Best Sova | Shock Bolt | Recon Bolt | Lineups on Icebox | TGG

Best Sova | Shock Bolt | Recon Bolt | Lineups on Icebox

With spike sites like this, mastering Sova’s lineups is a tough task. In this article we will show you the best Sova lineups on the Valorant map Icebox.
Best Sova | Shock Bolt | Recon Bolt | Lineups on Icebox

Sova has been one of the best Initiator agents ever since he was introduced to the game. Casual Valorant players might not be able, but dedicated sova mains know how to take advantage of his kit. In our Icebox map guide, we already discussed how Riot Games managed to create one of the most compact maps in the game. Clearing all those tight corners around all that verticality can be hard for any team that doesn’t have Sova’s Owl Drone.

Best Attacking Sova Lineups

Attacking A Site Sova lineups

Right side A Site Recon Bolt

Simple Sova lineups don’t generate a lot of hype but they can sure be impactful.

For this one you can be placed anywhere in A Main, as long as you have sight of this corner.

To complete this lineup just charge the Recon Dart fully and it should land here.

Revealing most of the site and even some of these tricky corners.

Left side A Site Recon Bolt

If you want more information focused on this side of the map, we suggest you do this lineup. Get on top of A Belt and next to this structure.

Then aim for this corner while fully charging your Recon Bolt lineup and giving it one bounce.

This lineup lands here and reveals most of this side of the site , as well as behind A Screens.

A Default post plant Shock Bolt from A Belt

After planting the spike on the default plant spot on the A Site, you should retreat towards A Nest and A Belt.

Get in this corner on top of this wooden box next to A Belt.

Look for this line on the roof and give the Shock Bolt lineup two bounces and less than one bar charge.

Attacking B Site Sova lineups

B Main Recon Bolt

This dart should be your go to every time you attack the B site. The opposing team might catch up but if they don’t shoot it instantly, they will be in big trouble.

Hug this wall as the spawn barriers drop and move forward until you see these black and yellow stripes in the corner of this green container.

Aim for it directly with your fully charged Recon Bolt but don't forget to give it one bounce.It should land on this crane and reveal all players playing at these close angles inside B Main.

The way this lineup abuses the verticality on this map to clear out choke points makes it really hard to shoot down, if you time it properly.

B Hall and B Orange Recon Bolt

If you have managed to push up in B Main safely without using your Recon Bolt, we have a lineup that should clear most of the site for you.

Get on top of these barrels in B Main. Aim for the corner of this green container.

Charge the Recon bolt fully and give it one bounce. This lineup lands here, revealing most of the site.

B Default post plant Shock Bolt from B Garage

After the spike has been planted, the attacking team usually likes to fall back into B Main.

From there as Sova you have multiple Shock Bolt lineups. The only way you get contested here is if a Raze Blast Pack’s into the entire enemy team.

This lineup is the easiest to execute because the most important part is positioning. Get next to the door in B Garage until these two containers merge.

Then aim at the height of the letters on the right container, and give the Shock Bolt one bounce and a one bar charge.

B Default post plant Shock Bolt from B Green

If you are fighting closely and you need a fast lineup to prevent the defuse this one's for you.

Get on top of these barrels in B Green and aim for this corner.

Do a two bounce and fully charged Shock Bolt and it will land in the default plant spot.

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Best Defending/Retake Sova Lineups

Defending A Site Sova lineups

Entire A Site Recon Bolt

This is one of the highest value Sova lineups on the A site, because it detects enemy players trying to push from any direction. Stand in this corner, next to this green box under the rope.

You need to aim for this line that signals the last piece of the hole above A Nest.

This is what you are looking for.

Then give the Recon Bolt lineup one bounce and charge it fully.

It should land on the right side of A Belt, and reveal players pushing on and below it.

Middle control Recon Bolt

One of the best lineups to use at the start of a round is this one.

Stand next to this wall towards the Mid Boiler.

Aim for this light and give the lineup a max charge and one bounce.

It should land above Mid Blue and scan a very large and open area, giving you a lot of information.

Double Shock Bolt lineups for A Ultimate Orb

If you know that enemies are pushing up A, and someone hears them taking the Ultimate Orb, you as a Sova player can punish that. With these two easy Shock Bolt lineups, you can kill a full health enemy player with armor that is taking the orb.

Get next to this line behind A Screen. For the first lineup you need to crouch and aim for the middle of these five vents.

Give the lineup a one bounce and more than two charges and it should land on top of the Ultimate Orb and below A Nest.

For the second lineup you need to stand up and aim for this corner of the roof. Just tap the lineup with less than a one bar charge and it should land in the same spot.

Defending B Site Sova lineups

Entire B Site Recon Bolt

What better map for the russian hunter to shine on than the frozen kingdom that is Icebox. With Recon Bolt lineups like this one, enemies will second guess if they want to exit the attacker spawn.

Get on the edge of this tank in Mid Boiler.

Align the left corner of the left diamond that signals the number of bounces with this structure.

Do a one bar charge and this sick dart will reveal all enemies pushing from B Garage and B Green.

That’s it. All the lineups for our favorite agent: Sova. If you want to check out all the other lineups that we have for our russian hunter make sure to check out these: 

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