Best Killjoy Lineups on Bind | Nanoswarm | Alarm Bot | Turret | Ultimate

In this article we will show you the best Killjoy lineups on the Valorant map Bind.
Best Killjoy Lineups on Bind | Nanoswarm | Alarm Bot | Turret | Ultimate

Unlike our previous Valorant guides that covered maps specifically, in this one we’ll be going over all of the lineups that can make you an impactful Killjoy player. Even though she is a Sentinel agent, Riot Games managed to create a versatile agent that could fit into any team composition. The genius of Germany like they call her. Her Nanoswarm lineups can be used both offensively and defensively, and mastering these lineups should make you a more complete Valorant player.

Best Attacking Killjoy Lineups

Attacking A Site Killjoy lineups

Post plant for default from A Cubby

Get in the corner of the cubby before you enter A Short, aim for the leaf like in the picture and left click.

This lineup will cover the default spot on A site completely.

Post plant for triple box on A Site

To get this lineup you need to jump on the small box outside of Showers, next to the teleport.

But remember, not on the boxes on the stairs or on the left side.

After that you line up the corner of the wall to touch your Alarm bot icon, while Killjoy’s thumb should be on the middle pipe, like in this picture. After that you just left click, and the triple green box on A Site should be under fire.

A Site pocket from Short

It’s not rare to see players holding this corner even though it means certain death. The problem is that many Valorant  players get tilted when their teammate doesn't trade the kill.

With this lineup you can clear that annoying corner and force the defenders in the open. You get in the corner of the cubby before A Short, aim for this spot on the leaf and left click. This is where the Swarm will land.

Attacking B Site Killjoy lineups

Killjoy attacking B spike site

Get in the corner next to the exit Teleport near Hookah, and aim in this direction. Notice Killjoy’s left hand thumb placement. From there you left click and you have the best attacking and defending lineup.

If you aim a cm upwards you get a lineup behind the Tube on the site. The pictured lineup lands on top of it, and clears enemies inside and behind it.

Killjoy attacking B Cubby Clear

Another one you can do from the same spot, that clears B Cubby is this one. Notice how the top of the metal structure is uneven, Place the crosshair in the third hole of the metal fence and left click.

With any combination of these three lineups and a Sova Recon Bolt, you can easily clear most of the B Site.

Post plant for default from B Long

Go in B Long and look for the rock in the picture.

Get on top of it and aim for the corner of the metal sheet. Drag your crosshair down a bit, until it’s between the two wires.

After that you left click and you will have the default position on B site secured.

Post plant for B Hall entrance from B Long

Another unique line up that can block the entrance from B Hall or delay defuses there is this one. You get on the same rock as the previous lineup, and follow the pipes on the wall upwards.

You continue lifting your crosshair until it meets the corner of the shadow, and from there you do a jumping left click. This is where this Nanoswarm grenade will land.

Best Defending/Retake Killjoy Lineups

Defending A Site Killjoy lineups

Preventing U Hall push

Put two grenades in the pictured positions, an Alarm bot next to the wall, and a Killjoy Turret inside U Hall. You will be playing inside U Hall with the contact from your Turret.

The only counter to this is a Breach ultimate or Raze grenades and ultimate, because all of your utility would be destroyed. 

Preventing A Short push

Put a Killjoy Nanoswarm next to the wooden box, an Alarm Bot next to the teleport, and another grenade next to it. This way your Alarm bot won’t trigger or get destroyed until the enemies advance, and the entire area will be lit up from your grenades.

This forces them to teleport, run onto the site instead of U Hall, and get caught in the crossfire. You can place your Turret on top of any box on the site and peek of its contact, or behind the boxes to catch the Duelist pushing past the smokes.

Killjoy Showers defense

Killjoy’s ability isn’t utilized to its full potential in the Showers area but one of the lineups you could do to prevent the push there is this one.

Put a Turret on the box, even though it can get wall banged. Put an Alarm bot right next to it and  a Swarm Grenade on top of it. Even if one of them gets cleared, the other one will alert you to activate the grenades and prevent the push.

Defending B Site Killjoy lineups

Killjoy setup versus Hookah rush

Put your Alarm bot under Hookah, place two Killjoy Nanoswarms  next to it, and put a Killjoy Turret where the player is standing in the following picture.

That way even if the entrance is smoked, either the Alarm bot or Killjoy’s Turret will detect the enemies exiting B Window, and you can trigger your Swarm grenades, completely halting the push.

Killjoy retaking B spike site

A really good setup for retakes and preventing the plant is this one. Place yourself in the pictured position, then drag your crosshair across the top of this screen and a bit upwards.

Then you right click a Swarm grenade and it should stick like in the next picture.

After that you put an Alarm bot in the Tube. a Turret next to the green box and a Killjoy Nanoswarm grenade on top of it. This way, when the enemies get onto the site and try to plant, you will be alerted by either the Alarm or Turret and you can trigger the grenades to prevent the plant.

For these lineups, you should be playing off site, probably in B Hall, and peek when your utility triggers.

Killjoy preventing B Long push

Put a Turret in the far right corner, so they can’t clear it or shoot it without exiting B Garden.

Put an Alarm bot right next to it and one or two grenades on the entrance. That way you can completely stifle the B Long push and focus on the Hookah enemy players. 

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Best Ultimate Spots for Killjoy

Best Bomb Spot A Site for Killjoy

U Hall 

The U Hall spot probably isn’t the safest or the best one, but it does force the enemy team sometimes to contest that area thinking they can destroy it, and you can play off that.


This is one of the best Killjoy ultimate spots on Bind, you just have to make sure to place it behind the box on the other side, otherwise the enemies can shoot it through the wall.


This is the safest Killjoy ultimate placement for the A Site, and while it does clear the site, it doesn’t push the enemies far enough back.

Vent entrance

This placement is risky but if you somehow manage to survive the U Hall player that will suicide to destroy your ultimate ability, you will completely push back the enemy team and delay their advance.

Best Bomb Spot B Site for Killjoy

B Garden

You will need help from your teammates to get into this position and place your ultimate, but it does a great job of clearing out everything except B Hall. You are much better off placing it here instead of anywhere in Hookah.

B Elbow 

This is without a doubt the best Killjoy ultimate spot on this map and it’s really good for retakes. Combined with your Turret and your grenades, you can single handedly empty site B.

That’s it. All the lineups for our favorite agent: Killjoy. If you want to check out all the other lineups that we have for our German engineer make sure to check out these: 

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