Best Yoru Fakeout | Blindside | Gatecrash | Ultimate Lineups on Breeze

Yoru has been one of the trickiest Duelist agents to master in Valorant for most maps. Here we’ll check out the best Yoru lineups for Breeze in Valorant.
Best Yoru Fakeout | Blindside | Gatecrash | Ultimate Lineups on Breeze

Riot Games has made all Valorant agents’ abilities specific to use for all sorts of strategies. And depending on the specific Valorant map, that can be a determining factor in winning or losing. That’s the case with Yoru.

Yoru has been one of the trickiest Duelist agents to understand and master. But with Yoru lineups, you can start winning on whatever map you’re playing. So here we’ll check out the best Yoru teleport lineups Breeze Valorant!

Best Attacking Yoru Lineups for Breeze

Attacking A-site Yoru Lineups

A-Cave to Under A-Bridge Gatecrash Lineup

You can surprise A-site enemies with a Yoru teleport lineup from A-Cave. Stand on the right side of A-Cave, and aim at the left edge of the left pyramid on-site.

Use Yoru’s teleport alongside a flash, and you can take down enemies hiding behind the pyramids, at the stairs, or at A-Bridge.

Mid-Bottom to Under A-Bridge Gatecrash Lineup

You can also teleport around the same place from above with Yoru but from Mid-Bottom. Stand on the right side of Mid-Bottom until the entrance of Mid-Wood Doors on the right is barely visible. Then aim inside the entrance, and use your teleport.

A-site Flashes from A-Cave

There are 2 best Yoru flashes you can do from A-Cave. The first one we’ll check out is from the left side of A-Cave near the exit of A-Shop. Aim high above on-site, and bounce your flash off the wall shown below.

The second Yoru flash is from the right side of A-Cave. Aim at the boxes right next to the exit of A-Cave, and bounce your flash off of them.

Albeit a good one-way flash, Valorant players at the A-Switch stairs may not get flashed depending on how you bounce it. So be careful!

Attacking B-site Yoru Lineups

B-Main to Defender Side Arches Gatecrash Lineup

With this teleport, you’ll get close to the Defender spawn so it’s very risky because of rotating enemies. First, stand at the left side of B-Main’s entrance to the B-site. Then aim at the right of the B-Wall, but not directly at it.

Now use Yoru’s teleport, and you’ll find yourself at Defender Side Arches. You can either go for a play to defeat rotating enemies or clear the site from here.

B-Main to B-Back Gatecrash Lineup

Get yourself on the right side of B-Main once the spawn barrier drops. Aim at the little entrance between the 2 little walls at B-Back and use Yoru’s teleport.

Lots of enemy players hide at the far back of B-Back. So if you combine this teleport with a flash, you’re bound to score easy kills. 

B-site Flash from B-Main

There aren’t many tricky Yoru flashes for attacking this site on Breeze. But good practice is to bounce the flashes off the floor corners where the walls end like below. 

With this B-Main flash, you’ll cover most of the site which is perfect to use some of the Yoru teleport lineups we mentioned above.

Best Defending Yoru Lineups for Breeze

Defending A-site Yoru Lineups

A-Site to A-Lobby Gatecrash Lineup

For this teleport, stand on the left side of the A-Main entrance. Place your crosshair inside the A-Shop wall, and use your teleport.

It’s best if you flash the enemies while your TP goes to A-Lobby. It’s very noticeable, but if successful you can back-stab the enemy team easily.

A-Metal Doors to Mid-Chute Gatecrash Lineup

This teleport will go through the Mid-Vents, meaning it’ll make the vent noise so be careful. Stand near the entrance of A-Metal Doors and use your teleport on the A-Hall left walls.

If the enemies are progressing through Mid, you can easily trick them with this teleport. But don’t use it at the same spot over and over again, as they’ll catch onto you!

A-Main Flash from A-Pyramids

If you’re standing behind the left pyramid on-site, you can do a one-way flash for enemies at A-Cave. Turn around, aim high above at the box shown below, and bounce your flash off there.

Though this is a great flash, it’ll only blind the enemy team for a fraction of a second. But if you peek fast enough, you can get some kills.

Defending B-site Yoru Lineups

B-Back to A-Lobby Gatecrash Lineup

This is one of the most delicate teleport lineups, so follow up. First, stand at the corner grass patch on B-Back.

Now go to the farthest on the left where the grass patch ends. Look directly below you, and align your crosshair with the first brick line that touches the grass at the end.

Then aim at the right edge of the little window beside B-Main’s entrance and use your teleport.

This will cross the entire map and get you at A-Lobby. So not only is this teleport good for rotating, but it’s also excellent for back-stabbing!

Defender Side Arches to A-Bridge Gatecrash Lineup

This Yoru Spawn Gatecrash lineup will help you out a lot for instant rotates. Stand at the second to the right window near the entrance of the B-site.

Then aim directly at A-Bridge like below, and use your teleport.

Use this Spawn Gatecrash lineup right before the barriers drop. And when you notice enemies attacking A-site, instantly teleport for an easy rotation.

B-Main Flash from B-Back

This flash is best used when you’re around B-Back. Aim at the mid-top tower on-site. Align your crosshair with the little ledge above and use your flash.

This will flash enemies at B-Main, but it’ll hardly catch onto enemies at B-Window, so remember that.

Although Riot Games made Breeze a really long and wide map, even for the best Breeze agents, with these lineups you’ll be able to cross them instantly. But if you want to know what the places you cross are called, then check out Breeze’s callouts!