Best Killjoy Lineups on Breeze [All Abilities & Both Sides]

Discover the ultimate Killjoy lineups on Breeze for both attacking, defending, and some of the best Ultimate spots!

Updated on Feb 12, 2024
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Best Killjoy Lineups on Breeze [All Abilities & Both Sides]

Best Attacking Killjoy Breeze Lineups

Attacking A Site Killjoy Breeze Lineups

A Site Cubby

It’s not uncommon for Jett and Chamber players to hold this area because they can get out easily. While your team might invest utility to clear out that area, as Killjoy, you also have a lineup that can help.

If your team places a smoke there and the defending Chamber is still holding that angle, waiting for you to push it can get messy.

So, line yourself up with this black dot on the wall. Strafe to the right, and your crosshair should be in line with the corner of the cubby.

Left click as you are jumping, and this grenade will land right at the defender's feet.

A Site Default Post Plant

A common mistake lower-ranked players make is fighting after the spike is planted on the A Site. If the spike is planted on the default spot, you should be playing back in A Cave, but if you are playing our German engineer, you can go even further back.

Tuck yourself in this corner and aim a bit above and between these two leaves.

Left click as you are jumping and that Nanoswarm grenade will land right on the default spot.

This will buy your team a few more seconds and prevent a defuse.

Attacking B Site Killjoy Breeze Lineups

B Site Default Post Plant

Go back into the Mid Cannon hallway and place yourself in this corner next to this metal element.

Then you should align these intersecting cables with the curved part of your interface.

After you have done that, left-click a grenade as you are jumping, and it will land on the default plant spot, buying you a few more seconds.

Backside B Lineup

This is one of the common hiding spots that defenders love to hold, and you as Killjoy should be playing there as a defender as well. But as an attacker, you can use your Nanoswarm grenades to clear this corner very easily.

When you’re pushing up in B Main, align yourself with the wall and aim for this part of the leaves. Left-click the grenade as you are running forward towards the wall, and the grenade should bounce off and land perfectly backside.

This clears this corner and forces the defender to swing into the open, where Duelist Agents should take care of him.

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Best Defending/Retake Killjoy Breeze Lineups

Defending A Site Killjoy Breeze Lineups

A Default Setup

The A default plant spot is already well known, and that’s why it can get exploited easily.

Attackers love rushing out onto the site and planting here, but with these two Nanoswarm grenades, you will detonate this entire area.

By the time your Alarm bot gets triggered, they will already be in so much trouble, and if they want to get out, they have to swing out and lose coverage from the Pyramids.

This Turret also gives insane value because it covers every side of the Pyramid, Mid Wooden Doors and even if they open the metal door.

A Spread Out Setup

The goal of this setup is to cover as much area as possible, and also to gather information.

This Nanoswarm lineup covers the default plant spot and forces them to plant a bit to either side, from where you and your team can be pushing.

This Alarm bot detects them once they’ve pushed up mid, and once you activate this grenade, they will be forced to commit in the open.

The Turret covers the Hall, and you should be playing behind the yellow box on the site and play according to the information gathered.

Defending B Site Killjoy Breeze Lineups

B Default Setup

This setup is the best lineup for preventing fast plants on the B site. Place your two Killjoy Nanoswarm grenades on the first bricks of each side, and the Alarm bot in the back.

With you playing backside, by the time the Alarm bot pops, the enemies will likely be planting. Activate the grenades and swing to try to pick off low health enemy team players.

This Turret placement is also of high value because it clears both entrances to the site and doesn't get walled off by Viper, which is a mainstay on this map.

B Blender Setup

Killjoy is one of the most picked agents on this map, and it's mainly due to this lineup.

Most attacking players love pushing this choke point, and by the time the Alarm bot triggers, they will be caught in the middle of two Nanoswarms, leading to easy kills for the enemy team.

This Turret placement also provides a lot of value because it detects players pushing up mid and onto the site from B Main.

Best Ultimate Spots for Killjoy on Breeze

Best Bomb Spot A Site for Killjoy 

A Retake Ultimate

The common practice for attacking the A Site is to plant the spike in the default position and play back from A Cave

You should be able to get to this Pyramid with the help of your team, and this ultimate placement forces the attackers so far back. It clears all corners, and the only way they can contest the defuse is if they swing in the open.

Best Bomb Spot B Site for Killjoy 

B Attacking Ultimate

If you somehow manage to get on the B site as Killjoy, with this ultimate placement you will have the easiest plant of your life. This box is not penetrable, and the ultimate clears the entire site.

Forcing enemies back to B Elbow, Mid Nest, and Defender Spawn and giving them very little time to try to enter the site again is a great way to secure a round.

B Retake Ultimate

Both sites on this map are very spacious, but this is the safest spot to use your ultimate ability on the B site. The box and this thin wall are penetrable, but only by an Odin and an Ares, which are unlikely choices on this map.

It clears most of the site except for that corner, but you can throw a grenade there to cover it.

That’s it. All the lineups for our favorite agent: Killjoy. If you want to check out all the other lineups that we have for our German engineer, make sure to check out these: 

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