Best Killjoy Lineups on Icebox | Nade | Alarm Bot | Turret | Ultimate

In this article we will show you the best Killjoy lineups on the Valorant map Icebox.

Updated on Mar 06, 2024
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Best Killjoy Lineups on Icebox | Nade | Alarm Bot | Turret | Ultimate

The winter wonderland known to most Valorant players as the map Icebox, offers a great opportunity for all the dedicated Killjoy players. She might not hold the title of the best Sentinel agent like she used too, but this map sure fits her kit and gameplay. To say that Killjoy’s abilities don't bring massive value on compact spike sites like these on Icebox, is a lie. And that’s why we composed this article, to help you make the most impact as a Killjoy player on Icebox.

Best Attacking Killjoy Lineups

Attacking A Site Killjoy lineups

A Site Generator corner lineup

This lineup is of massive value for the attacking side because it clears one of the most annoying corners on this site. Defenders love setting up a crossfire from behind the Generator and A Screen and this lineup eliminates one of those threats.

Position yourself in that spot where the cable management is done, and aim for this spot on the roof. You can also guide yourself with the help of Killjoy’s index finger or the Turret logo.

Just left click from this position as your Duelists are going in and when you activate this Nanoswarm, defenders will have no choice but to run for cover, leaving them exposed.

A Site under A Rafters lineup

Line yourself up with this  line on A Nest. Turn around and aim for this spot on the ceiling.

This grenade bounces off the wall above A Rafters and lands right below it, clearing the angle from any defenders and allowing your Duelists to do their job.

A Site clearing Maze

This lineup is another variation of the previous lineup, where you position yourself in the same spot, but aim a bit to the right.

This grenade will bounce off the Nest on the A Site and land right behind the A Pipes in the Maze, forcing the defenders out of that angle.

When doing these  lineups it’s always good to place your Turret like this watch for flanks.

Killjoys Turret can cover both Nest, Belt and the rest of the site on this side of Pipes with proper usage of verticality.

A Site default post plant

As Killjoy, when attacking on this map you don't need to be rushing in with your team. Regardless of the team composition you  are much better off staying back, playing off your utility, preventing flanks, setting up crossfires and playing for post plants.

Line yourself up with this wall and aim for the spot on the following video.

You can use Killjoy’s index finger to guide yourself and you should left click after jumping to place the grenade.

This lineup will land on the default plant spot and cover a large area, but with some small tweaks you can also get a lineup for under A Rafters. Get in the practice tool and try it out!

Attacking B Site Killjoy lineups

B Site default post plant

Because of the design of the B Site, there are not a lot of lineups that will help you flush out the defenders from a certain area.

But this one is very useful for playing post plant situations if the spike is planted in the default spot. Aim for the black line on the corner of the box and left click.

The grenade will bounce off the other box and land in the default position.

B Site default post plant #2

If you think this position is too much in the open we got another one for the default post plant. Place yourself next to the barrels in the B Main alley after exiting the Garage. Aim a bit to the right of the corner on this metal piece.

Left click a Nanoswarm grenade without jumping and it will also land on the default plant position.

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Best Defending/Retake Killjoy Lineups

Defending A Site Killjoy lineups

Preventing A push

The spike sites on Icebox are different from the other sites on the older maps, where there are a ton of lineups that can get kills. On Icebox your main goal should be playing off your Killjoy Turret and comboing the Nanoswarm grenades.

For this lineup you get behind the Generator, and left click a grenade towards the green box on default like in this picture. Right click another Nanoswarm grenade next to the Generator and put an Alarm bot between them.

This Alarm Bot will trigger only when they are on the site so you can get maximum value out of your grenades. Place the Turret on top of A Rafters but at this angle so it can detect enemies after they get on the site, not when they are in Maze. Similar to the Alarm bot.

Position yourself under A Rafters and play off your utility. Enemies will be funneled in this choke point  from the grenade damage, so all you need to do is finish them off.

Preventing A push from Mid

This is one of the best Killjoy setups on the A Site, especially if you are playing with a Viper. The way this Turret is placed, allows it to detect enemies pushing up Mid, through Maze, and on the other side behind Generator.

You will be playing under Rafters and with the help of a Nanoswarm grenade behind A Screen you can halt a lot of pushes.

For your own safety you should place the Alarm bot in mid like in this picture, because you want to have a safe way out in case you are playing for a retake.

Defending B Site Killjoy lineups

Defending B Kitchen

In our previous Icebox map guide, we already explained in depth why this area of the map is so crucial. Apart from a Sage Wall, no other agent can completely lock down this area like Killjoy. This Turret covers both the Tube and the entrance under the Tube in Mid towards Orange box, so it gives a lot of information.

