Best Brimstone Lineups on Breeze | Molly

Here are the best Brimstone lineups you can use in your next game!
Best Brimstone Lineups on Breeze | Molly

Brimstone has seen nerfs recently from Riot Games, but he is still a great choice for a controller no matter the composition because of his long-lasting smokes and overpowered stim beacon. Brimstone is also a great post-plant agent in Breeze because it is a huge map. And because of this, there are multiple ways to create lineups to delay the plant and win the round. Here are the best Brimstone lineups in Breeze for Valorant to help you win multiple post-plant situations in Breeze. 

Best Attacking Incendiary Lineups on Breeze

Best Attacking A Site Incendiary Lineups

A Site Default Post-Plant Delay

Breeze’s A Site bomb site is big, but there are only three spots that the Attackers plant where they feel safe from the defenders called default. In A Site, the default is usually in the middle-front, in front of the right pyramid from the Attacker’s point of view, and the side of the right pyramid where players can plant without any fear because they are entirely hidden from Defenders.

This lineup will help the attackers secure the round through Brimstone’s lineup on the most common default plant, which is the front of the right pyramid.

To do this lineup, you have to stand at the exit of A Shop just outside of A Site. Locate the two horizontal ledges on the right wall of the exit, then stand between the two lines on the right ledge. You will see a Bamboo tree with green leaves and find the left upper leaf with a small leaf attached to it.

Place your crosshair at the tip of the small leaf. Release the molly, and it will bounce into the site. This is a good lineup because you won’t have to place yourself in a far position.

A Site Left Pyramid Post-Plant Delay

It is uncommon for attackers to use the front of the left pyramid for planting because it is very risky. However, on rare occasions, players opt to plant there depending on the attackers' strategy. This lineup will definitely help in certain situations, so make sure to add this to your bag of tricks!

To do this lineup, you must be outside of A Caves or A Lobby. Position yourself in the middle of the big stone and brown box. Then, look at the roofs of the caves. Place your crosshair in the stack of two aluminum pieces that you see on the top.

You will have to place the tip of the fire icon of your Incendiary ability on the intersection, then perform a standing throw.

Mid Doors To Right Side Of Pyramid Post-Plant Delay

Controlling Mid in Breeze is very important for all players because of how big the map is. It is easy for anyone, whether a Defender or an Attacker, to lurk under everyone’s nose and surprise them. Being able to take control of mid will also help gain huge map control in Breeze.

This is a great lineup when your team has taken mid control or when you are lurking mid and have to protect the spike from there.

To do this lineup, stand at the rightmost corner of the mid doors, where you will see only a small view of the site. Look for the two ventilators behind the Bamboo tree. You should place your crosshair in the middle of the pipes of the ventilators.

However, it must be at the top of the leaf that intersects with it. From there, you can release your molly without having to commit yourself to a gunfight against the defenders.

As mentioned previously, there are multiple ways to perform lineups in Breeze because it is the biggest map in Valorant currently. Make sure to check out other agent lineups in Breeze to be ready for multiple situations!

Best Attacking B Site Incendiary Lineups

B Site Default Post-plant

It is hard for Attackers to guarantee a round win when most players position themselves outside of Site or in B Main because site control is very important when it comes to post-plant. However, many players still use B Window as their play for post plant situations. This lineup will come from outside at Attacker Side Snake, which is outside the B window.

To do this lineup, find the flat bamboo plank laid down on the floor outside of B Window and at Attacker Side Snake. Stand on the right side of the brick on the wall just in front of the left corner of the plank. After that, look at the sky facing the site. Use the mouse icon at the top of the Valorant agent’s ability as your guide.

The line in the middle of the mouse should be aligned at the left side of the single brick on top of you. Perform a standing shot, and once you send your molly away, you can reposition back to B Window to have a better post-plant position. 

Best Attacking Mid Incendiary Lineups

Mid To Right Side Lighthouse Plant Delay

Sometimes it is best to position yourself in mid to get the enemy players off guard because they will need to watch multiple angles at once. Not only that, but defenders who play at the site will try to push B main, B long, and B lobby to prevent you from doing lineups. This incendiary is a great addition to your repertoire to be ready for unforeseen situations. 

To do this lineup, stand in front of the edge of the wall at the exit of B elbow. Place your crosshair in the sky and line the top of the incendiary ability indicator in the hole that you see on top of you. Perform a standing shot, and the incendiary will then travel slowly and land exactly on the side of the lighthouse in b site. 

Now that you have learned all the best Brimstone lineups in Breeze, it is time to learn all his lineups in different maps to be a full-fledged Brimstone main

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