How to Change Region in Valorant

Want to play in another server? Check out how to change regions in Valorant!

Updated on Mar 09, 2024
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How to Change Region in Valorant

Valorant is a popular FPS game known worldwide. However, even if millions of players benefit from low-ping servers in their zone, an automatic region allocation system can occasionally cause issues. Users may also want to change regions for such reasons as they cannot play with their friends or experience a laggy game knowing that their internet connection is not the problem. There are not many ways to change your region in Valorant, but we will tackle 2 ways you can try to switch to other regions in the game.

How to check which Valorant Region you are in

If you're not sure of your RoR and Shard, just follow these steps to double-check!

  1. Launch Valorant and log in the game.
  2. From the lobby, click Play


  1. You can view the servers you can select by hovering over the three horizontal lines on top of your player card. This gives you a hint on which server you are playing Valorant.


On the other hand, on your Riot Account on the Riot Games website, under account management, you can also view your country or region.

Ways To Change Regions in Valorant

Now that you may have already known your RoR and shard, you can now try to change regions in the game. However, we will only tackle 2 methods as these are the most tried by players.

Changing Your Region in the Riot Games Website

Players use this method when they cannot queue up with their friends, their payment options are in the wrong currency, or they experience strange lag even though they do not have any problems with their internet connection. To do this, follow the steps below:

Players can access an article regarding changing your region of residence for your Riot account in the Riot support FAQs.Read the article and sign in using your Riot ID.


  1. To check if you are qualified to switch regions, click the Check button.


Heads up! Even though it looks easy to do, this is not a sure way to automatically switch regions in Valorant. You can file a support ticket to Riot Support if the Riot article claims that you are unable to change regions. You could speak with an agent who could help you further by contacting support.

Making a New Riot ID Using a VPN service

If the first method is not for you, creating new accounts using a VPN service is the last resort. Do not forget to sign up in advance with a trustworthy VPN service. Since the system will recognize you in the region you've selected during the registration procedure, your connection shouldn't be disrupted.

  1. Register for a trustworthy VPN service and connect to the area of your choice.
  2. Create a new account at


  1. Throughout the procedure, keep your VPN connection, and ensure your email address has been used to validate your account.
  2. On your computer, download the Riot client.


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