Having one Nanoswarm grenade placed like this allows you to play further back because it covers a lot of distance. With your Alarm bot and Turret placed to the side it can be harder to destroy them especially if there are multiple players pushing.

Left click the other grenade while aiming at this spot right as the Spawn barriers drop so it sticks there. This grenade damages players in Tube and because Tube is wall bangable, you can do massive damage before they even get into B Kitchen.

With you positioned to the side and firing, look at how much damage the attacking team will take while pushing just one defender. That's why we love our German engineer!

Defending B default plant

The B site is a great environment for a lot of creative Killjoy setups and this is one of them. This setup stops the push and default plant on the B Site with Sage and Viper walls.

Place an Alarm Bot right here, because it covers the entire area from B Green to the Site. Right click both grenades in these positions so there is enough distance between them.

Make sure to guide yourself using the cables, the dirt spots on the ground and the letter on the box.

With the Turret placed on the right side and covering the push behind B Yellow, you can play off your utility, prevent the push and plant for a long time and score some easy kills.

If the attackers however like going through the other side, we have another lineup for that as well.

B Yellow push 

If there is any kind of utility scaring the attackers away from the default spot, they will most likely try to play around the B Yellow box. This lineup completely ruins their plans and forces them into unfavorable fights or bad positioning.

This Turret covers both the B Orange and B Yellow entrances , so it gives a lot of value regardless of where you are playing.

Right click two grenades at these positions to punish attackers playing for a wide swing or seeking coverage behind the box. Keep in mind that if they plan on attacking this area, a Sova Shock bolt can destroy your grenades.

Place your Alarm bot a bit back, so they can be well into the grenade range before you set them off.

Just look at how much damage and how exposed the attackers will be if they decide to push this area. Just be careful of the Sova Recon Bolt again. IF it reveals you in this position as Killjoy, you are as good as dead.

Solo holding B site

If somehow you end up in the bad position where you need to solo hold the B site, this setup can help you the most.

Place the Alarm bot on the B Green entrance and one Nanoswarm grenade on the default plant spot. This will alert you when the enemies have gotten onto the site and if you can hear them plant you can activate the grenade.

Throw the other grenade at this spot under the Tube, and combine it with a Turret to help you prevent the Mid push. Using verticality when placing your Turret gives you a lot more options.

You can look for frags from B Nest or B Hall, depending on your utility but make sure not to die. If not you can always play for retakes like this next one.

B Site retake

The strategy of playing for retakes means that your goal is to prevent the plan of the enemy team and keep enough utility for the retake with your team.

Place a Nanoswarm grenade like in the picture above that prevents the default plant, while you play backside or in B Snowman.

For the retake lineups align yourself with this steel bar and aim for this spot on the green crate.

Just left click and that grenade should land on top of B Green and force attackers to drop down if they want to swing.

A slight adjustment to the same lineup is done by dragging it a bit to the right before releasing and this grenade will land behind B Yellow and force the attackers in the open.

Best Ultimate Spots for Killjoy on Icebox

Best Bomb Spot A Site for Killjoy

A Site retake ultimate

This is the safest way to use your ultimate ability if you want to retake the A Site. This wall is thick enough so it can’t get destroyed, and it pushes the defenders back to A Pipes.

A Site offensive ultimate

With the recent changes to the Icebox map, the developers at Riot Games unintentionally buffed Killjoy on this map for a few reasons. One of them is this ultimate placement spot.

Before you could shoot through A Pipes and even above them because they were lower. Now since they have been made more solid, it provides the perfect coverage for the best A Site ultimate.

Before the changes, Killjoy players were using their ultimate further back so it was more safe, but that left this corner uncleared. As we can see in the picture above that is no longer the case and defenders can’t shoot the Ultimate as well.

Best Bomb Spot B Site for Killjoy

B Site Retake Ultimate

This is the safest stop for a B Retake Ultimate, because attackers have to push up and fight you to destroy it or completely give up the site. Align yourself with this line on the picture and place the ultimate next to Nest.

As you can see on the map, the corner of the map and another small Cubby are left uncovered but luckily there is a lineup to clear that Cubby. Aim for this position on the net casted from the ultimate and left click a grenade.

This grenade lands perfectly in the Cubby and clears it completely, forcing enemies to take damage or get detained if they want to protect the spike.

The other corner cant be cleared with a lineup but you should tell that to your team and you can swing it together.

B Site offensive ultimate

As for the attacking side, this is the safest way to use your ultimate ability. The only way this ultimate can ever get endangered is by a Breach ultimate or a flank. 

That’s why we have this Turret placement to protect us from that. This Turret covers both entrances from Garage and everything on this side of B Green.

That’s it. All the lineups for our favorite agent: Killjoy. If you want to check out all the other lineups that we have for our german engineer make sure to check out these: 

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