Best Viper Lineups on Haven | Snakebite | Toxic Screen

Without further ado, let's see what are the best viper lineups on haven valorant, and what makes Viper a viable agent on this map.
Best Viper Lineups on Haven | Snakebite | Toxic Screen

Valorant is one of the most popular games worldwide, and riot games fps as a plethora of great agents. Viper is not the best controller agent on haven, and other agents such as Omen, Brimstone, and Astra are more commonly picked. Despite that, she is still a useful agent to have on your team composition. Her ability kit makes her very valuable on the defensive side. Viper is a controller but on the defensive side, she is also a sentinel agent, due to how good she is at locking down sites. In the post-plant, her lineups can also be a game-changer. Viper lineups might not be as strong as Sova shock bolt lineups on this map, but they are still very valuable.

Best Attacking Side Viper Lineups

Snakebite Attacking Lineups

A Bombsite Default Plant Lineup

A viper lineup for the most commonly used plant spot in the a site. It’s not very hard to pull off and will be very successful in certain situations. 

Enemies will have to go all the way to a main in order to prevent you to send the lineup or kill you after you throw it. Once the snake bite lands on the spike it's going to be very hard for the enemy players to defuse it. Stand close to the sandbags outside a lobby, then line the hud like shown in the image and perform a normal throw (left-click).

B Bombsite Default Plant Lineup

This viper lineup is the most effective one for the b site. There are not a lot of viper lineups for the b site, since it's a closed site, and there is only one plant spot in which you can play for lineups. For this viper lineup, you will have to go through b main, to b lobby, and go all the way to the attacker spawn

Then stand together to the middle rail and aim at where the crosshair is. After that do a normal throw (left-click). Enemies will have a very hard time trying to find you, and you can easily relocate to a position that will allow you to see the b site, and the plant spot. Most players would not know from where you are throwing the molly, which gives you and your team an advantage in a post-plant situation. 

C Bombsite Default Plant Lineup

One of two great viper lineups for the c site. This c site lineup is for the most common plant spot. With the ability to throw your snake bite from so far it gives the enemy team a strong headache.

The c site is already a very hard site to retake, and one of the best to play post-plant on. You will throw this lineup from c lobby, just stand on top of the helices in the ground and aim to where the crosshair is, and perform a normal throw (left-clock)

C Bombsite Back Site Plant Lineup

This c site plant spot might not be the most used but is the perfect plant spot for this lineup. For the enemy players in theory it's an easier plant spot to defuse the spike since you have cover from the front site.

However, this lineup will make things very hard for the enemies. It’s a very easy lineup to execute and be definitely be a game-changer in some scenarios. To perform it just stand in the right corner of the entrance to c lobby, aim at where the crosshair is and perform a normal throw (left-click).

Poison Cloud Attacking Lineups

A Site Poison Cloud Lineup

The poison cloud that perfectly complements a toxic screen I will talk about later in the article. This poison cloud will make it harder for the defender in heaven to see too long or short. The attacker will have to check fewer possible enemy locations, and will not have to worry about heaven.

Viper's ability to smoke half the bombsite makes it easier for the attacking players to reach the main entry point to the a site. Stand on top of the wheelbarrow outside a lobby, after that aim at the gap between the roof, then perform a normal throw (left-click).

Now that you understand how important lineups are, be sure to check our other agent lineups for Breeze.

B Site Poison Cloud

A poison cloud that will facilitate the entry on the b site for the attacker players. Forget the Sova recon bolt, if you block the enemies vision there is nothing much they can do.

This poison cloud also compliments a toxic screen I will talk about later. To do this poison cloud walk to the edge of where the grass meets the bricks on the ground near the box outside b main, crouch, and aim at the dark spot in the middle of all the green boxes. After that perform a normal throw (left-click).

Toxic Screen Attacking Lineups

A Bombsite Toxic Screen

This toxic screen cuts the a site in half, and it's also perfect for an a site execution through a long.

It allows your team to enter the site in a safer way, only having to worry about the close right side angle. The toxic screen does leave a gap to heaven, but the poison cloud we talked about earlier will cover block the vision of the enemy team players in the heaven position. 

B Bombsite Toxic Screen

This toxic screen blocks the vision from the left side of the B site. It’s perfect for a b site execution, or to lurk into the site.

The toxic screen blocks the left side of the site, making it easier to enter the b site and lurk until c-link. The defenders will be forced to give up control of the plant area, or make a risky move and push through the toxic screen or poison cloud.

C Bombsite Toxic Screen

This poison cloud will allow your team to enter the c site in a safer and easier way, only having to worry about the enemy players on the back site.

It allows you to gain control of the default plant spot.

Defensive Side Viper Lineups

Poison Cloud One-Way Defensive Lineups

A Short One-Way Smoke

A poison cloud that stops the enemy rushes. It completely blocks the enemy's vision of the a site and makes it even harder to enter the site through short.

It’s also an easy lineup to pull off. Just aim at the top of the metal triangle and then do a jump throw (right-click).

A Long Poison Cloud

This poison cloud makes it much easier to defend a long. It limits the enemy's vision of the a site, and heaven. Provides the defenders with various angles they can play from, and safely hold the a long entrance.

It's also a very easy one-way smoke to execute so you shouldn't have any problems pulling it off. Just stand on the right side of the window of heaven and aim at the top left corner of the a long box. Then perform a running throw (left-click).

Viper is one of the best controller agents in the game, so knowing all of her lineups in other maps is very useful.