Best Sova | Shock Bolt | Recon Bolt | Lineups on Bind

In this article we will show you the best Sova lineups on the Valorant map Bind.
Best Sova | Shock Bolt | Recon Bolt | Lineups on Bind

Ever since his release Sova has been one of the most impactful Initiator agents in the game. His information gathering abilities are still unmatched, and it does wonders on a map like Bind. We already talked about how important team composition is in our Bind map guide, but now you will see Sova’s true potential. Mastering Sova is a tough task even for the best players, but this Valorant guide will teach you the basic yet most impactful lineups on this map.

Best Attacking Sova Lineups

Attacking A Site Sova lineups

A Showers Recon Bolt

Find this corner next to the box in A Lobby.

Align yourself with it and aim for the corner of this solar panel.

Put one bounce on the Recon Bolt and charge it up barely more than one bar.

This Bolt will bounce off the wall and get in A Showers through the hole on the roof, clearing the entire area.

You might have seen this one before, as it's one of the most common Sova lineups in esports.

Backside A Recon Bolt

This is one of the highest value darts you can do on this map because it reveals the entire back side of the A Site.

Tuck yourself in this corner outside of A Short and look for this palm tree.

Align it with the left diamond that shows the bounces on Sova’s Recon Bolt and charge it with more than one charge but less than two.

This lineup lands in Backside A and it reveals enemies hiding behind any of those boxes or corners.

Frontside A Recon Bolt

Get in the corner of this wooden box in the same area of A Lobby as the previous lineup.

Aim for the tip of this leaf.

Give the Bolt a one bar charge and no bounces.

This should land on the edge of the wall above the tank and reveal the entire front side of the site.

If you manage to tweak it, it can show a large part of the backside too.

A Default post plant Double Shock Dart 

If you are playing post plant as Sova, this is one of the best areas you can hold.

Not only can you watch the flank from A Short or take care of anyone going through the Teleport, but you also have some sick Shock Dart lineups.

Tuck yourself in this corner and aim for this corner where the wires meet. Give the Shock Dart one bounce and a three bar charge but not fully. For the second lineup turn around and aim for this area below the middle of this structure.

Both lineups land at the default plant spot and with practice you can do them fast enough to one shot an enemy defusing with full health and armor.

Attacking B Site Sova lineups

B Hookah Recon Bolt

Place yourself next to this wooden door frame where the spawn barriers drop.

Align the left circle of the Owl Drone UI with the corner of this window.

Charge the Recon Bolt less than one bar and it will land on the wall in Hookah.

Revealing the close corners that shotgun mains love to hold and saving you from a massive tilt round.

Entire B Site Recon Bolt

This is probably the most impressive lineup you can do on this map, because it scans almost every angle defenders love to hold on the B Site.

First place yourself in this corner in B Short. With your weapon you can see the corner of this building, and you need to align your crosshair with it.

Raise your crosshair a bit to reach the top of the building while aligned with the corner and give the Recon Bolt a two bar charge.

B Long Recon Bolt

After the spawn barriers drop, get in this corner on the fountain.

Aim a bit to the left of this sign on the wall in B Long and give the Recon Bolt the maximum charge with one bounce.

Make sure you are not alone while doing this lineup so you don't die to the enemy pushing B Long.

This lineup clears both sides of the Ultimate orb, even the short corner in B Garden that shotgun users love to hold.

B Default post plant Double Shock Dart 

When playing post plant on the B Site, most of the time you should be playing in B Long from where you can contest the defuse without exposing yourself too much.

These two Shock Bolt lineups are for the default plant spot on the B Site. Get in this corner near the Teleport in B Long.

Align the left circle of the drone UI with the leaf on the wall and do a two bar charge.

The other lineup is done from the same corner but you should align your left and right click keys with this part of the picture.

Give the Shock dart a one bar charge and it should look something like this.

Both these lineups land on the default plant spot at the same time if executed properly, giving you a big advantage.

B Long Drone path

If you accomplished what you wanted with the previous lineup but got smoked off by the defending team, don't worry.

When using Sova’s Owl Drone, this is the optimal pathway to enter and clear the B Site.

First check the corners in B Garden then right outside of it.

Push up to clear B Elbow and go over this green box to check behind it.

If you have enough battery or it doesn't get destroyed, the Owl Drone can tag enemy players even in B Hookah.

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Best Defending/Retake Sova Lineups

For most of the defensive Recon Bolt lineups we will be showing, the Sova players should be placed in the LAB corner that connects defender spawn and B Hall.

Defending A Site Sova lineups

A Showers Recon Bolt from LAB corner

Place yourself in the LAB corner and align the right circle of the Owl Drone UI with the third steel bar.

Give the Recon Bolt a three bar charge but not fully, otherwise it flies off the map.

This lineup lands on the wall in A Lobby and reveals players trying to push through A Showers.

Riot Games sure do love it when the verticality of the map affects the gameplay. Not so much if you are the enemy team getting tagged from across the map.

A Short Recon bolt from LAB corner

Now if you want to fully reveal the push in A Short, you can do a similar lineup from the LAB corner.

Place yourself in it and use the same right circle on the Drone UI like the previous lineup.

But this time you will align it with the corner of this window and again give it a three bar charge but not fully.

If you scan more than two players feel free to use your Ultimate, because this part of the map is so tight, and defenders love funneling into it.

Showers Recon Bolt from A Site

Getting good value defensive Recon Bolts isn’t hard because the enemy team is coming to you, but this one for A Showers, sure is helpful.

Get in this corner on the A Site and align the word CHARGE with this AC unit on top of the building like this.

This arrow lands in the same spot as our LAB lineup and reveals everyone in A Lobby pushing towards A Showers.

Defending B Site Sova lineups

B Short/ Hookah Recon Bolt from LAB corner

Nobody is safe on the map when the Russian hunter is picked and any Sova main knows how to abuse this.

With this lineup from LAB corner you can reveal the enemies pushing up towards Hookah.

Aim for this corner where the two steel bars cross and place the bottom part of the left diamond for bounces in it.

Charge the Recon Bolt two bars and release it.

B Long Recon Bolt from LAB corner 

Another game breaking lineup that can decide a round without you ever being in danger is this one.

Instead of the LAB corner, place yourself here so you can look at B Long.

Once you have sight of B Long aim for the top of this leaf.

Give the Recon Bolt maximum charge and two bounces and it should land here in B Long.

This will clear out B Long and B Main entirely and secure the Ultimate Orb for your team.

B Site Retake Recon Bolt

If you need to retake the B Site this is one simple yet very effective lineup that can reveal most of the B Site.

Place yourself anywhere in this area in the spawn and fully charge the Recon aiming towards the blue building that is Hookah.

That’s it. All the lineups for our favorite agent: Sova. If you want to check out all the other lineups that we have for our russian hunter make sure to check out these: 

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