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The best Battle Pass skins in Valorant of all time

In this article we are going to rank the best Battle Pass skins so far.
The best Battle Pass skins in Valorant of all time

With a new battle pass for each act, Valorant players have managed to collect quite a few skins, sprays, gun buddies and player cards over their playing career for a small investment. That probably was the goal of Riot Games, when they introduced this cosmetic system with tons of rewards. ‌Battle Passes are split into chapters, similarly to Agent contracts, and can be progressed by earning XP from completing daily missions and playing games in supported game modes.

Aerosol Odin 

For the price of just 1000 Valorant points, in the Formation: Act i battle pass we had some really cool skins with multiple colorways and even graffiti. It was released on January 12th 2021 as the first battle pass of Episode 2 and it featured some great skins, like the Aerosol Odin and Aerosol Operator.

Odin Aeorosol

The Aerosol Odin looks and feels like a budget version of the Glitchpop Odin, but considering the quality and the investment, it’s one of the best value Battle pass skins in Valorant.

Genesis Operator

Half a year after she was released, Astra mains got the best battle pass they could ever hope for. In the third Valorant act of episode 3, the Reflection battle pass contained the Genesis Collection, which was released on November 2nd 2021. This entire collection was mesmerizing with great Melee and Bulldog skins, but the top spot goes to the Genesis Operator.

Operator Genesis

The competition for the best Operator skin is fierce with many great candidates, but the purple glowing effects and alien scripts on the weapon make the Genesis Operator one of the best Battle Pass skins.

Goldwing Classic

In that same Reflection battle pass, Riot Games really delivered with both the Genesis and Goldwing collections. The Goldwing collection in particular, featured beautiful gold and red colorways on top of the black rubber grip.

Classic Goldwin skin

The decoration and drawings on the skins were extraordinary, and made the Goldwing Classic one of the best Classic skins, despite being cheap and accessible. It is safe to say that this was one of Valorant’s best value battle passes with many players hoping for a return of the content in this battle pass to the store.

K/Tac Sheriff

In  Valorant episode 3 Act i , the K/Tac collection dropped on June 22nd 2021. It’s probably the best collection of Battle Pass skins, considering it had a sick Melee, Sheriff, Bulldog, Vandal and Operator skin. All of the most popular weapons got a skin in one battle pass, for the price of just 1000 Valorant points. I would say that’s worth it.

Ktac Sheriff

Never mind the futuristic and sharp design with purple and black colorways. I know every Reyna main wishes he bought that Battle Pass. Every weapon skin was really cool for that time, with the K/Tac Katana Melee being the first of its kind. Still the K/Tac Sheriff is our choice, because it rivals some of the best Sheriff skins despite it costing much much less.

Ruin Dagger 

Do you remember the hype that surrounded the first Karambit skin in Valorant? Well the Ruin Dagger has stood the test of time, despite it being released as a part of the Ignition Battle pass. Released on October 13th 2020, as a part of the battle pass for Act iii of the first Valorant episode, the Ruin Dagger has become a mainstay in many Valorant players skin rotation.

Ruin Dagger Knife

With its aesthetic design and black/ gold/ red colorways, as well as being one of the rarest skins in the game, the Ruin Dagger is probably the best Battle Pass skin Valorant has released so far. Looking back, grinding 50 levels of this battle pass and an investment of just 1000 Valorant points, are completely worth it for a skin of this quality and rarity.

Prism 3 Axe

In act ii of the second Valorant Episode called Formation, Riot released the Prism 3 collection on March 2nd 2021. This collection turned out to be a great one as it had some pretty and colorful skins for weapons that weren't popular.

Knife Prism AXE

But the Melee skin from the Prism 3 collection drew the most attention from the player base for one simple fact. It looked really similar to the Prime X Melee which was a part of a much costlier and limited collection. With just 1000 Valorant points, grinding the pass to level 50 and 15 Radianite points, anyone could have the budget version of the Prime X that all pro players were using and still do.

Nitro Vandal

The Vandal is one of the most popular weapons in the game and has a large number of high quality and costly skins. We included the Nitro Vandal skin in this list because the Nitro collection which was a part of the Act ii  Battle pass in Episode 3, turned out to be a great one.

Nitro Vandal

With an Operator, Odin and Guardian skin, this collection pleased a lot of players looking for cheap but good Valorant skins. The Nitro Vandal can be considered a budget version of the highly popular Forsaken, Prime, and Aristocrat Vandal skins.

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