Best Viper Lineups on Bind for 2024 [Both Sides]

Check out the best Viper lineups on Bind, maximizing spike control and site dominance for both attacking and defensive sides.

Updated on Feb 27, 2024
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Best Viper Lineups on Bind for 2024 [Both Sides]

Best Attacking Side Viper Lineups

Snake Bite Attacking Lineups

A Bombsite Default Plant Lineup

This Viper lineup is very easy and straightforward. It will make it harder for enemies to defuse the spike and can win you some very important rounds by itself.

In a lobby near A Short, climb the box to the second level near the wall that was a garden behind. Then aim at where the crosshair is and perform a normal throw (left-click).

A Bombsite Boxes Plant Lineup

Another one of many great Viper molly lineups. This one is for the boxes plant spot, mainly when you plant in this position, enemy players will expect you to play from inside Bathrooms.

This way, you will be able to catch them off guard, and probably they won't know where the Snake Bite is coming from. You are also in a safe position that allows you to easily reposition, making it even harder for the enemies. To do this lineup, just stand on top of the barrel close to the entrance to A Short. Then line up the letter of your ultimate HUD just like you can see on the image and perform a normal throw (left-click).

B Bombsite Default Plant Lineup

There are various lineups for the default plant spot in the B Site. Some from B Long, others from B Short near to B Window, but this lineup is the easiest one.

It’s not a very hard lineup to pull off, and will make it very hard for the enemy player to defuse the spike. If you are in a 1v1 situation, the defender will have to check so many angles that you will be able to throw the Snake Bite and reposition. Since you are also close to B Main, you can quickly reposition and get vision of the spike. Just stand close to the left side wall near the portal near B Long. Then line the end of the white line just like you see on the image, and proceed to do a normal throw (left-click).

Poison Cloud Attacking Lineups

A Site Heaven Poison Cloud

This smoke completely blocks the vision from the player at Heaven, making it almost impossible to play there.

It’s a very easy and useful Poison Cloud. If you can smoke Heaven, the enemies will have to change their positions, and it’s one less spot to worry about as you enter the A Site. Stand on the edge of the corner near the stairs of A Lobby, aim the crosshair at the triangle, as you see in the image, and do a jump throw (left-click).

Toxic Screen Attacking Lineups

A Bombsite Toxic Screen

This Toxic Screen will block the vision from the enemies on the left side of the A Site.

It makes it easier for you to enter the site, and gain control of the plant zone.

B Bombsite Toxic Screen

This Toxic Screen blocks the enemy team's vision from Elbow.

It forces the enemies to reposition from Elbow or play aggressively, passing through the Toxic Screen.

Defensive Side Viper Lineups

Poison Cloud One-Way Defensive Lineups

A Bathrooms One-Way Smoke

This smoke stops the enemy's rush from Bathrooms, forcing them to take a different approach.

It also allows you to see the other player's lower body, while they don't have vision of the site.

Toxic Screen Defensive Lineups

A Bombsite Toxic Screen

This Toxic Screen allows you to take control of Bathrooms. Enemies that want to take control of Bathrooms will have to cross the Toxic Screen.

This also gives you the orb control, and the enemies will have to spend some utility in order to gain control of that position.

B Bombsite Toxic Screen

This wall covers the two entries for the B Bombsite the attackers have access to. It's the best wall to gain control of Hookah, or at least make the enemies give up on gaining control of the area.

It forces enemies to pass through the Toxic Screen in order to enter on B Window.

Viper is one of the best Controller Agents in Valorant, so knowing all of her lineups in other maps can be game-changing, and help you climb to ranks like Radiant.

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