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Best Brimstone Lineups on Icebox | Molly

In this article we will show you the best Brimstone lineups on the Valorant map Icebox.
Best Brimstone Lineups on Icebox | Molly

Ever since he was released in the Beta, Brimstone has been a cornerstone among Controller agents in any team composition and meta. Riot Games nailed the design, creating an easy to use yet creative agent that can be very effective. He has been overshadowed by newer agents and bigger maps, but skilled Brimstone players will always manage to get the most out of him.

Best Attacking Brimstone Lineups

Attacking A Site Brimstone lineups

A Default post plant Incendiary lineup from A Nest

Playing post plant situations on any site as Brimstone is really easy if you have your Orbital Strike and your Incendiary available. There are a few molly lineups for the default plant spot on the A Site and this is one of them.

Get out in this open area below A Nest and look for this line on the wall of A Ramp. When you find it, get as close as you can to the wall aligned with it.

The white line of the left click indicator on the Incendiary needs to be right in this corner. This lineup flies over Maze and lands right on top of the default plant spot.

A Default post plant Incendiary lineup from A Belt

This lineup also covers the default plant spot but also stretches out under the rope. Attackers love planting there as the defenders can’t defuse safely. If you are watching the flank in the post plant scenario this lineup is perfect for you.

Align yourself with this wall and you need to find this corner on the ceiling.

Then you need to aim between that corner and the wall created by A Nest.

Fire the Incendiary right in the middle.

This lineup takes a little longer to land because it bounces off A Rafters and travels a bit more, but it covers a larger area than the previous one.

A Generator post plant Incendiary lineup from A Nest

Since the last update, we have been seeing teams in esports using this choke point for planting because it’s easy to contest the defuse. All you need is a Sage wall to safely plant it and then you can use utilities like Killjoy’s swarm grenades, Viper’s Poison Cloud and mollys, and Brimstone’s Incendiary to protect the planted spike.

To execute this one you again need to be aligned with this line on the wall below A Nest. You need to aim a bit above this corner on the A Nest.

You can also use the white line below the left click indicator to guide yourself.

Notice how it’s aligned with the A Pipes. Fire the Incendiary and it should land in this spot. Easy work for the American Sergeant Brim.

Attacking B Site Brimstone lineups

B Default post plant Incendiary lineup from B Garage

On the B Site, the attacking team loves planting in this position with the help of a Sage or a Viper wall. After that they usually play the post plant back into B Main and on top of the B Green crates. You and your team should do the same, because the defenders have to fight you before defusing. With this lineup you can delay the defuse while being hidden safely.

Get next to this steel bar on the B Garage entrance. Aim for this spot where the white clouds collide and merge.

Fire the Incendiary in this direction and it should bounce off the top of B Yellow and land on the default plant spot for the B Site.

Lineups like these would not be needed if Sage wasn't an integral part of any team composition on Icebox, like we already explained in our Icebox map guide.

B site post plant Incendiary lineup from B Cubby

This spot isn't the safest when doing lineups because the enemy team might push B Yellow and kill you, but these are easy and effective.

Get in this corner in the B Cubby and look up at the angles formed by the crane.

For the first one you need to aim at this corner and this lineup should land below the rope and under the B Nest, covering a very large area.

The second lineup is done from the same spot but you need to aim in the angle below this one and do it as you are jumping.

This lineup covers the area that the first lineup doesn’t so you can combine your utility with the rest of your team.

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Best Defending/Retake Brimstone Lineups

Defending A Site Brimstone lineups

Preventing A Default plant from A Screens Incendiary lineup

As you are rotating to the A Site, if you hear that the enemy team is trying to plant the spike, you can use this lineup to prevent it.

For this one you need to tuck yourself in this corner behind A Screens.

You need to locate where these lines cross on the ceiling and put your crosshair there.

A simple left click on the Incendiary and this molly lands right on the default plant spot and prevents the plant.

Preventing A Default plant from A Rafters Incendiary lineup

If you manage to rotate quickly enough to the A site before the spike has been planted, you can do this lineup from A Rafters to stop the plant.

As you are walking up the stairs you need to find this line on the wall and aim in the gray area above it.

This is how the lineup looks and it should land on the default plant spot on the A Site.

Defending B Site Brimstone lineups

B Kitchen to B Site Incendiary lineup

This is one of the lineups you can use to stop the plant on the B Site as you rotate from A.

You need to tuck yourself in this corner outside of B Kitchen.

You need to put the top of the Incendiary icon here a bit to the right of the middle of this door to the green container.

It should look something like this and this lineup bounces off the top of this container and lands on the default plant spot on the B site.

This is what experienced Brimstone players look like when playing, it’s not just throwing a Stim Beacon and smokes.

Mid Blue to B site Incendiary lineup

Regardless if you are lurking or flanking this lineup is good for buying time if the spike is planted opposite of the default spot on the same side.

For it you need to find this line in the middle of the Mid Blue container and get next to it.

Looking up from there you need to locate the tip of the crane showing over this container.

Put the top dot on the smoke icon into it and release the molly lineup.

It flies over and bounces over the top of these containers and lands here, covering a huge area.

That’s it. All the lineups for our favorite agent: Brimstone. If you want to check out all the other lineups that we have for our American sergeant make sure to check out these: 

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