore Story Phoenix

Some basic Valorant lore first: There’s a resource called Radianite which gave each agent their abilities. Radianite came to our world from rifts appearing in the sky also known as the First Light event that happened in 2039. There’s a parallel world called Mirror Earth which has copies of our agents and is running out of Radianite. They steal it from our world with the spike in the game, also known as the attackers. Then there’s the Kingdom corporation that uses Radianite for tons of purposes and the VALORANT Protocol consisting of all agents that defend Earth from threats. Now let’s see Phoenix’s Valorant story.

Where is Phoenix From Valorant?

Phoenix is a Valorant agent that comes from the United Kingdom. And we even know his city of residence in the video game: Peckham. Phoenix was released in the game alongside the original cast of agents back in 2020.

Valorant Phoenix Britain Lore Story

Phoenix is a great starter for a beginner Valorant player. He has fire abilities with which he can create walls, flash vision, damage the enemies for kills, heal himself with his flame, and literally resurrect with his ultimate ability. But what’s more interesting is how Phoenix’s abilities play an important part in his lore.

What is Phoenix’s Backstory Valorant?

Phoenix was your usual punk kid, born and raised in Britain. Though it isn’t known if he was raised in an orphanage, or by 2 mothers as we’ve seen from the upcoming new agent Fade’s dossier about Phoenix. We can also see a motherly figure in Phoenix’s room in a picture shown for his Takeover. There’s even a picture of a football team, so it's safe to say Phoenix was also a school jock. Then Phoenix enrolled in an acting and arts college. But his dream was short-lived when he obtained his fire abilities. When Phoenix obtained abilities from the First Light event, it’s assumed he didn’t know how to properly control them. So he tried out his abilities in his college, which resulted in Phoenix burning down the college as shown by his agent player contract.

Valorant Phoenix Backstory Lore

After Phoenix burned down his school, he was suspended from it. But as shown in every cinematic, Phoenix has no plan of stopping from improving his abilities in the game. And players were baffled when this information was released when Phoenix’s dossier was released.

What’s Phoenix Real Name Valorant?

When Fade’s dossier was released, she revealed tons of personal information about Phoenix, including his name. Phoenix’s real name is Jamie Adeyemi. The dossier goes further to explain how Phoenix wants to be a punk, a troublemaker, to make his fire “burn a little brighter”. But his family including the women he was raised by are worried for his life out on the battlefield in the game. Yet Phoenix doesn’t listen to them, continuing his life of enemies and fire.

Valorant Phoenix Real Name Dossier Lore Story

The reason why Phoenix is still punk and in the game for players is yet to be revealed. But for him to realize his rebellious dreams filled with burning fire and desire, he joined the VALORANT Protocol.

Phoenix joins the VALORANT Protocol Lore

The burning down of Phoenix’s college didn’t go unnoticed. His power was noticed by the VALORANT Protocol with Brimstone as the leader. Phoenix received an invitation to join the protocol to first learn how to control his abilities and then support the protocol in missions. That’s when Phoenix joins the VALORANT Protocol as Agent 9. He can be spotted trying to stop Mirror Jett from stealing Radianite on the DUELISTS cinematic, where Phoenix fails and the Ascent map is born.

Valorant Phoenix Duality Protocol Lore Story

Phoenix then supports the VALORANT Protocol by helping them defuse the spike in the DUALITY cinematic, where we can see him baffled by the person in front of him, turning out to be Mirror Phoenix. Then we can hear Viper say she’ll explain to Phoenix everything, which means the protocol hides specific information from Phoenix. But overall, Phoenix is friendly with all agents in the protocol. Though players he’s a bit closer with one agent…

What is Jett and Phoenix's Relationship?

Many people speculate that Phoenix and Jett are in a relationship. But in reality, it’s nothing but a great friendship. Jett’s South Korean culture combined with Phoenix’s outgoing nature and friendliness makes for a perfect friendly relationship in Valorant. Some players want this to become a love relationship, but that just ruins what Riot Games is going for with these agents in the game. A classic punk-like friendship between 2 relatively young rebellious people, that’s what it’s all about.

Valorant Phoenix Jett Relationship Lore Story

With his friendliness, his hot and burning desire, and his haunting past, Phoenix has no plan of stopping his story. But that leaves the question:

What’s next for Phoenix in the Valorant Lore and Story?

We have yet to learn who’s Phoenix’s family, and his early past at the acting college. Although he isn’t popular in esports, we can expect to see Phoenix in another cinematic. Until then, you should visit the Valorant Lore Hub for more lore about our agents!