The Worst Bugs Ever in Valorant [Top 5 List]

Bugs in games are inevitable and will more often than not infuriate its community. These are the ones that you never want to have in Valorant.

Updated on Feb 22, 2024
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The Worst Bugs Ever in Valorant [Top 5 List]

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Viper Wall Boost Glitch

This is not the only "glitch boost" Valorant has had so far, but is surely the most noticeable one almost everyone remembers. If you jumped on top of the trajectory that the Viper Wall is supposed to go on, you could hop on it and get boosted until the end of the Viper Wall line.

For example, doing this at the beginning of the round and surprising the enemy push with a judge would surely secure you a couple of kills and an unhealable frustration in the enemy lines. Instead of abusing bugs, learn some Viper lineups on Icebox.

Viper Wall Boost Glitch

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Fake Clone Glitch

We are not talking about an Yoru Clone, but an "any agent" clone that doesn't actually exist but shows on the screen. This glitch has been present and repeated quite often when a new agent or big update has been released. Personally, this one has made me lose my mind quite a few times and will make it a "me-favorite" one I never want to experience again.

In short, you would either see an animation or a clone that you can shoot through, but nothing will happen. The glitch will just stay in one place, distract you, and most probably get you downed as you're focused on it instead of the surroundings. You can do this without glitches by perfecting your Yoru clone game.

Reyna Fake Clone Glitch

Omen & Sage Wallhack Glitch

Riot Vanguard is surely doing its work and protecting us from hackers, but can it protect us from bugs that provide wallhack? Omen & Sage are confirmed to be the most game breaking combo when it comes to bug abuse, and this is the most hilarious one. 

Every now and then, the game breaks, and Omen can use his ultimate ability to teleport inside Sage's wall. This enables him to see everything around him without the enemies seeing him. The picture below demonstrates how it works from Omen's perspective, and as you can see, all Valorant Agents were in some big time trouble.

Omen Sage Wallhack Glitch

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Astra 1100 Starting Credits Bug

Could you imagine how broken a Marshall at round 1 would be? It's basically an Operator at that point, and there was a patch in which Astra could sell her starting star and have 1.1k starting credits. For just a short amount of time, if you bought a star, placed it, and then recalled it you could sell your original star for 150 Credits which is enough for a Marshall at round 1. Luckily the bug didn't last long and took Riot Games just a couple of hours to have it fixed.

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Being Stuck in Astral Form As Astra

In Astra's early days, there was a bug in which you could get stuck in Astral Form and never be able to return back to normal. That "never' is a bit of an overstatement and is meant only for the remainder of the round. Luckily the bug was found during the time the Agent could only be played by the "early testers" and influencers and the devs had enough time to fix it.

You can also test the new patches and heroes by partaking in Valorant's Public Beta environment, we have a guide on how to do it so check it out and enlist in it!

Astra Astral Form Bug

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