Best Cypher Trapwire | Cybercage | Spycam | Ultimate lineups on Split

A complete guide to the best attack and defend setups with Cypher for Split in Valorant
Best Cypher Trapwire | Cybercage | Spycam | Ultimate lineups on Split

All agents in Valorant have their own special abilities which present different tactics, Valorant tips, and strategies. Although aiming and shooting are important aspects, using the Valorant agents’ utility correctly can often win you more games than being a pro shooter.

Cypher is a Sentinel agent that players overlook because they believe he isn’t interesting. But his information-gathering skills are unlike any other agent. So here we’ll check out the best cypher setups Split Valorant!

Valorant Cypher Split Setups Guide

Best Defending / Retake Cypher Split Setups

Defending A Site Cypher Setups

A-site Cameras

Best A-site Camera

The best Cypher camera setup for Split is best placed when the barrier’s down right on top of the A-main entrance. You’ll want to be on Heaven at Ramps and place the camera like this:

If an enemy tries to push towards Heaven or towards A-Main on Split, you’ll be getting a pretty clear overview of them. Even if they try to back out and head to the other side of the map towards the B-site, you’ll be able to see it.

Another great thing with this camera from the best Cypher setups is that you’ll be able to check out a bit of Heaven with Ramps and the site. 

A-site Building Camera

You can also place your camera atop the massive building on Split at the planting spot. Aim at it from Heaven, jump, and throw your camera as shown below.

You can see the planting spot and the whole site with this setup, although you won’t be able to get a good view of the back-site.

You will also see a bit of Heaven and a bit of A-main, so you’ll know if the opponents are trying to head towards Heaven.

A-site Heaven Camera

If you want to defend Ramps and Heaven and not place the camera at the same spot all the time, next up’s a one-way camera. Stand on top of the largest box on Heaven, and throw your camera on the wall towards the spawn like below:

You’ll see the opponents who push towards Heaven first before they notice the camera. Although you’ll see their feet first, so keep a close eye on them.

A-site Cages

A-site Main Cage

The first cage you can throw is directly at the entrance of A-Main. Combined with a trap, you can activate it once the enemies get caught in the trap for some easy kills.

There’s also a sick one-way cage you can use here, although you’ll have to protect the site at the planting spot. Stand at the wall near the entrance of A-main at the edge as shown below:

Then all you have to do is aim above at the gap within the wall, and throw your cage. 

If you stand at the planting spot of the site near the cage, you’ll be able to see the enemies’ feet while they won’t see you at all.

A-site Heaven One-Way Cage

For a one-way cage on Heaven at A-site, get out the door at Heaven towards A-main, and stand at the corner directly to the left. Aim high, place your crosshair slightly above the tip of the K letter, and throw your cage.

As Valorant tips go, with a one-way you’ll see your opponents but they won’t see you! Here’s what the cage looks like from the far back of Heaven:

A-site Tripwires

A-Main Tripwires

You can place a Trapwire at the main entrance of the site on the corner of the flower pot. It’s a bit tricky to notice, so enemies will get caught most of the time. Unless Raze jumps over it as a great movement character from a Valorant agent tier list standpoint!

If the opponents start to notice this Split tripwire and jump over it, you can also place a normal trap directly at the entrance as a simple Valorant tips reminder.

A-site Heaven Tripwires

You can defend Heaven on A-site with Cypher greatly, so here’s where you’ll want to place your tripwire for a good Cypher setup:

You can also place the tripwire directly on the doorframe, but enemies coming from Mid won’t get caught in it.

Defending B-site Cypher Setups

B-site Cameras

Best B-site Camera

For this Cypher setup, head towards the stack of boxes on which you can only go on top from Heaven. Go on top of them, aim for the building on the right as far and high as possible, and place your camera.

With this Cypher camera setup, you’ll be able to see enemies coming from Heaven and B-Main. The best part is enemies won’t be able to spot your camera at first, but you’ll see them or rather their legs on B-Main. 

B-site Building Camera

You can change the placement to the below one. Stand on Heaven, aim at the building at the exact spot below, and throw your camera.

You’ll be getting a lot of value with this camera since it’s so high up enemies coming from B-Main won’t even notice it. And you can see if they start entering the site.

Enemies coming from Heaven will be able to notice this camera. But you’ll be able to see them and a portion of the site too, which is pretty nice!

B-site Heaven Camera

If you want to specifically watch over Mid, then this camera is for you. You can place it once the barriers come down a bit higher outside the entrance on the right at the pipes.

You can see a bit of Mid, the whole Mid Mail hall, and a bit of B-site Heaven. Since it’s so high placed, enemies won’t notice it most of the time.

B-site Cages

B-Main One-way Cage

You can do an excellent Cypher cage one-way lineup on B-Main. First, stand on the edge frame of the door beside the entrance of B-main

Now aim above at the third wood plank counting from down to up. Aim directly at the end tip of the plank towards the left, and throw your cage.

If you stand at the far back of the planting spot, you’ll see the opponents but they won’t even notice you. Here’s what the cage looks like:

The placement can be hard to hit at first, so it’s best recommended you practice it in a custom game with cheats before you do it in a real game.

B-site Heaven Cage

You can also place a cage on Heaven to protect yourself from any enemies forcing their way through Mid. Just throw it at the entrance of the door.

Although a simple cage, this will make it hard for the enemies to enter the site. In a combination with a trap, you’ve got Mid covered.

B-site Tripwires

B-Main Tripwires

At the entrance of B-Main, there’s a trash can where you can place a tripwire under an angle. Since it’s low, it’s unnoticeable.

Another trap you can do, albeit a bit tricky, is outside the map’s boundaries. From the image above, look over the fence at the plants. There’s a branch you can place your trap that’ll catch enemies that wiggle a lot around that area.

Most of the time you’ll want to protect the planting spot on the ground a bit back.

Although it may seem people won’t get caught in the trap, they tend to go in that direction to get a better view of the site. So out of 5 players, 1 is bound to get caught in it.

B-site Heaven Tripwire

Another tripwire you can use is at Heaven. It’s pretty effective simply because of the fact it catches any enemy coming from Mid. Place the trap on the flower pot beside the entrance to Mid.

If players get caught in this trap, you can use one of the cameras from above to tag them. You’ll keep the opponents away just in time for your team to rotate.

Best Attacking Cypher Setups on Split

Attacking A-site Cypher Setups

A-site Attack Tripwires

A-Sewer Flank Tripwire

Starting off this attacking Cypher Setup, you’ll first place a trap at the Mid Sewers door right before the barriers. As Valorant tips go, always watch for flanks.

A-Screens Enemy Rotate Tripwire

Once the spike’s been planted, you can place a trap at the entrance from Defenders spawn for any enemies’ push.

A-site Attack A-Tower Cage

If you cover A-Screens with a trap like above, you can throw a cage at Heaven to block rotating enemy vision from there.

Attacking B-site Cypher Setups

B-site Attack Tripwires

B-Link Mid Flank Tripwire

First thing first of this Split setup, place a trap at the door from Mid to catch any enemies playing the best agents from a Valorant agent tier list trying to flank.

B-Alley Tripwire

When you plant the spike, use the remaining Cypher traps at the entrance from Defenders spawn.

B-site Attack B-Tower Heaven Cage

The setup with the trap and cage is like previously with A-site. To keep track of rotating enemies heading to Heaven, simply throw a cage and activate it once they’re there to stall them.

That’s it for this Cypher Split setup guide. Since you’re playing an information giver agent, you should definitely keep up with Split’s callouts!