How To Level Up Account Level Fast In Valorant [Explained]

Account points determine your Valorant’s account level, and playing more matches will help you level up your account faster.

Updated on Nov 28, 2023
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How To Level Up Account Level Fast In Valorant [Explained]

How To Level Up Valorant Account Level Fast?

Let’s go over the methods to level up your account quickly:

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Play Lots Of Valorant

The only way to get Valorant AP is by playing the game. It’s no secret that playing more will grant you more AP. The more Valorant you play, the more AP you can earn daily.

Valorant AP Leveling System

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Win At Least One Game Everyday

As mentioned earlier, players are rewarded with 1,000 AP for their first win of the day. Just logging in and winning a single game a day can already help you level up your account very quickly.

You don’t have to play twenty Valorant matches a day, but it’s important to keep the consistency and abuse the daily 1,000 AP bonus.  

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Play Spike Rush Over Other Game Modes

Spike Rush is, by far, the most time-effective game mode to grind Valorant account levels. Though you are rewarded with AP for your time spent on a match, Spike Rush is the best choice because of the win bonus.

Instead of playing one Unrated match that will take 30 minutes, you can play three Spike Rush matches that will also take 30 minutes

In both options, you will get AP from 30 minutes of play, but you will get more total wins from playing more Spike Rush matches, which will give you a bonus of 50 or 150 AP depending on your account level.

But if you choose to play a regular Valorant game to level up your account, make sure to play Unrated instead of Competitive!

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Win As Many Matches As Possible

Last but not least, if you want to level up really quickly and reach the highest account level in Valorant, you can’t just sit in a match and mess around all the time. You need to sit straight and start sweating. 

Winning matches will give you bonus AP to help you gain levels much faster. Players with a high win-loss ratio in Valorant tend to have higher account levels. 

When playing to get account levels, you’re already committing time to playing the match, so why not put some more effort and try to win while you’re at it?

While grinding for levels, I highly suggest you pick the best Valorant agents you can play, as that will increase the chances of you winning the match.

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