Best Yoru Fakeout | Blindside | Gatecrash | Ultimate Lineups on Ascent

Yoru’s teleport ability in Valorant can be overpowered on some maps, including Ascent. Here we’ll check out Yoru lineups for Ascent in Valorant.
Best Yoru Fakeout | Blindside | Gatecrash | Ultimate Lineups on Ascent

Valorant with all maps has different tactics regarding the agents’ abilities. And Valorant Yoru is an excellent Duelist with lots of tricky abilities which you can use with lineups. Your Valorant aim may beat ability usage, but lineups sometimes are just better.

The Valorant Yoru abilities lineups can be mastered for every map, including Ascent. So sit tight as we check out the best Yoru teleport lineups Ascent Valorant!

Valorant Yoru Ascent Lineups

Best Attacking Yoru Lineups for Ascent

Attacking A-site Yoru Lineups

A-Lobby to Below A-Rafters Gatecrash Lineup

The first Valorant Yoru teleport we’ll check out will lead you directly into Hell, below A-Rafters. Stand on the corner of the double boxes right at the barrier towards A-Main.

Then point your Valorant aim towards the lamp below, and use the teleport ability. 

The best part about this lineup is that you aren’t getting out of your comfort zone into A-Main. It’s completely safe with no enemy bothering you.

Mid-Top to A-Tree Gatecrash Lineup

Next you’ll see how you can use the Yoru TP to go from Mid right into the heart of A-Tree. Albeit out of all Valorant lineups you’ll find this one a bit difficult with enemies because of the corner you have to stand in shown below.

Afterward, aim your teleport in the middle of the door on the right wall towards Mid Cubby, and shoot it.

Not only is this Yoru teleport well for back-stabbing when you play Valorant, but you can also fake it to confuse the enemies.

A-site Flash from A-Lobby

This flash won’t help you get kills, but it’ll definitely help out your teammates. Use it only to help out your teammates. So, aim from A-Lobby on the wall shown below, throw the flash, and tell your teammates to enter.

This is a team-based flash because you won’t make it in time to the site. But it flashes almost the whole site, so your team will have a great advantage.

Mid Flash from Mid-Top

If you want to advance on A-site from Mid, then this flash is for you. Aim right outside the corner of the 1 box and throw your flash.

If there are any Operating-wielding enemies watching Mid, you can use this flash to place the teleport above to A-Tree. If you want to advance head-on to get to the site safely, you’ll have to be quick and fast.

Attacking B-site Yoru Lineups

B-Main to B-Boat House Gatecrash Lineup

Although your Valorant Yoru placement can be risky for this lineup, the payout is huge. Go to the far corner of the B-Main door towards B-site, then aim and use your teleport towards the building with the door control.

This Valorant Yoru TP will lead you right into B-Boat House for a sneaky attack to defeat any defending Valorant player!

B-Lobby / Mid-Link to Defender Spawn Gatecrash Lineup

This teleport is the riskiest one so far and can be used in any situation. But the TP falls here since the location where you place it is technically towards B-site. First, stand at the right corner of the Mid-Link entrance.

Then aim at the exact corner of the door shown below, and use your teleport.

This will lead you directly to the enemy spawn. As far as Valorant tips go, playing there is the riskiest since it’s where enemy players rotate. So watch out and don’t use the same spot over and over again!

B-site Flash from B-Main

One of the best places for abilities towards B-site is B-Main’s windows above. And you can bounce off a flash there conveniently. You’ll want to use your Yoru flash on the second window for the best Valorant gameplay effect.

This flash will cover most of the site. Though it won’t cover most of the planting spot and the door control building.

B-site Planting Spot Flash from B-Lane

If you enter B-site and go directly to the B-Lane on the left, then you can use this flash. Aim for the bottom of the lamp on the wall to the right and shoot your flash.


This Valorant Yoru flash will cover most of the planting spot. But be careful of enemies in the B-Boat House, since really skillful players may avoid this flash.

Best Defending Yoru Lineups for Ascent

Defending A-site Yoru Lineups

A-site to A-Lobby Gatecrash Lineup

If you want to clip some Valorant highlights, this teleport lineup is for you. Stand at the corner of the big wooden box near the stairs of A-site.

Then aim at the A-Main entrance, and place your teleport like below.

This will break directly through the back-lines of the enemies. Valorant tips say you can use this Yoru teleport trick, just don’t do it every single round because the enemies will learn it and will wait for you.

A-site to B-site Rotating Gatecrash Lineup

Another great teleport for when you play Yoru to cover the entire map is placed directly at the Defender spawn. Just send the TP towards B-site, and head to defend A-site.

One of many Valorant tips you should follow is to always rotate to help teammates. If the enemy team is attacking B-site, this Yoru teleport will instantly rotate you.

A-Main Flash from A-site

A-site is swarmed with enemies through A-Main most of the time. With this flash, you can even enter a Valorant tournament and win! Simply aim at the lamp on the left of A-site to A-Main’s entrance shown below, and throw your flash.

Once you throw the flash, wait for a moment then peek to score some easy kills.

A-site Flash from A-Tree

This flash is good for retakes, as well as attacking. Stand at the corner of the door in A-Tree that leads to A-Rafters.

Then aim high, and you’ll notice a small hole. Align your crosshair with the lower end of the hole, and use your flash.

Any players that are at the A-Main entrance, or more towards the back-site will get caught by this flash. But enemies closer to you, i.e the controllable door will be less flashed.

A-site Fakeout Trick

Yoru players enjoy tricking the enemy players, and if you like that too then this is for you. You can place your teleport at the Generator or Double Boxes at the planting spot, and defend from the opposite side.

Once enemies start advancing, use the Fakeout and come out the other side to trick the enemies and get some kills.

Defending B-site Yoru Lineups

B-site to A-site Rotating Gatecrash Lineup

Like we saw previously, you can use the same rotating technique with the Yoru teleport even when you defend B-site. Use your TP from Defenders spawn towards A-Rafters.

Now if the enemies attack A-site instead of B-site, you can be there in no time.

B-Main Flash from B-Site

Remember the windows we saw previously for flashes when attacking? They can be used for defending flashes too.

Just bounce the flash off the sides of the windows and you should be good to go. In this situation, any window’s good for the use of this flash.

B-site Fakeout Trick

When enemies try to enter the site, they will mostly view Mid-Market first. What you can do is place a static Fakeout there heading towards B-Main. Once the enemies start to progress, you can activate the Fakeout. They’ll get tricked and flashed, and you’ll get free kills.

With this, you should know the best and most essential Yoru lineups there are for Ascent. But sometimes lineups won’t be enough. That’s why you should visit other Valorant guides such as the Ascent map guide and callouts!