Best Killjoy Lineups on Ascent | Nade | Alarm Bot | Turret | Ultimate

In this article we will show you the best Killjoy lineups on the Valorant map Ascent.
Best Killjoy Lineups on Ascent | Nade | Alarm Bot | Turret | Ultimate

Unlike most Sentinel agents, Killjoy’s abilities make her versatile enough to fit into any team composition and on most maps. We talked more about that in our previous Valorant guides that focused on maps specifically, so most Valorant players should know how important drafting is.

Choosing one agent to master is one of the best ways to climb and in this guide we will explain the best Killjoy lineups on the Valorant map Ascent.

Best Attacking Killjoy Lineups

Attacking A Site Killjoy lineups

A Main to Generator

Get in this corner in A Main, after you have taken the ultimate orb.

Aim between these two pieces of glass and left click.

This Killjoy Nanoswarm grenade will land right behind Generator and clear the entire area, meaning you can focus on other areas of the site.

A Main behind green box

Another version of the previous lineup is this one. If a Sova Recon Bolt or your Duelist has tagged someone, you can use this lineup to clear the green box on the site.

Get in the same corner, aim a bit higher than the white tip of this and left click a grenade.

This Nanoswarm lineup lands perfectly behind the green box and forces them to either swing to the side and get shot or fall back under A Rafters and give up the site.

Default post plant from A Lobby

Get out in the A Lobby after the spike has been planted and place yourself in the corner next to the green box.

Aim a bit over the top of this glass but you should try to guide yourself with the fingers and the Nanoswarms buttons. This lineup lands perfectly on the default plant spot and stops any defuses around Generator.

Attacking B Site Killjoy lineups

B Main to Market lineup

This is one of the highest value Killjoy lineups on this map. When entering through B Main your team should smoke off Market, but defenders love spamming through the smoke towards B Main.

Line yourself up with this line and aim for this corner. The spot where the curved window and the steel bar cross each other is your place to fire.

This lineup forces them further back so they can't even peek through the smoke.

B Main to Defender Spawn

A modified version of the previous lineup is this one and with these two you can clear the most common crossfire spots on this site.

If there are defenders in any other spots they might get one, but will get traded instantly. Line yourself up with the same wall and get close to it.

Aim just below this window and left click. This grenade lands perfectly backside towards Defender Spawn and they can't push to help their teammate.

Combined with smokes, these two lineups clear the site and secure a plant 90% of the time.

Default post plant from B Lobby

After you have planted the spike, usually you don't want to play on site for the defense. A lot of utility can hurt you when you are stacked up in B Backside so you should play with post plants.

Go back to B Lobby, get in this corner and aim for the top of this. Left click and this grenade will land on the default plant spot.

If you have an Odin and you can get on top of the box in B Main and spam this position as well.

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Best Defending/Retake Killjoy Lineups

Defending A Site Killjoy lineups

A Default setup

The A Site on this map is kinda spacious making it harder to get value out of Killjoy’s utility, but this setup sure does the job. The enemy team pushing out of A Main or A Link will have to go through smokes or crossfire.

The position of this Turret is unmatched because it can't be seen unless enemies fully commit to entering the site and can shoot it only when they are in the open. Place your Nanoswarm grenades like this and put the Alarm bot in this position to cover this entire open area.

If any of your utility gets triggered or you hear them planting, you can detonate your grenades for massive AOE damage.

You should be playing under A Rafters, and pick off low health enemy players  with the help of your teammates.

A Catwalk setup

Attackers can slowly creep up from Catwalk and destroy your first grenade. But even then, that would let you know where they are.

If they decide to rush through A Link, this Alarm Bot and this Turret inside the site will spot them, and these two grenades will do massive damage to them.

Defending B Site Killjoy lineups

B Anti Jett setup

On this site, Jett players love to Tailwind dash out of B Main to avoid utility and crossfire, so this lineup is designed to counter just that.

You should put your Alarm bot in this alley, and two Nanoswarm grenades around the switch.

Put your Turret in this corner next to Logs, so either your Alarm Bot or your Turret detects the entry, if you don't hear the dash sound.

B Back setup

Players above Silver will usually know that if there is a Killjoy or a Cypher on this map, the B Main entrance is going to have lineups. That’s why they usually get destroyed with Raze Grenades or Sova Shock Blasts.

This lineup focuses on playing more towards the site, and hiding your lineup. Right click a grenade in this spot.

Put the Alarm bot a bit deeper so it triggers once they push enough to get on the site. Right click another grenade below the top brick ends so it does damage both on the ground and above it.

Put your Killjoy Turret on top of this box, so both your Turret and Alarm trigger at the same time.

With that you can detonate both of your grenades, and peek to finish off enemies caught in the choke point taking a lot fo damage.

Best Ultimate Spots for Killjoy 

Best Bomb Spot A Site for Killjoy 

A Main offensive ultimate

It’s kinda hard to find a safe spot to place Killjoy’s ultimate on this site but this is as good as it gets.

This placement doesn't cover the corners of A Rafters and under it, but it creates enough space for the plant and you have lineups for post plant.

A Garden Retake ultimate and lineup

This is the best spot for using your ultimate ability and does wonders on retakes.

The ultimate covers the entirety of the site except A Wine and we have a lineup for that spot as well.

Align yourself with this line on the wall and aim for this leaf that is sticking out.

Here is the unscoped version and you can use Killjoy’s ability indicators to guide yourself.

The lineup lands, covers A Wine entirely and pushes the defenders out to A Lobby, giving your team enough time to defuse.

Best Bomb Spot B Site for Killjoy 

B Main ultimate + lineup

One of the best ways to clear this site and get some easy kills is this setup. Place your ultimate ability in this corner of B Main and run back to the entrance.

Tuck yourself in this corner and aim for the top of the middle bar on the window.

This lineup will land on the stairs leading to Defender spawn and with your team pushing onto the site, they can pick off the enemies running away.

If not, the defenders playing on site will get detained. Not bad for a defensive specialist like the German engineer!

B Retake ultimate

This is the best ultimate placement spot for retakes on the B site but you need to coordinate with your team.

B Main, Defender spawn and Mid Market have to be cleared before using this ultimate. Place yourself a bit to the left of the Switch and take a step back. This makes sure that they can't shoot it from B Back and forces the attackers to get out in the open.

That’s it. All the lineups for our favorite Valorant agent: Killjoy. If you want to check out all the other lineups that we have for our german engineer make sure to check out these: 

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