Best Yoru Fakeout | Blindside | Gatecrash | Ultimate Lineups on Fracture

One of the trickiest Duelists in Valorant is Yoru. His abilities can win games if used right. So let’s check out the best Yoru lineups in Valorant.
Best Yoru Fakeout | Blindside | Gatecrash | Ultimate Lineups on Fracture

If played right, all Valorant agents can win duels and games easily. With how Riot Games made Valorant, how you use the abilities on all maps will determine your win. That’s the case with Yoru.

Yoru has big potential with his abilities using lineups to trick and win fights against enemies for all maps, including Fracture. So let’s take a look at the best Yoru teleport lineups Fracture Valorant!

Best Attacking Yoru Lineups for Fracture

Attacking A-site Yoru Lineups

Attacker Spawn to A-site Gatecrash Lineup

You can cross the entire map with a Yoru teleport lineup from the spawn right into A-site’s planting spot. Stand at the little vent right next to the barrier towards the A-site.

Then aim in the middle between the entrance and line, and place your teleport.

This teleport lineup is very risky, so be aware when and how you use it.

A-Drop to A-Stairs Gatecrash Lineup

If you’re taking A-site on the map from the dish, then this Yoru teleport lineup will surely help you out. Place yourself at A-Drop until the A-Main door is fully visible.

Aim for the left corner of the pipe at the entrance towards A-site and use your teleport. This will teleport you to the top of the first set of stairs.

A-Rope Flash from A-Door

A-Door has always been tricky to capture because of its sound queue. Well not anymore. Aim your Yoru flash at the left frame of the door from an angle, and shoot it.

Wait for a single moment, then peek for some easy kills. Be aware though because this flash can be bad for your teammates from A-Hall.

A-site Flash from A-Drop

Remember the teleport lineup we checked out previously from A-Drop? This flash goes perfectly with it. While you’re at A-Drop, aim for the center of the double boxes in front of you, and throw your flash.

This flash should cover the map site for the most part. And with simple tips and tricks with the Gatecrash, getting control of the site and planting the spike should be easy.

Attacking B-site Yoru Lineups

B-Main to B-Tower Gatecrash Lineup

Riot Games can often make some Yoru teleport lineups overpowered with a relatively new map. And that’s the case with this one. Stand in front of the big box which is right ahead of B-Main. Then generally aim for the wall shown below and use your Yoru teleport.

You can use sneaky tactics and tips and tricks with this TP to confuse the enemies. Though don’t place it at the same spot over and over again as the enemies will catch up to you!

B-Arcade to B-Generator Gatecrash Lineup

For this TP, simply aim for the corner of the generator box like below and use your teleport.

If you’ve crossed the zipline to get B-site from B-Arcade, you can get control of B-Link with this teleport lineup, which is an essential part of the map and site.

B-site Flash from B-Main

Progressing through B-Main can be hard. But once done, you can use the below flash for confusion and easy kills. Aim for the center of the on-site box on the right, and throw your flash. 

B-site Flash from B-Arcade

We saw a teleport from B-Arcade and using the same spot we can throw an effective flash. Literally aim for the same top left corner of the generator and throw your flash.

Remember not to instantly TP when you throw the flash. Wait for a tiny moment, then TP for a free kill or two.

Best Defending Yoru Lineups for Fracture

Defending A-site Yoru Lineups

A-site to B-Link Gatecrash Lineup

Having a teleport that will cross the entire map for an easy rotation is really useful. And you can do that with a teleport from A-site to B-Link by standing on the first set of stairs at the planting spot. Then aim at the right doorframe of the door towards spawn, and shoot your teleport.

This will lead you right into B-Link but do watch out. If enemies have taken the site, it might be a bit hard to get back into spawn.

A-Main to Defender Spawn Gatecrash Lineup

Getting into the enemy spawn is risky, but sometimes the payoff is huge. You can get into the Defender spawn from A-Main with a Yoru teleport easily. Stand in the corner of the large box on A-Main, then aim at the mid-top of the line on the wall shown below.

Use your TP, and watch the map to see once the TP reaches the spawn. When it does, you can use it with your own caution.

A-Hall Flash from A-Main

There’s also a simple one-way Yoru flash you can use to score some free kills on enemies pushing A-Hall. Firstly aim atop of the double boxes at A-Hall.

Then throw your flash, wait a moment and then peek to catch the enemies by surprise.

A-Dish and A-Gate Flash from Behind A-Dish

The enemy team could also push from A-Dish, so it’s better safe than sorry to catch them right at their entrance with a flash. You should stand beside the right side of the satellite dish. Aim high above the windows like below, and throw your flash.

This flash is bound to blind anyone coming from A-Gate or even progress a bit through A-Dish. And if you don’t look directly at the flash once you throw it, you won’t get blinded at all.

Defending B-site Yoru Lineups

B-site to A-Link Gatecrash Lineup

Like with the previous site, you can easily rotate from B-site onto A-Link too. Stand at the bottom of the stairs leading to B-Tower. Then aim at B-Link, specifically the left window corner shown below, and use your TP.

If you notice the enemies are pushing towards A-site, use your teleport and you’ll instantly rotate.

B-Tower to Attacker Side Bridge Gatecrash Lineup

If the enemies are constantly pushing through B-Arcade, then this teleport is for you. Stand at the right doorframe of the door leading to B-Tower. Aim at the corner of the line at the aquarium wall like below, and use your Yoru teleport.

From all lineups, this one is a bit riskier. But backstabbing enemies is satisfying, so you’ll find some fun from this teleport!

B-Tree Flash from B-Main

Fast pushes from B-Tree towards B-Main can be punished with this flash. You’ll have to stand at the left wall of B-Main. Then aim above at the right corner where the walls end like below, and use your flash.

This sort of works like a one-way flash, so you won’t get blinded at all. With a simple peek you should be able to get some kills.

B-Bench Flash from B-Arcade

To catch enemies from B-Bench, you can utilize a flash from B-Arcade. You’ll have to be somewhere around the wall that leads onto B-Bench.

Then aim above at the right line of the high above the building, and throw your flash.

This is one of the most effective, and last flashes we’ve checked out. And with that, we conclude the best Yoru lineups for the map Fracture. Although Riot Games made this relatively new map a bit bad, it’s still in competitive play and you’ll have to learn all its lineups, tips, and tricks. You should also know the Fracture callouts to properly tell your teammates where the enemies are located!