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Best ultimates in Valorant

The ultimate ability is supposed to be the strongest part of every agent, so what agent has the best ultimate?
Best ultimates in Valorant

Ultimate abilities are the strongest and hardest to access part of an agents kit, and depending on the design, they serve a different purpose. One of the joys in playing Valorant is this diversity and how it affects the gameplay differently at all levels of play. In this article we are going to be talking about some of the best ultimate abilities and Valorant, and what makes them better than the rest.

Killjoy | Lockdown

We start the list with Killjoy's ultimate ability, Lockdown. Killjoy's Lockdown is a massive area of effect ultimate that starts once she places down her lockdown device. This device creates a sphere in which after a 13-second timer, all enemies caught in the sphere are detained. When detained, enemies can't do anything but move and even their movement speed is crippled. This used to be one of the best ultimate ability in the game when it was released, but several nerfs later it now finds itself in number 10. Her ultimate ability is still great for its main purpose.

It's creat for gaining territory and can clear out an entire site regardless if it's on defense or offense. If you don't find a way to destroy it with abilities in that 13-second timer, it's not worth risking your life by forcing fights just to destroy it. Luckily the lockdown device has its own health(150HP) so it can be destroyed by a lot of things. Sova ult, Raze ult, Brimstone's Orbital Strike any kind of grenade, and more.

Astra | Cosmic Divide

Ever since Astra came out, players have been having trouble making the most of her potential. Apart from her elaborate design, one of the main things that make Astra hard to use is that it requires coordination. The reason her ultimate ability is so low on this list is exactly because of this reason. Before her nerfs she used to dominate high elo and pro play on a consistent basis but now we only see her for her ultimate.

Once equipped her wall acts as a giant impenetrable smoke, blocking vision and bullets, greatly reducing audio quality by muffing it but abilities and players can still go through it. higher skilled players naturally have an easier time abusing the advantages of her ultimate ability, but since that's a small percentage of the player base we had to drop her down on this list.

Sage | Resurrection 

If you have ever played Valorant at any point, you have probably heard about Sage's Resurrection. It's one of the most impactful agent's ultimate ability and combined with her wall and healing, it's the reason she's been a mainstay of every meta since Beta. Countless nerfs to Sage have resulted in her ultimate ability costing eight ultimate points, but when used properly it can still be a game-changer.

Creating a numbers advantage by resurrecting a full health dead ally can change the course of entire games. Sure the opposing team can hear where and when the resurrection is happening and try to kill both players while they are vulnerable, but that's the skill expression of being a Sage player.

Breach | Rolling Thunder

Nothing gives more alfa male vibes in this game than Breach's Rolling Thunder. Once you hear "Off your feet" there's not a lot you can do, if you get caught in the middle of it. Breach's ult is one of the best initiation tools in the game, by knocking back the enemy team 7 meters and concussing them for 6 seconds.

This gives plenty of time for his Duelists to enter the site and free kill enemies unlucky enough to be caught in its path. But just like Astra, Rolling Thunder is one of those ultimate abilities that require coordination to make the most out of it. The opposing team can see and hear where the ultimate is coming from and can try to avoid it, so there's a lot of room for error when using it.

Sova | Hunter’s Fury

And now it's time to talk about one of the best ultimate abilities in this game and that is Sova's Hunter's fury. It's a really special ability that not only reveals the enemy locations if it hits them but also does damage and slows them. It can change the course of an entire round, whipping out an entire team caught in choke points.

Apart from doing lethal damage in 2 hits, it can also be used to destroy other Valorant ultimates and abilities, which makes it great for post plant situations. The downside of having this much impact is that Riot Games have continuously nerfed Sova, with his Hunter's Fury being only one of two ultimate abilities that cost eight ultimate points.

KAY/O | Null/cmd

In our best agents article we discussed what a game changer KAY/O's Null/cmd can be. His other abilities are also very impactful, with Jett not being the only one throwing knives at people. When KAY/O activates his ultimate, he gains a combat stim and emits a beam that suppresses enemies in close proximity. KAY/O's suppression prevents the use of any utility while it's active and is a great tool for attacking and retaking sites.

Also if KAY/O gets killed while his ultimate abilities is active, he enters a downed state in which he has 850 health and his team has 15 seconds to revive him. All that for seven ultimate points is a lot of value at all levels of play, and it's the main reason why Skye's ultimate isn't on this list.

Fade | Nightfall

Every time Fade yells at you to face your fears you better turn around and start getting out of there. You do not want to be caught by this ultimate especially in solo queue, because it's one of the best ultimate abilities in the game to gather information. After number 5 all of these ultimate abilities are S Tier on any tier list, and Fade's combination of abilities with her ultimate makes her one of the Initiators in the game.

Her ultimate marks you and reveals your location, deafens you, and decays your health by 75 HP. On top of that she can use her Prowler to track down your trail and short sight you, which gives her enough time to locate you and shoot you or use her Seize on you. This is one of those certain ultimates in Valorant that you're in for a world of pain once they've been used.

Viper | Viper’s Pit

Viper's Pit is one of the best ultimate abilities in the game since it can single-handedly lockdown an entire site. Every time a Viper ultimate is used it creates a huge gas cloud that blocks vision and applies Toxin to everyone on the enemy team trying to enter it.

Toxin is Viper's passive that decays the health of the enemy team passive through her abilities and her ultimate takes them down to 1HP! How can it not be S tier when she can wipe an entire team with one Judge shot in it?

Jett | Bladestorm

There's probably not a lot to say that already isn't known about Jett's Blade Storm but here we are. With it, she equips five throwing knives that have no recoil when shooting with the left click, and she throws all remaining knives at one converging spot with the right-click.

Jett's knives restock every time she kills enemy players with the left click, and this alone puts her in the conversation about having the best ult in the game. KAY/O is a good counter to her and other agents with weapon ultimate abilities, but her ultimate is one of the main things allowing Jett to be a great Operator agent.

Chamber | Tour De Force

The reason we see both Jett and Chamber at the top of the best ultimate abilities list is the impact these weapons can have. Not having to buy a weapon but having one that is stronger than anything in the shop, does wonder for your economy.

But that's just the start of it because Chamber's Tour De Force is the best weapon in the game hands down. It contains 5 bullets that one shot at any part of the body, and after you get a kill with it, it creates a 6-meter slow field that lasts 9 seconds. But wait it gets crazier. This is not the regular Operator in Valorant, this is an enhanced version.

It shoots as fast as the Marshal, it's much more precise than the Operator with or without scope and it only costs seven ultimate points. We've been saying for months that Chamber is the most OP agent you can use, and his ultimate is one of the main reasons why.

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