How to switch hands on Valorant

If you're a left-handed Valorant player, most likely you want to change where your agents hold the gun from right hand to left hand to your liking. Here's how.
How to switch hands on Valorant

Valorant's default mode for holding a weapon is the right-handed view since most people are right-handed. However, Riot Games added another perspective, the left-handed way.

If your left hand is your dominant hand, you can easily switch your gun in Valorant to a left-handed view. Regardless if you're left-handed or right-handed, it's easy to change the view model in Valorant with just some clicks.

How to switch to Left Hand in Valorant?

Do you want to switch your gun to your left hand? Here's how you can do it:

  1. Open Valorant settings in the gear icon located at the top-right corner

  2. Go to the General tab, then scroll down to the 'Other' section

  3. Locate the 'First Person Handedness' button and click ‘left'

After this, all your weapons, including your awesome skins, will appear on your left hand. If you tried using a left-handed view but noticed that the right-handed view suited your gameplay better, just switch the 'First Person Handedness' back to ‘right.'

But, how do you know if the left-hand mode is for you? It depends on your eye dominance.

How to test which side is better for you

In Valorant, knowing which eye is dominant is more important than having good vision. Eye dominance matters since its how each eye receives visual input and send the information to the brain.

There are people whose eye and hand dominance are on the same side, while some have cross dominance where their dominant eye and dominant hand differ. If you're lucky, you might be a part of a small percentage of people who don't have an identifiable dominant eye.

Knowing which eye is prevalent in gaming is crucial to hitting accurate shots.

Performing the Target Test

To know which eye is dominant, it is essential to do the Target Test. To test your eye dominance, place your hands in a triangle shape with an object at the center.

While looking at the thing, keep both eyes open. Next, keep the object at the center of the triangle, then close your left eye. Your dominant eye is the right if the thing remains in the middle of the triangle. But, if the object moves to the side, you have left-eye dominance. To prove that your right eye is dominant, try closing it. If the object moves to the side, it confirms that your dominant eye is the left.

Finding out your eye dominance can significantly help in playing Valorant and other FPS games, especially if you always thought you were out of focus because you were holding the weapon on a different side. At first, it may be hard to transfer from the usual right-hand model to the left-hand model, but you can see your improvement over time.

Does changing to a left-handed view model affect my aim?

Left-handed players still use the right-handed view model, and their aim is just as spectacular. However, rumors exist that ordinary right-handed people use a left-handed view since they feel it gives them a god-like aim. However, there is no proof of this rumor, to each his own, as long as you enjoy playing the game.

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