The Easiest Agents To Play In Valorant

Valorant agents and their kits vary in difficulty, this tier list will show you the five easiest agents to pick up and play in Valorant.

Updated on Aug 02, 2023
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The Easiest Agents To Play In Valorant

There are currently 18 agents in Valorant and some are harder than others. A key insight into what makes an agent ‘easy’ is how much you can learn about the game whilst playing that agent. Another aspect is how easily you can go unpunished for making a mistake, such as Phoenix’s Ultimate Run It Back (X) and Sage’s Healing Orb (E).



Coming in fifth place on this tier list is the Brazilian Duelist, Raze. Raze is one of the best duelists for newer players to pick up and still remain relevant with their damage levels whilst topping the scoreboard.

Playing Raze means that players will not have to have exceptional aim, which many players do not have when starting out playing Valorant- even if they have transitioned from other first person shooters (FPS). The use of her Paint Shells (E) means she can still chunk enemies enough to get at least an assist as well as zoning them at the same time.


This ability explodes into four smaller paint shells in a larger area of effect, meaning it zones enemies for a good while and the effectiveness of this ability at clearing out angles teaches newer players to check angles frequently and gets them in the habit of clearing them out.

Her ultimate Boom Bot (C) and Showstopper (X) are also very good at clearing out entrenched enemies but also have other uses- especially for newer players.

The Boom Bot (C) can be used as a distraction for enemies, especially as it lasts 10 seconds and locks onto enemies. You can tell as a Raze when the Boom Bot (C) has locked onto an enemy and it forces them to shoot it or take damage. This gives you a cue as when to swing a corner, something that newer players struggle with.


Showstopper (X) is very good at providing raw damage on multiple clustered enemies. The audio cue that the enemies get when she casts the ability is enough to force them to play super safe.It’s best used in combination with her Blast Pack (Q).

This is where her limitations for newer players come in however, as she is very easy to pick up, but very hard to master. Her Blast Pack (Q) can be used to get Raze to obscure angles but the best Raze players know how to satchel jump and combine it with their ultimate Showstopper (X) to surprise and destroy enemies.

This is why she comes in fifth in this list, satchel jumping is the main gimmick and trick of Raze’s kit, which means although she is easy to pick up, you will struggle to become a really good Raze player until you master this.



Fourth on this tier list for the easiest agents in Valorant is Phoenix. He has the two key aspects that an agent needs to be classed as easy and beginner level- a way to make up for his mistakes and a way to make those mistakes safely. He also teaches newer players about zoning and blocking off entryways with his Hot Hands (E).

His Curveball (Q) allows newer players to get used to utility without having to expose themselves. The blinding ability can be curved around a corner from a safe space, meaning he doesn’t have to expose himself to the enemies to use his utility.


Hot Hands (E) not only helps zone enemies, it also heals him if he swings a corner too fast or peeks too much. A problem is however that newer Phoenix players will use this whenever they take damage or throw it into a spike site blindly, not thinking about the repercussions. When Phoenix uses Hot Hands (E), he not only zones the enemy, he zones his own team as well. This is because it will damage his teammates if they walk into it.

His ultimate, Run It Back (X) is the perfect ability for making mistakes. If an agent wants to push an angle, they will normally peak and can die for it, but with Phoenix, he can peek the angle, push and gain intel, all without the risk of dying. This ability helps prohibit impatient play- something newer players often have.


Phoenix gets somewhat complicated with his Blaze (C) as he can often wall off his own teammates and prohibit their vision more than the enemies. His skills are transferable to higher ranks too as players will learn to play the game whilst playing him, such as when and when not to throw utility.



Brimstone is the easiest controller in the game. Simple as. This is due to his incredibly high amount of utility and crowd control he can provide for a team. At lower levels, players struggle to play around utility, such as Brimstone’s Sky Smokes (E) and often push through the smokes into your teams’ waiting arms.

Sky Smoke (E) has a very large cast range, as well as three potential smokes to be cast at once, meaning he can block off multiple entryways and chokepoints at once from a safe area on the map.


Brimstone’s Incendiary (Q) is very good at teaching newer players about lineups and smaller aspects of the game, such as playing patiently and not using every ability at the beginning of a round- as Incendiary (Q) is great later on in the round when used on a spike site.

His kit contains Stim Beacon (C) which buffs himself and his team, meaning they have a much higher chance to win their gunfights- especially in 1v1s. His ultimate Orbital Strike (X) is a much larger zoning tool than the rest of his kit, which like Incendiary (Q), is very good later on into the round when the enemies are potentially lower health and are focused on one spike site.


Although Brimstone’s weakness is his flexibility and predictability, he excels at teaching newer players the importance of zoning as well as how to do it effectively. His kit is designed to be best used later on into the round, meaning he innately teaches his player to be patient and how important surviving until later on in the round is.



Reyna comes in second place on this tier list due to her natural, built in survivability. Her Devour (Q) not only is activatable after killing an enemy, but also if an enemy dies after 3 seconds of Reyna damaging them. It is also automatically cast if her ultimate Empress (X) is active- less things for you to worry about!

This means that it is much harder than normal to trade a kill against a Reyna if two players swing a corner to kill her. This is also made especially difficult if Reyna is able to use her Dismiss (E) and go intangible.


If Reyna isn’t taken low by the first enemy, she can use her Dismiss (E) to go intangible, reposition and take the second enemy in the fight as another 1v1 rather than the second part of a 2v1. This is vital as trade kills often go unpunished at lower ranks due to the lack of game knowledge and communication- meaning that Reyna can more often than not, take every fight as a 1v1.

Reyna’s blind, Leer (C), is the best blind in the game for newer players. This is because she cannot blind her allies with it- as well as the fact that she can cast it through walls, meaning she can play safe whilst using her utility.


Although it is able to be shot and destroyed by enemies, this takes fire away from Reyna and her allies. After all, if the enemy isn't firing at you, you have a much higher chance of winning the gunfight.

Reyna teaches newer players how to play aggressively without just running in and dying every time. This makes her the easiest duelist in Valorant and the second easiest agent in the game.



Sage tops this tier list and comes in at number one as the easiest agent in Valorant. She is by far the easiest to pick up and play. Her kit allows players to slow down and take their time in a game of Valorant- something newer players of the game sparsely do.

She is very adaptable for newer players to use, especially as Sage and her whole kit can be used well defensively and offensively. Her Slow Orb (Q) creates an area of effect that slows anyone who walks on it, which stops the enemies rushing Sage and instantly killing her before she has a chance to get a grip on the game. She also has two charges of this so she isn’t punished if she wastes the first.


Her Barrier Orb (C) allows Sage to always be useful when taking or defending a spike site as it stops enemies from coming through a certain entryway or choke point. Although it can be less effective on some maps, on the majority it is a must-have- such as Icebox, as Sage is able to block off tight vital choke points forcing enemies to rotate.


Her Healing Orb (E) and ultimate Resurrection (X) allows for players at lower levels to make sure that her allies also go unpunished for mistakes that they make- with the Resurrection (X) being a tool that no other agent in the game has. Don’t forget, if you are new and making mistakes, the people you are with and against are highly likely to be the same skill level and making mistakes of their own too!

These are incredibly useful as if you are interested in the easiest agents to play in Valorant, then there is a chance that you aren’t the highest of ranks.

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