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Best Sova | Shock Bolt | Recon Bolt | Lineups on Haven

In this article we will show you the best Sova lineups on the Valorant map Haven.
Best Sova | Shock Bolt | Recon Bolt | Lineups on Haven

The Haven map in Valorant is really unique because of its three spike sites, but some agents always manage to make an impact. As we previously discussed in our Haven map guide, Sova has been a mainstay on this map, both in the esports scene and in ranked play. Riot Games have tried to replicate his success with other Initiator agents, but so far he’s unmatched.

Best Attacking Sova Lineups

Attacking A Site Sova lineups

A Long Recon Bolt

If you want to secure A Long control for your team at the start of the round this is the lineup you need.

Get on the first stair and place yourself in this corner.

Place the left side of the second diamond that shows the bounces into this wooden corner.

Give the Recon Bolt a two bar charge and it should land right here, revealing most of A Long and a part of the site.

Entire A Site Recon Bolt

If you manage to connect on this lineup, you will provide your team with so much information at the start of the round.

Get in this corner of A Long and find the second wooden log coming out of the roof.

There is a leaf on top of it and an empty space until the log ends.

Place the bottom tip of the Owl Drone UI into that empty space, it should fit perfectly.

Do a two bar charge and it should look something like this. This lineup scans most of the A Site and even parts of A Link, detecting players that are rotating.

A Default post plant Shock Darts

When planting on the A Site, you should usually plant in the open so you can defend the spike from both A Short and A Long. Regardless of where you are as Sova, with these simple Shock Dart lineups you can prevent the defuse. 

A Long lineup

For the A Long Shock Dart lineup you will use this wooden box and the shadow on the wall as guidance. We have other lineups from further back but if you are playing alone you need to be close enough to swing if you miss the lineup.

Aim for the corner of the shadow and do a two bar charge on the lineup with one bounce.

A Short lineup

For this one, get in this corner in A Short.

From there, aim for the middle cable that’s aligned with the tree branch.

Give the lineup one bounce and a two bar charge so it lands on the default plant spot.

Attacking B Site Sova lineups

B Site entrance Recon Bolt

This lineup is great for collecting early information, if there is an Operator holding mid or if they are pushing out. Just peek out of the Window a bit and below the middle of this window.

Give it one bounce and charge it fully, and it should land on the B Site entrance.

Sova players can’t block sniper sightlines, but they have other ways to push them off an angle.

Garage Recon Bolt

Pushing up the Garage can be tricky but with this lineup it gets a lot easier. Get in this corner before the spawn barriers drop.

Notice how the left corner of the second diamond that shows the bounces fits in this corner.

Do a one bounce fully charged Recon Bolt like this.

It should bounce off the window in Garage and land like this, revealing the opposing team hiding in every corner.

B Default post plant Shock Dart

Whenever you are planting on the B site, you should plant in the open on the front side, so they can't defuse safely or without taking damage. For this Shock Dart lineup you need to be playing in Mid Window.

Limit your peek to the second white window on this wall and aim for the corner of this black square. Give the lineup one bounce and a three bar charge but not fully.   

Attacking C Site Sova lineups

Entire C Site Recon Bolt

For this lineup you need to be in C Long but don't expose yourself to the sightline. Don't stand in the corner but get as close you can to the back wall.

In the meantime look at the walls in the hallway and try to align their edges like this.

After you have positioned yourself properly, aim for the top of this wooden roof, give the Recon Bolt one bounce and charge it to maximum.

This arrow scans the entire C site and gives great value as your team is going in. Players either have to hide from it and expose themselves, shoot it and reveal their location, or not be on the bomb site completely.

C Default post plant double Shock Darts

When playing post plant situations on the C Site, planting for C Long is your best choice. From here you can somewhat safely peek at the default plant spot and contest defuses, as well as do some lineups if your agent has them.

Luckily for you, Sova has plenty of those and these are the best Shock Darts for the default plant spot.

Both lineups are done from this corner, but you need to guide yourself using the Shock Bolt icon, mainly at the top of it. For the first lineup notice where the top is on the building.

Do a three bar charge but not fully and release it. For the second lineup we will again use the top of the Shock Dart indicator to guide ourselves. Look at its placement on the building.

Do a two bar charge on the Shock Bolt lineup and it should land on the default plant spot. If you manage to do these fast and consecutively, you can kill  full health enemy players with armor defusing the spike.

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Best Defending/Retake Sova Lineups

Defending A Site Sova lineups

A Long and A Garden Recon Bolt

This is one of the best defending Recon Bolts you can use while on the A Site, because it lands in a difficult position to destroy and gives a lot of information.

First get in this corner on the A Site and aim for the right side of the sun.

Do a one bar charge and this lineup should land here.

A Retake Recon Bolt from A Link

As an agent, Sova’s ability to offer great versatility both on offense and on defense is unmatched. With this lineup you can start the retake on the A Site. You can do Shock Dart lineups from the same spot.

Get in this corner next to this barrel outside of B Site. Be careful to be positioned correctly because it’s not a large corner.

You can just aim for the edge of this  building but you can also use the word CHARGE placement as guidance.

Charge the Recon Bolt fully and it should stick and reveal the entire A Site.

Defending B Site Sova lineups

Defensive Middle Recon Bolt

Sova’s Recon Bolt can do a lot of things and can go to a lot of places that other abilities can’t access. This Mid lineup reveals the early mid push coming from both sides.

Align yourself with the middle of this wooden door frame.

Aim for the corner of this shadow and do a two bounce fully charged Recon Dart.

This lineup will reveal the entire Middle area, including the Mid Window and player pushing up towards Garage.

Defensive Garage Recon Bolt

While the other lineup reveals more area, it's also easier to find, destroy and hide from. This one should be used if the attackers love pushing up Garage and you can’t hold it.

Get in this corner in C Link and aim with your first diamond that signals the bounces.

It should be under the first flag and charge the Recon with one bar.

The lineup lands here and reveals the entire Bottom Mid and Mid Doors area as well as players inside Garage hiding behind the box on the entrance.

Defending C Site Sova lineups

C Long and C Lobby Recon Bolt

This is a great and safe way to get a lot of information about the plans of the enemy team.

Get in this corner on the C Site and find the lowest dot on this cable.

Put the top of the second diamond on the dot.

Give the Recon Dart two bounces and charge it fully.

This is where it should land and it clears out a lot of area. Your location is never safe, when the russian hunter is picked on this map.

That’s it. All the lineups for our favorite agent: Sova. If you want to check out all the other lineups that we have for our russian hunter make sure to check out these: 

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