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Valorant Lore Story Omen Explained

Lore Story Omen Valorant: the full explanation behind Omen’s life in Valorant’s lore.
Valorant Lore Story Omen Explained

Every game has its own story and lore. Be it Elden Ring, Team Fortress, Genshin Impact, and even Riot Games’ tactical shooter Valorant. From being Project A on Unreal Engine to becoming a fully fleshed-out game with lore led by David Nottingham, now that’s a vision Riot Games successfully accomplished.

Each agent in the game has its own Valorant lore. Coming in hot with his ability to teleport and take out his enemies is the shadow agent Omen. Valorant players have been baffled by his lore, so let’s take a look at the lore story Omen Valorant!

Some basic Riot Games Valorant lore: in 2039 appeared an event called the First Light that gave our Earth the resource called Radianite. Radianite gave every upcoming agent the ability to damage and defeat enemies with their powers. There’s also the Kingdom corporation that uses Radianite for experiments and to power 3/4 of Earth’s power supply. And a parallel world called Mirror Earth has a shortage of Radianite which they steal from our world with the spike. There’s also the VALORANT Protocol, an organization with all of our agents and Brimstone as the boss that protects our Earth from intruders. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the teleporting shadow of Valorant’s lore Omen.

What is Omen’s Real Name?

Omen’s real name has been a mystery among Valorant players for a long time. Although many names were given to Omen in the past, his real name is still unknown as shown on the Blackmailer’s dossier. John, Fred, Marcus, Yohan, Dimitri, these are all names Omen took upon himself once a time. But his real name is yet to be discovered.

This shadow of a figure that can teleport anywhere he wants, Omen’s lore is one of the most complicated to understand out of any Valorant agent. Omen hunts the enemy team with his Shrouded Step teleport, Short Distance vision blind, and Dark Cover ability, which differ a lot compared to other agent abilities. Mystery upon mystery, players were left speechless as to who exactly is Omen. Even in these circumstances, players still pieced out general lore for this Valorant character.

What is the Lore behind Omen?

Omen’s goal in Valorant is to find out who he was in the past. We can see that in his dossier and an allied Viper voice line:  "Just think, Sabine. You used to heal with your skill. Funny.". He also thinks that the Omen from Mirror World may remember his past, seeking his secrets from him:  "I'll kill that Omen. I'll take his memories. I will remember...". Omen had a close friendship with Viper, which suggests that Omen may have worked in the Kingdom corporation alongside her. In the dossier, a place or event called Point Light is mentioned, which may be where Omen forgot who he was, but where he obtained his Radianite powers. This event is probably the one shown on Omen’s agent contract player card.

Although he obtained the ability to teleport and defeat enemies, Omen may very well be constructing his own body to appear in another place. This means he dies for a moment to reposition himself. We know this from a Skye voice line:  "Omen, when you teleport, I don't know. Sometimes...I lose you. Does...that make sense?". So Omen has Amnesia and is a literal fragment of death in the game, but why is his shadow of a past hidden by other agents?

What is Omen and Viper's Backstory?

As we previously mentioned, Viper and Omen have probably worked closely together. And it seems like Viper knows who Omen was previously, but hides it from Omen for unknown reasons. Here’s a Viper voice line towards Omen:  "Joh- I mean, Omen. Keep yourself together, you're still needed.".

In Omen’s dossier it is also mentioned that although he is a monster now, he may have been one before. So that’s very well why Omen’s past is hidden from him. Because of his close ties with one of the co-founders of the VALORANT Protocol, Omen joins the roster of agents.

Omen Joins the VALORANT Protocol Lore

When the VALORANT Protocol was formed, Omen was one of the first agents to join as Agent 3. His reasons for joining are probably to unveil the secrets of his past that he’d forgotten. Although the VP exists to protect the world, Omen’s only goal is to stop suffering from his Radianite powers and learn about his true self.

Omen is generally neutral with the other Valorant agents on the protocol. He always mentions some kind of powers and forces pulling around, but besides that everyone’s cool with him. But besides Viper, Omen seems to have an intertwined past with another agent too.

What did Sage do to Omen Valorant?

"Sage, the life you give. Do you ever wonder where it's taken from?". This is a voice line from Omen towards  Sage. They have met in the past, but probably after Omen’s suffering began. This is shown from the player card below, revealing Sage trying to help out Omen. But even with that, Sage is the literal embodiment of life, while Omen is for death.

Sage didn’t succeed in helping out Omen with her powers. As we mentioned, Omen literally dies to teleport and use his powers, so Sage may have tried to revert him to his human form so Omen can stop dying. With all these mysteries, one’s left to ask:

What’s next for Omen in the Valorant Lore and Story?

Omen’s story is far from over. His mysteries and past are yet to be revealed, as we still don’t know his real name, his real past, or his meta in esports! So until then, you should visit the Valorant Lore Hub and learn more about our fellow agents!

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